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Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet


Have you dreamed of using a multi-function Copper Faucet in your kitchen? Right now, what you are viewing is the Copper Kitchen Faucet. You may be impressed by its unique design at the first glance. This is a unique Hot Cold Water Faucet which is mad...
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  • Bolt Torque: 8-12Nm
  • Noise: 17-19dB(3pa); 21-22(5pa)
  • Streamflow: 23L/Min(3pa)
  • Life Time: 7 million circle(Min)
  • Surface Roughness: Ra ≤0.2um
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 90°C
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 12pa
  • Appropriate Water Pressure: >50pa
  • Maximum Opening Angle: 25°
  • Maximum Mixing Angle: 100°
  • Installation Type: Center Set
  • Suitable Place: Kitchen
  • Material: Copper & Stainless Steel(Spring) & Zinc Alloy(Handle) & Gasket(Rubber)
  • Adjustable Spout Height: 105mm/4.1in
  • Fixed Spout Height: 215mm/8.5in
  • Fixed Spout Width: 200mm/7.9in
  • Total Height: 66cm / 26in


  • Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet
  • Advanced plating treatment, excellent corrosion resistance, color uniformity and surface gloss bright
  • This Copper Faucet is engineered to look beautiful and function flawlessly
  • Leadless standard of the Cold Water Faucet in line with national GB/T1176, no harm to human health
  • When the water pressure is 5pa, the noise is 21~22dB
  • When the water pressure is 3pa, the noise is 17~19 dB
  • This Hot Cold Water Faucet is easy to install the faucet
  • This Copper Kitchen Faucet is high-quality, no wear, anti-aging and comfortable
  • Adopt imported precision ceramic valve, abrasion resistance, acid and salty, according to 60 million times service life design, use fixed number of years
  • Bubbler outlet softening and using a unique treatment, the water will not effusive
  • Every Copper Faucet is both by hot water pressure and 12-20Kg high oxygen pressure, and series of professional testing to make sure the precautions
  • Top-grade multi-functional Copper Faucet, cold heat balance
  • Super technology of Copper, nickel, chromium plating surface


Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

  • Unique design can attract your friends' eyeball when they come to your home
  • Stunning stylish contemporary waterfall style design 

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

  • Advanced plating treatment, excellent corrosion resistance, color uniformity and surface gloss bright

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

  • Made of hardness materials and super technology of Copper, nickel, chromium plating surface

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

  • Perfect Copper Faucet, easy to install and use, and can work continuously for a long time

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

  • Top-grade multi-functional Copper Faucet, cold heat balance
  • The Cold Water Faucet will turn an ordinary bathroom into a lavish and trendy space
  • Excellent modern design, brings a new look into the bathroom

 What is Water Tap?

  • A tap is a valve controlling release of liquids (also called faucet and spigot in the U.S.) or gas. In the British Isles and most of the Commonwealth, the word is used for any everyday type of valve, particularly the fittings that control water supply to bathtubs and sinks. In the U.S., the term "tap" is more often used for beer taps, cut-in connections, or wiretapping. "Faucet" or "spigot" are used to refer to water valves
  • The physical characteristic which differentiates a spigot from other valves is the lack of any type of a mechanical thread or fastener on the outlet. Water for baths, sinks and basins can be provided by separate hot and cold taps; this arrangement is common in older installations, particularly in public washrooms/lavatories and utility rooms/laundries. In kitchens and bathrooms mixer taps are commonly used. In this case, hot and cold water from the two valves is mixed together before reaching the outlet, allowing the water to emerge at any temperature between that of the hot and cold water supplies. Mixer taps were invented by Thomas Campbell of Saint John, New Brunswick and patented in 1880
  • For baths and showers, mixer taps frequently incorporate some sort of pressure balancing feature so that the hot/cold mixture ratio will not be affected by transient changes in the pressure of one or the other of the supplies. This helps avoid scalding or uncomfortable chilling as other water loads occur (such as the flushing of a toilet). Rather than two separate valves, mixer taps frequently use a single, more complex, valve controlled by a single handle (single handle mixer). The handle moves up and down to control the amount of water flow and from side to side to control the temperature of the water. Especially for baths and showers, the latest designs do this using a built in thermostat. These are known as thermostatic mixing valves, or TMVs, and can be mechanical or electronic. There are also faucets with color LED's to show the temperature of the water
  • If separate taps are fitted, it may not be immediately clear which tap is hot and which is cold. The hot tap generally has a red indicator while the cold tap generally has a blue or green indicator. In English-speaking countries, the taps are frequently also labeled with an "H" or "C". Note that in countries with Romance languages, sometimes the letters "C" for hot and "F" for cold are used, possibly creating confusion when English speakers visit these countries or vice versa. Mixer taps may have a red-blue stripe or arrows indicating which side will give hot and which cold
  • In most countries, there is a 'standard' arrangement of hot/cold taps: for example in the United States and Canada, the hot tap is on the left by building code requirements. This convention applies in the UK too, but many installations exist where it has been ignored. Mis-assembly of some single-valve mixer taps will exchange hot and cold even if the fixture has been plumbed correctly
  • Most handles on residential homes are connected to the valve shaft and fastened down with a screw. Although on most commercial and industrial applications they are fitted with a removable key called a "loose key" or "Water key" which has a square peg and a square ended key to turn off and on the water. You can also take off the "Loose key" to prevent vandals from turning on the water. In older building before the "Loose key" was invented for some landlords or caretakers to take off the handle of a residential tap, which had teeth that would meet up with the gears on the valve shaft. This Teeth and cog system is still used on most modern faucets. Although most of the time a "Loose key" is on industrial and commercial applications sometimes you may see a "Loose key" on homes by the seashore to prevent passers-by from washing the sand off their feet

