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110mm Plastic Fishing Lures 10Pcs


All-purpose fishing lure bait for trout, bass, crappie, pike, walleye and saltwater use, this fishing lure bait is best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing, excellent and nice gadget for helping you to catch more big fishes. It is very useful...
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  • Shaped like a fish
  • Fishing lure bait is made of durable material
  • Excellent and nice gadget for helping you to catch more big fishes
  • Very useful to attract fish by reflecting light and moving randomly
  • This fishing lure bait is best choice for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • This fishing lure bait can attract bass, blackfish, catfish,etc effectively
  • Size: 110mm/4.33in (L)
  • Diving Depth: 0-1.5m / 0-59.06in
  • Material: Plastic


110mm Plastic Fishing Lures 10Pcs

  • Realistic fishing lure

110mm Plastic Fishing Lures 10Pcs

  • This fishing lure features a single tail hook

How to Use Plastic Bait Fishing Lures:

  • Learn what plastic bait fishing lures are. They are inexpensive bait mass produced that work well in most conditions and for most fish. Most are interchangeable between fish, too, and because they are so easy to use, most anglers love them
  • Rig a plastic bait lure, such as a worm, on a bass sized hook; no weight is needed. Add another bait, if you would like to, in front of the plastic worm. Good options (especially for bass fishing) include the Carolina rig, drop-shop, a jighead or a Texas rig
  • Use plastic bait lures anywhere. They are highly effective as weedless hooks, and those that work well in shallow water. For deep water, use a plastic Carolina Rig while in water under 8 feet, use a drop shot to weight the plastic lure down
  • Realize there are a few drawbacks to using plastic fishing lures for bait. They do take a bit longer to learn how to use, to position on the line and they require patience. Plan to spend a little more time fishing with plastic bait than with live bait, but the results are there
  • Buy plastic bait fishing lures in a variety of styles. The best results for plastic lures will be in walleye and bass, but any other type of fish will react to the plastic lures as well. Buy lures designed for the fish you wish to catch at local fish tackle shops or through online suppliers

Package Included:

  • 10 x 110mm Plastic Fishing Lures