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Cirmer Super High Strength Bearings Fishing Spinning Reel


The fishing spinning reel will reach a higher strength and long time steady purpose compare with same level system. No matter performance, quality, craft or appearance, it shows the spinning excellent development and high technology. The fishing spin...
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  • Folding rocker arm which strength is very large, also easy to carry fishing spinning reel
  • Super light design with narrow bodied fishing spinning reel
  • U shaped flywheel design, more stable
  • One-way stainless steel bearings, to achieve seamless instant reaction
  • With memory recovery of the cast coil
  • All computing balanced design fishing spinning reel
  • Material: Steel & Aluminum & Plastic Cement
  • Ball Bearing Number: 9+1
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Line Capacity(mm/m): 0.20/220, 0.25/165, 0.30/110    
  • Line Capacity(lbs/yds): 6/230, 8/190, 10/155    


Cirmer Super High Strength Bearings Fishing Spinning Reel 

  • U shaped flywheel design, more stable

Cirmer Super High Strength Bearings Fishing Spinning Reel

  • Right/left interchangeable handle fishing spinning reel

Cirmer Super High Strength Bearings Fishing Spinning Reel

  • Fine details and high quality material

How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel?

  • How you put your line on your spinning reel can determine the outcome of your fishing trip. If done incorrectly, the reel can become tangled, and the line can break. Follow these steps to learn how to put line on a spinning reel.
  • Remove most of the old fishing line off of the spinning reel. Leave just enough line through the spool end of the rod to attach the new fishing line to.
  • Make 2 clinch knots to attach the new line to the old. For instructions, see the related eHow article titled "How to Tie a Clinch Knot."
  • Lay the new spool of fishing line on the floor. Position it so that it comes off the new spool exactly as it will go on to the spinning reel.
  • Secure the fishing line tightly with your free hand. Slowly turn the spinning reel with your other hand, making sure that the line winds on tightly.
  • Fill the spool until it is about an eighth of an inch from the spool tip. This should only require about 50 yards of fishing line. Don't fill the entire spool, or you risk tangling the line.


  • In literary records, the earliest evidence of the fishing reel comes from a 4th century AD work entitled Lives of Famous Immortals. The earliest known depiction of a fishing reel comes from a Southern Song (1127-1279) painting done in 1195 by Ma Yuan (c. 1160-1225) called "Angler on a Wintry Lake," showing a man sitting on a small sampan boat while casting out his fishing line. Another fishing reel was featured in a painting by Wu Zhen (1280-1354). The book Tianzhu lingqian (Holy Lections from Indian Sources), printed sometime between 1208 and 1224, features two different woodblock print illustrations of fishing reels being used. An Armenian parchment Gospel of the 13th century shows a reel (though not as clearly depicted as the Chinese ones). The Sancai Tuhui, a Chinese encyclopedia published in 1609, features the next known picture of a fishing reel and vividly shows the windlass pulley of the device.These five pictures mentioned are the only ones which feature fishing reels before the year 1651 (when the first English illustration was made); after that year they became commonly depicted in world art.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fishing Spinning Reel