General Faucet Installation Instruction:

Step 1: Position the Faucet

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

Step 2: Attach the Water Supply Tubes

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

 Step 3: Connect the Faucet Lift Rod

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet

 Step 4: Flush the Faucet

Keysly Multi-function Hot Cold Water Kitchen Faucet 

Tools You Need for Installation:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Flashlight

Cleaning Methods:

  • Cleaning Surface: Use cleaning agents to clean the dirt regularly. The water faucet should be rinsed with clean water and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth to keep surface clean before scrub the faucet. Do not wipe the faucet with abrasive cleaners, hard cloth, paper towels, wire ball and acidic or coarse material
  • Cleaning Filter: Remove the air bubble and remove the filter. Then scrub the filter with a toothbrush or small brush under the tap

How to Select Faucet:

  • Suitable Style: The Faucet should match the characteristics of washbasin, sink and bathtub. For example, a single-hole faucet fit single-hole washbasin, and a center set faucet fit center set washbasin
  • Proper Function: According to different purposes of the faucets, there are faucets for washbasin, bathtub, shower and sink. According to different functions of the faucets, there are hot/cold faucets, pressure-balanced faucets, thermostatic faucets and electrical sensor faucets
  • Fine Finish: A well chrome-plated faucet looks dignified and with a little verdant color, when it looks pale, the plating density is not up to standard, when touched by hand or eye-observed, there must be no scratches, sand holes and oxidized spots
  • Operation Inspection: Handles must be smooth and easy to operate for high-quality faucets. There shall be no sticking and tightness under the proper movement of the faucet handles. Each part must be tightly assembled
  • Valve: It is the heart of the faucet. A good Valve guarantees endurance of 500,000 cycles even under using condition with unstable water pressure. Most of our faucets use ceramic valves which can attain to more than 600,000 cycles

Health Knowledge of Faucet:

Harmfulness of Lead:

  • Lead poisoning is significant effect on humans and intelligence. It is more obvious for children and pregnant women, due to the physiological characteristics of growth and development, lead poisoning of pregnant women will be serious premature birth, abortion. Lead poisoning affects infants and young children's growth and mental development, caused severe dementia. We can only reduce the lead content in drinking water to ensure that people's intake of lead

Role of Copper:

  • Copper is an essential trace element the human body, it is an important component of proteins and enzymes. It produces the body's metabolic processes for role in promoting the body's many functions. Copper can inhibit bacterial growth and maintain clean drinking water. More than 99% of bacteria that goes into the water pipe will disappear after five hours. Copper is impermeable, whether grease, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet such harmful qualities can't go through it and polluted water quality. With copper tube for human health can play a positive role


  • Please kindly note that this is just a general instruction, each faucet you buy from us has installation instruction with details inside packagz

Package Included:

  • 1 x Faucet
  • 1 x Accessory Set
  • 2 x Inlet Tubes