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FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box


Are you expecting to own a wonderful fishing tackle box in your free time? Are you looking for a fishing tool that can provide you more convenience when go fishing? Then you can consider our unique product.This fishing tackle box is made of classical...
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  • This fishing tackle box is so small that it will not occupy too much space, which makes it convenient for you to carry
  • The practical fishing equipment can hold up to 12 fishing buoys
  • Made of high-quality wood material, this fishing tackle box is durable for you to use and maintain
  • The classical color of this fishing tackle box can easily catch your eyes and will bring much happiness to you
  • The clear texture of this fishing tool is beautiful in appearance due to the super crafts
  • The smooth surface lacquer of it will give people perfect visual enjoyment when they see it every time
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 19 x 11 x 4cm/7.5 x 4.3 x 1.6in(L x W x H)


FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • This practical fishing equipment can hold up to 12 fishing buoys

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • The clear texture can show that the fishing tackle box is made in high crafts

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • The unique design provides convenience for you to open or close

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • The delicate pattern will surely make you confident and show off your special taste

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • With elegant appearance, it can be a nice gift for your friend who like fishing very much

What Goes in a Fishing Tackle Box:

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

Terminal Tackle:

  • Terminal tackle is a vital part of every tackle box and includes such things as hooks, sinkers, fishing weights, fishing floats, swivels and leaders---all things that go on the end of the fishing line


  • Unless an angler fishes exclusively with live bait, he will carry a mixture of lures, with many that target a specific species. Common lures are spoons, surface plugs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and soft plastic baits


  • Fishing tools such as knives, pliers, hook removers, scales and measuring tapes are part of a tackle box's ensemble


  • Such accessories as hand warmers, flashlights, headlamps, matches, lighters and first aid kits frequently make their way into a tackle box

Other Features:

  • Larger tackle boxes contain enough room for an extra fishing reel, spools of line and repair kits in the event the angler encounter an equipment problem


  • Many tackle boxes have a place where the angler can display or store safely his fishing license so he has it in his possession whenever fishing

How to Start Up a Freshwater Fishing Tackle Box:

FishingSource Wooden Gold Blocking Fishing Tackle Box

  • Buy a tackle box with compartments so you can keep all your fishing tackle in separate compartments and have it readily available when you need it. Get plastic compartment boxes if you have a tackle box that has room inside for them. Label them if you have more than one so you can quickly identify the contents while fishing
  • Put together a first aid kit for your tackle box. Add such products as sunscreen and sunburn lotion, Band-aids, zinc-oxide, gauze and wound-care materials. Buy tweezers for your kit to remove splinters
  • Purchase an assortment of terminal tackle. Terminal tackle is the term for fishing tackle that goes on the end of a line, such as hooks, sinkers, weights, swivels, bobbers and split shots. No. 4 and No. 6 are good hook sizes because both are appropriate for many different species of fish
  • Equip your tackle box with the basic fishing tools. A line snipper to trim knots and cut line from hooks and a utility knife are two such tools. A pistol-grip hook remover to get at hooks deep in the mouth of your catch is extremely helpful. A combination spring scale and tape measure comes in handy to measure your catch, and needle-nosed pliers that bend hooks and remove them from fish complete this assortment
  • Decide what type of fish you wish to target before buying your lures. Choose a variety of different colored spoons if bass, pike and trout are on your list. Soft plastic creature baits such as worms and lizards entice largemouth bass. Buy small jigs if you want to catch panfish such as perch and crappie. Choose a selection of spinnerbaits to attract trout and pike as well as bass 

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fishing Tackle Box