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Yazem Lang Wang Yuan Wu 3.6m Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod


Bring the joy of fishing to your friends and family with the Lang Wang 3.6m Carbon Fiber Retractable Fishing Rod.This Fishing Rod Pole takes up very little room. Perfect for those impulsive roadside fishing holes. It is very easy to transport to remo...
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  • It is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble
  • This travel portable fishing rod pole takes up very little room
  • Perfect for those impulsive roadside fishing holes
  • It is very easy to transport to remote areas or travel on buses, compact cars, or public buses and subways
  • It offers the sensitivity you demand and the convenience that you need
  • Material: Carbon Fiber & Epoxy Resin
  • Size: 3.6m / 141.73in (Length); 62cm / 24.41in (Contraction Length); 0.9mm / 0.04in(Front Dia.); 18mm / 0.71in (Back Dia.)
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Yazem Lang Wang Yuan Wu 3.6m Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod

  • 3.6m Hard Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod

Yazem Lang Wang Yuan Wu 3.6m Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod

  • Perfect for those impulsive roadside fishing holes

How to Buy a Fishing Rod:

  • Test the grip of the rod. Make sure the handle fits snugly in your palm.
  • Choose the length of rod. 4½- to 6-foot rods are suited for lighter bait and fish such as perch and crappie. Shorter rods also work well in brushy areas. Rods 6½ feet and longer are good for bigger bait, longer casting distance and rougher fish (bass and catfish).
  • Test for flexibility. Hold the rod in your hand as if you are casting, flip the end, and watch the tip for movement.

How to Choose Fishing Gear:

  • Choosing a bass rod depends on the technique. For worming and jigging we will need a 6'6" to 7' length in a medium/heavy to heavy action. Spinnerbaits will require a 6'9" medium/heavy action. Crankbaits and topwaters will need a 6' to 7' medium action.
  • When choosing a reel I like one that has at least five ball bearings. I like a reel with a 6:1 gear ratio for worm and jig fishing. The faster gear ratio helps to get the bass up and out of the cover quickly. A 5:1 gear ratio reel works well for spinnerbaiting. I like a 5:1 ratio for cranking. The slower ratio helps reduce fatigue after a long day on the water. 
  • The fishing line may be the single most important piece of the puzzle. The line is what connects us with the fish. 15 to 20lb fluorocarbon works really well for worming and jigging. I like 14 to 17lb monofilament line for spinnerbaits. For crankbaits I like 10, 12, 14, or 17lb monofilament depending on the cover and desired depth. The smaller the line diameter the deeper the crankbait will run.
  • There are so many different lures to choose from that it will make your head swim. We will keep it simple. Worms, jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and topwaters should get us off to a good start. I like worms 7.5 to 10 inches in these colors: red shad, tequila sunrise, watermelon seed, and green pumpkin. Black and blue jigs are hard to beat just about anywhere. Quarter to half ounce spinnerbaits in white and chartreuse/white should cover most situations. We will need crankbaits that run 0 to 5', some that run 6' to 8', some that run 9' to 12' in shad colors, crawfish patterns, and chartreuse. It wouldn't hurt to have a few shad colored topwater plugs such as the Basshunter Kill Gill or Zara Spooks.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod