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Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat


Keep your head out of the sun in this beautifully Floppy Sun Hat. Beautiful bow tie adorns the crown for feminine look. This Wide Brim Sun Hat is designed for the extremely sun conscious diva.The eye-catching Flower Women Sun Hat is customized for la...
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  • Made of high quality materials, durable enough for years wearing
  • Its range spans performance, evening, and other activities
  • Perfect for everyday wear, easy to match with any attire
  • Designed with excellent breathability and sweat absorption
  • Not washable, clean it with wet cloth
  • Embellished with big flower on the hat
  • You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this stylish hat
  • Would make a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends
  • Color range for all occasions to match your dressing perfectly
  • Personalized your wearing style with this stylish wide brim sun hat
  • Material: Raffia
  • Brim Width: 140mm / 5.5in
  • Hat Diameter: Approx. 480mm / 18.9in
  • Flower Diameter: Approx. 120mm / 4.7in
  • Head Circumference: 570mm / 22.4in


Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat

Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat

  • This Wide Brim Sun Hat is designed for the extremely sun conscious diva, the eye-catching Flower Women Sun Hat is customized for ladies

Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat

  • Show yourself with this stylish sun hat. Floppy Sun Hat for women was made of high quality materials, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing

Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat

  • Keep your head out of the sun in this beautifully Floppy Sun Hat. Beautiful bow tie adorns the crown for feminine lookhe eye-catching Flower Women Sun Hat is customized for ladies

How to Measure Your Hat Size:

Cirslor Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat  

  • Measure the circumference around your head, usually keep the tape above the eyebrow and tilted slightly upward to allow for the sloped down brim
  • Then, determine your hat or cap size using the hat size chart, if between sizes, select the next size up
  • Please measure circumference around your head the way you wear your hat

How to Wash:

  • If there are decorations on the cap, you should take these down
  • Clean it with clear water and neutral detergent for soaking
  • With soft brush gently scrub
  • Water gently shake, do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Keep hat unfolded, put the old towel into the inside and be sure to avoid hang dry

Maintenance Method:

  • With oil and dirt hat, you should wash off immediately
  • Never in the rain and moisture, because they can wreck the type of material. Let hat keep away from oily substance
  • Be sure the hat is clean and dry, and then prepare a hard box, desiccant for preservation before putting inside the box with padding for fixing the type of hat
  • When you tank hat off, don't put it in disorder, you should hang on the coat hanger or hook and avoid deformation with heavy stuff pressure


  • Please understand the size chart is coming from the manufactures and for reference only

How to Dress a Straw Hat:

Straw hats are not just fashion friendly; they help to protect your face from the sun's rays. You can dress a straw hat in very little time, changing the looks to compliment your mood.

  • Start with your basic straw hat. Pin a vintage brooch to the front portion just above the brim of the hat
  • If you want a real splash of color, choose a brooch like the one pictured. Anything large and red definitely garners attention
  • Make a fabric band out of remnant material to dress your straw hat. Measure the circumference of the straw hat just above the brim. Cut two pieces of fabric at this length PLUS at least an additional 12" to allow for a simple tie in back
  • With right sides of fabric together, on your sewing machine stitch a 1/2" seam allowance leaving a small section open for turning. Turn, trim corners, press with iron and slipstitch opening closed
  • Using the same method above, make a fabric band for your straw hat out of white eyelet. The eyelet fabric looks clean and crisp against the straw; the contrast is a classic look
  • Go for the casual look and dress a straw hat with an old woven leather belt. Simply wrap the belt around the base of the hat and buckle. Tuck the excess length under the first wraparound portion of the belt
  • To dress a straw hat in a funky style, take a colorful, chunky, beaded necklace and wrap around the base. Attach with your jewelry findings in back
  • There are so many ways to dress a straw hat; all of these ideas are adaptable. Use your imagination and your sense of style to suit your own unique taste. Have fun

Tips & Warnings:

  • There are no real limits to dressing a straw hat. If it suits your taste and compliments your outfit and your style, you've dressed your straw hat appropriately for you. Have fun

How to Wear Sun Hats:

If you find sunscreen offers your face and neck little protection from the sun, a sun hat is a great choice for you. From the occasional beach dweller to the most cautious of outdoor enthusiasts, a sun hat offers a much needed shield from the heat and harmful rays of sun exposure. The ideal sun hat varies depending on outdoor activity and the day's current weather conditions.

  • Determine your hat style. Summer beach hats offer a rim with little coverage, while resort style hats include a large rim and scarf for additional protection
  • Choose a hat color that coordinates with your clothing or swim attire. When in doubt choose a neutral hat color. Some of the most popular choices include black, white and tan or brown
  • Decide on a hat that is appropriate for your activity and the weather. Consider leaving a hat with a large curtain or scarf home on a windy day, and instead opt for a wide brimmed sun hat
  • Wear your hat as soon as you are outdoors. A sun hat cannot protect your skin unless it is on your head
  • Use the hat to shade your eyes from direct sunlight. Consider pairing your hat with a nice pair of sunglasses to combat glare
  • Be sure to remove your hat indoors, it is a polite and courteous gesture
  • On a windy day, choose a hat with a fastener or tie. This little extra feature will ensure the hat stays in place on your head
  • Make sure your sun hat fits your head properly. Poorly fitted hats will offer a decreased level of sun protection

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fashion Flower Women Wide Brim Floppy Sun Hat