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Crank Barb Fishing Hook Outdoor Equipment 6 Pcs


Take your fishing rod, folding chair and hunt out with this unique fishing hook. Good quality makes this fishing hook harder to break. Good skills make this hook a best tool to catch fishes. Let’s go and get some big fish! If you are looking for a ki...
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  • Fishing hook is easy to down into water
  • The popular and interesting fishing hook can help you get more fishes
  • Good quality fishing hook is the best choice for different kind of fishes
  • Never lose your fish again, great hook, great experience
  • It suits for stream, pool, lake, river fishing
  • For light line use, it is self-setting and the perfect hook for windy conditions
  • This fishing hook is also available for turbulent water where it is difficult to keep a tight line
  • With this fishing hook, you will surely get bigger and more fishes when you are in fishing games
  • Fishing is also a good way to bring you closer with your friends as well as family members
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 45 x 20mm/1.77 x 0.79in(L x W)


Crank Barb Fishing Hook Outdoor Equipment 6 Pcs

  • The detailed size of these fishing hooks

Crank Barb Fishing Hook Outdoor Equipment 6 Pcs

  •  With 6 fishing hooks included

Crank Barb Fishing Hook Outdoor Equipment 6 Pcs

  • Sharp tip is great for fishing

How to Tie a Hook and Lure onto Fishing Line:

  • Step One: Thread the line through the top of your hook eye, lure eye or snap swivel. Pull about 12 inches of line back toward the rod, pinching the line lightly with your left thumb and forefinger
  • Step Two: Wrap the end of the line into a clockwise loop around the last three fingers of your left hand and pinch the line loop tightly with your left thumb and forefinger. Hold the right side of the loop open with your right middle finger
  • Step Three: Guide the loose end of line under the top of the loop with your left middle finger, then use your right thumb and forefinger to pull the line through and over the top of the two strands of line. Continue to loop the loose end of the line over the top two lines for five or six wraps
  • Step Four: Release the loop from your left thumb and forefinger and pull the line to the right with your right hand to tighten the knot on the upper line
  • Step Five: Drop the free end of line and pull the main line toward the right to tighten the knot down to the eye. Clip the excess line close to the knot, which should have a neat conical shape

Package Included:

  • 6 x Fishing Hooks