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Flowju Slimming Massage Fitness Belt 220V


Do you want to quickly become slim by healthy ways? This fitness belt will bring you a comfort and healthy life style. This Slimming Massage Belt is a must-have for you, and great for use at the gym. The oscillating motion of the Slimm...
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  • Using this Fitness Belt, you can rapidly lose weight, and have general health care
  • This Fitness Belt can strengthen the body's absorption of nutrients and the excretion of residues
  • Elimination of muscle stiffness, but also can eliminate leg cramps
  • This Fitness Belt has the functions of dredging meridian, and promoting blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, relieving the pain caused by too much fat
  • Heating function delights you with the warm comfort of heat therapy. Heat circulating around the essential points of contact helps improve blood circulation, chase away lactic acid and relieve muscles fatigue
  • This Fitness Belt has a manual mode with 5 variants of speed and intensity
  • The Slimming Massage Belt's sleek remote control makes the control easy and simple
  • Use the Slimming Massage Belt while you read, do housework, etc. - exercise has never been easier
  • Be it slimming, toning, massaging or merely helping you in digestion, this Fitness Belt is the absolute complement to your healthier way of life
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • The heating function of the slimming belt also helps improving blood circulation
  • This Slimming Massage Belt is designed to provide maximum support comfort and body protection during weight training
  • This Fitness Belt helps relieving pain and tension in stiff muscles, returning you to a state of relaxation after a hard day's work

Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V
Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V
Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V

  • As you wear the oscillating massage belt, feel your muscles rhythmically flex and relax with revolutionary Super Power Osimotion. Perfectly balanced oscillating nodes energize and soothe muscle groups in your tummy, seat, thighs and other areas while you read, watch TV or relax

Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V

Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V

  • The sleek remote control makes control easy and simple. Five ventilation outlets allow quick regulation of heat for optimal performance. Features a 10-minute auto timer. Includes a sleek remote

Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V

  • After a long day of work or exercise at the gym, oscillating massage belt can increases circulation, relieves muscle fatigue and releases stress. Its dual massage nodes provide a deep, soothing massage to the muscles of your lower and upper back. Built-in heat feature adds warmth to all massage programs. Heat-only program is ideal for soothing tired back, legs and calves
  • Try oscillating massage belt today, and feel the difference

Benefits Slimming Belts:

Flowju Slimming Massage  Fitness Belt 220V

  • Use this multifunctional belt at the comfort of your home: massage belt and fat reducing belt. Slimming, Toning and Massage
  • Use this slimming belt as a body slender treatment to help you achieve your ideal body shape. With the adoption of proper diet method, it will effectively burn calories and reduce weight. The unique design of vibration with elliptical shape, can help build a slender and slim body. Get your tight, firm and toned abdominal now
  • Enjoy the relaxing and comfortable massage at home. Relieve pressure and stress while using this massage belt. In addition the vibration belt will facilitate your ability of digestion. With different vibration and rotation intensities, this massage belt will definitely satisfy your personal preference. The touch-point array stimulates the blood circulation to relieve your muscular fatigue

Benefits Slimming Short:

  • Slimming Short is a great way to get your body back into shape for that special holiday, or to fit into that lovely dress. Slimming Shorts are designed primarily for use during light exercise, body shaping and posture maintenance. This unisex waist trimmer belt works, because it retains body heat during exercise to help slim the waist without notice

Slimming Tip Today

  • Slimming Fit works by using the increasing sweating principle. Retains moist warmth, so you loss excess water weight around your middle as you exercise. It helps to decrease the fatness at the area of abdomen and its sides as well as the waist in general. Our slimming short are made of thick stretched cloth and designed in an open way to make it larger and smaller. Slimming shorts are convenient, easy, quick to use. Supports your lower back and suitable for all, made with a grip-strip closure to adjusts to any size waist

Reduce cellulite and body-remolding with Fyola Ultrasound Massager:

  • We all know that over weight comes from too much fat deposited in fatty cells. Fortunately, the fatty cells are mainly distributed in certain regions. If we lose weight direct against these regions, the appearance would change a lot. The hips, around the thigh, back and waist, upper arms, lateral side of the shank, etc. are the regions that usually store the unnecessary fat


  • Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis, and/or thrombosis, or is at an increased risk of developing blood clots due to recent surgery should consult his/her physician before using a massaging device designed for home use

Package Included:

  • 1 x Slimming Massage Fitness Belt