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Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes


On the lookout for fashion flats that work with everything? This is the style to go for. Featuring flexible sole design, point toe and twisted overlay detail. Undoubtedly chic, this pair of women flat shoes adds divine details to a simple w...
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  • Made of high quality material, comfortable and durable
  • This pair of women flat shoes can improve your muscle tone, and your balance and posture
  • Rivet design makes these women flat shoes stunningly elegant, beautiful 
  • The flat shoes can match your clothes perfectly
  • Show off your style with the flat shoes
  • These dress flat shoes are lightweight and delicate
  • These point toe flat shoes are cool for shopping and travel
  • It is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
  • Upper Material: PU
  • Sole Material: Rubber 


Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • This pair of women flat shoes never looked so fetching. The supple upper features a sleek silhouette, accently beautifully by a flat design over the vamp

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • This pair of women flat shoes can improve your muscle tone, and your balance and posture

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • Classic style designed, traditional and grace, best choice for you or your special one

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • Playful and on-trend women flat shoes featuring soft textile upper and oversized bow detail

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure Foot:

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

How to Choose Shoes for My Body Shape?

When deciding which pair of shoes to buy based on your body shape, it is essential to understand your proportions instead of just focusing on your body shape. For example, it's not as important that you have an overall balanced body shape as it is to take into account that your legs are thick or your ankles are narrow. These body features will determine the style of shoe that is best for you

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • Choose mules if you have thin legs or narrow ankles. If you have thick legs or broad ankles, mules can make your feet appear short and bulky. A mule shoe is strapless and the foot slides inside
  • Choose platform style shoes if you have thick ankles and legs. This style shoe balances your bulky lower legs so you appear taller. Women with a short body frame should avoid this style
  • Add width to thin and long feet with round toe shoes. Tall women can benefit from the rounded toe shoe as well as the stiletto. Medium high heels are available to women who are especially tall. High-heeled boots also are a great option for women with a tall frame. Short women or women with large ankles should opt for a high heeled boot that stops just below the knees
  • Add inches to your height with wedges. Wedges also offer a way to balance out thick lower legs and ankles. A wedge heel runs from the rear of the shoe to the middle
  • Team flats with a hemline that stops above the knee if you have a short body frame. Otherwise, any body type can choose flats. When wearing flat sandals, women with a thick ankle should opt for bulky style flat

How to Measure a Women's Large Shoe Size & Width?

Measuring shoes size is important to overall body health. When shoes are too small, too tight or pinch in areas because they are not wide enough, discomfort can lead to painful blisters or even injuries, depending on the type of shoe. Shoes that are too large can result in terrible falls or other similar injuries. A women's shoe is sometimes dangerous, especially when the shoe is a high heel, and wearing the appropriate size can make a huge difference in a woman's health. This is especially important for women that have large, wide feet and have difficulty finding shoes in an appropriate size

Women Rivet Point Toe Dress Flat Shoes

  • Sit in a chair and place your foot on the paper. The paper should be large enough for your entire foot to fit with extra room for tracing. Make sure your leg is straight to avoid problems tracing the foot
  • Trace your foot. It is important to trace your entire foot to record the widest part and longest part of your foot. Trace from the heel of your foot to your toes
  • Place your other foot on a second paper and trace your second foot. Foot sizes can differ slightly between the left and right foot, so both feet should be measured
  • Use a ruler to make a line at the tips of your foot. The heel, tips of your toes and the tips of both sides of your foot, at the widest point, should be marked. Measure the width and length of your foot. If in the U.S., measure in inches to get an accurate sizing
  • Look at a shoe-size chart to determine the shoe size of both feet. A woman that wears a size 10 shoe in length should have a measurement of 10 and 1/3 inches for the largest foot. Half size increases will measure 1/6 of an inch for each added half a size. The width size will be marked in letters, such as AA, rather than numbers, so a size 10 wide shoe would be marked as 10 EE for a size 10 length and approximately 4.5-inch width. Like the length shoe chart, the width chart should be used to determine the exact lettering. The width letters start from AA or AAA, depending on the brand, and get wider through EE or EEE
  • Find or order shoes in the appropriate shoe size and width. Some shoes will need to be custom ordered to have the appropriate shoe sizes if they cannot be found in stores

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Women Flat Shoes