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LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005


Do you want to manage your magazines in order? Here this Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005 is a great choice for you!You can gather your file, magazines into this decorative magazine rack, which provides a sleek and compact storage s...
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  • Overview
  • Multifunction design decorative magazine rack
  • Made of high quality material
  • You can gather your file, magazines into this Desktop Storage Box
  • Decorative magazine rack combines business file holder into a single unit
  • Decorative magazine rack is a good decoration to embellish your desk
  • A sleek and compact storage solution that keeps your file clean, undamaged
  • It is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
  • Material: Artificial Wood
  • Size: 27 x 35 x 35cm/10.5 x 13.7 x 13.7in(W x D x H)


LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

  • It's classy design is perfect for your office, any retail environment where you have to storage service or product information

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

  • This display consist of a durable frame that can be mobile and holders that can carry your file

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

  • This classic and stylish decorative desktop file rack can be placed anywhere from the den to the kitchen to the living room

How To Choose The Best Display Or Magazine Rack

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

Literature display racks are an effective way to display a wide variety of printed material, including books, magazines, pamphlets and brochures. Display racks and magazine racks are made from a wide selection of materials. The most common materials are acrylic plastic, wood and metal wire. The type of display rack you purchase will depend entirely on where the materials will be displayed and personal preference. There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself before making a purchase.

Where would you like to display your literature?

  • Display racks are available in floor, wall corner and desktop designs. Floor and wall-mounted racks typically hold the most amount of material, including combinations of various sizes of magazines and brochures. These types of racks usually include several pockets. Wall-mounted display racks are usually easy to install. Floor racks usually include a base to keep the display rack upright.

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

  • Desktop display racks are typically used to hold a few brochures, business cards or magazines. These racks are usually not mounted onto anything and usually stand on their own. Some desktop models include the ability to rotate or swivel.

LiLong Office Business Desktop Rack File Folder Box B3005

  • Corner display racks are often used when space is not available. This is because the corner of a room, whether it be an office or lobby, is usually not used. This space is ideal for a magazine rack.

Who is your customer?

  • Magazine racks are available in different materials. The type of rack you use will convey a different message to the customer, depending on the type of business or profession you are involved in.
  • Wood magazine and display racks are popular in lobbies and offices that are trying to convey a more formal appearance. The wood and trim blends in well with existing wood furniture. You will often find wood magazine racks on college campuses and doctors' offices. Although wooden display racks can be used for retail sale of magazines, they are usually used to hold reading material.
  • Plastic display racks are often used in retail environments. This is because they are durable, inexpensive and due to their transparency, literature is easy to see. Plastic display racks are also commonly used in hallways and rooms where pamphlets and brochures are being freely distributed.
  • Metal, or wire display racks, are used to display magazines, newspapers, DVDs and books. The most popular style of wire display are rotating carousel-style book racks that can commonly be found in book stores and libraries.

What are your future needs?

  • Before purchasing a display rack, make sure you are getting one with enough pockets for all the literature you need to display. Also take into consideration any future increases you may need for your display. You may want to purchase a rack with a few more pockets to accommodate future growth.

Package Included: 

  • 1 x File Folder Box