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Zeedon Fashionable Home Decor Christmas Ball 6pcs/ Pack


Christmas is coming! What do you want to decorate your Christmas tree this year? How about some Christmas ball ornaments? This set of Christmas ball ornaments is a wonderful choice for you to decorate your home. The set includes 6 balls ornaments ins...
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  • There are 6 Christmas ball ornaments in one set, which you can use for a long time
  • The Christmas decoration makes your house more beautiful and splendid
  • The Christmas ball decorations is totally environmental-friendly to celebrate the holiday
  • The Christmas ball decorations can also be used as a Christmas home decor
  • Made with exquisite workmanship and good design, you and your families will love it
  • A nice present to others, which contains your care and good wishes for them 


Zeedon Fashionable Home Decor Christmas Ball 6pcs/ Pack

  • The Christmas ball ornaments are durable and reusable for Christmas decoration

Zeedon Fashionable Home Decor Christmas Ball 6pcs/ Pack

  • The elegant design and gorgeous red color make your Christmas tree more beautiful in this Christmas season

How to Store Christmas Decorations:

Zeedon Fashionable Home Decor Christmas Ball 6pcs/ Pack

When Twelfth Night rolls around, put on your favorite album of carols for one last listen, pour a final glass of eggnog and put your ornaments and other Christmas decorations to bed for another year

  • Get out all the boxes you've saved, and set them on a coffee table or other surface (not on the floor - someone will smash them). If any are torn or splitting at the seams, mend them with tape. Find a few other boxes you can press into service. Old shoe or boot boxes are perfect and are an easy size to store
  • Gather some wrapping material - tissue paper is perfect
  • Take the ornaments off the tree. Put any that fit into their original boxes away first - those glass balls that fit so nicely into six-packs, for example. Lay the others out in a safe place
  • Sort the remaining ornaments by size, weight and fragility. Sturdy wood and plastic ornaments will be fine in a box nestled into tissue paper or an old towel, with layers going from heavy to light. Fragile ornaments should be wrapped individually and put in a separate, marked box. Anything that is particularly fragile or precious should be wrapped in tissue paper and be put in its own small box and then be placed inside the larger box with the other fragile ornaments
  • Place anything that might deteriorate - children's dough ornaments, for example - in a separate box. No matter how carefully you wrap them, there's a chance they'll fall apart - and you don't want crumbs all over your beautiful handmade pieces
  • Wind strands of lights neatly. Hold the plug in one hand with your arm bent in an "L" shape, and with the other hand, loop the strand down around your elbow and up between your thumb and forefinger. Do the same with garland that is worth saving. Place these on top of ornaments, if they fit, or in a separate box
  • Wrap candles that are worth saving in tissue, and put them in their own box - just in case. Store in a cool place
  • Check wreaths and other decorations to see what they're made of and what shape they're in. Anything made of fresh materials - a flower or chili-pepper wreath, for example - will not store well (these are really one-time decorations). A dried wreath may be stored carefully in a cardboard box
  • Tape the boxes closed, and store them with the labels out. The top shelf of a closet or a corner of the basement or attic is perfect - somewhere they can sit undisturbed until next year

How to Decorate with Christmas Decor:

Zeedon Fashionable Home Decor Christmas Ball 6pcs/ Pack

When decorating for Christmas, think first about the kind of feeling you want to create for yourself and your guests. If you want a kitschy, retro feeling, use lots of colored lights and quirky accents like antique Santa figurines. For a homey, casual atmosphere use white lights and natural accents, like sprigs of cranberries and wreaths made from twigs. For a modern feeling, avoid red and green altogether and decorate with a silver-and-blue color scheme

  • Decorate the exterior of your home first, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is especially important if you live in a snowy area because you'll want to get lights on your outdoor trees before heavy snow comes. Hang large ornaments in bare trees and put lights in evergreen trees. Wrap strings of twinkle lights around trees and hang netted lights over bushes
  • Hang a wreath on the front door. You can buy a wreath made from evergreen boughs from a store or from the stand where you buy your Christmas tree. Attach a bow made from red ribbon. You can also make your own wreath. Start with a foam wreath base from a craft store and use hot glue to attach pine cones or twigs. Cover up any bald patches by gluing on clusters of cranberries
  • Buy a Christmas tree. Before choosing one, measure the height of the ceiling in the room where you plan to set up the tree. Look for a tree that is 6 to 12 inches shorter than the ceiling so you'll have room for a tree topper. Have a half inch cut off from the base of the tree. "Real Simple" magazine claims that doing this will add an extra 2 to 3 weeks to your tree's life. Once you get the tree home, set it up in a tree stand filled with cold water. For a homey style, cover the tree with strings of colored or white lights and homemade ornaments and crafts made by you or your kids. For an upscale tree, use white lights. Choose one or two theme colors and use ornaments in only those colors
  • Decorate the fireplace and mantle. If you have a fireplace, chances are it's a focal point in your home, so decorating this area goes a long way toward creating a holiday atmosphere. If you don't light fires, put three to five large white candles inside your fireplace. "Better Homes and Garden" magazine suggests placing two glass vases filled with silver ball ornaments on the mantle and surrounding them with evergreen garlands for a homey atmosphere. For a more modern feel, the magazine suggests placing white platters filled with citrus fruits (like whole lemons and limes) on the mantle for a burst of color. Use fake fruit or real fruit, but be prepared to replace the real fruit once every 10 days to prevent rotting. Stand thick white candles between the platters
  • Add poinsettias. These flowers are available in red, white, pink and yellow. They typically come in foil-covered flower pots. Place a few pots together in an entryway so you'll be greeted with a burst of color every time you enter. For a less traditional look, cut individual stems from the poinsettias and place them in vases around the house
  • Finally, add some personal touches. Even if you're going for a modern, upscale feel, you can still add a few of your favorite family Christmas decorations. Hang up the clothespin reindeer you made in preschool and remember how proud you were when your parents hung it on the family tree

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pack of Balls(6pcs/Pack)