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Carsida Folding Car Key Case Shell Cover for Ford Mondeo Fiesta


This Folding Car Key Case Shell Cover for Ford Mondeo Fiesta is meant for customers who have a working remote head key that is cracked or broken. You do not need to purchase the complete key if your remote functions are working normally. This product...
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  • This Folding Car Key can help you to solve the problem
  • This product can make you fold up the keys for easy carrying and fashion
  • You just replace the chip, can be used for other models, the material is durable
  • The main problem with the folding coins and keys, was their construction
  • Intelligent design makes you more convenient to use
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Compatible with: Ford Mondeo/ Fiesta


Carsida Folding Car Key Case Shell Cover for Ford Mondeo Fiesta

  • Compatible with: Ford Mondeo/ Fiesta

About Remote Keyless Car Entry:


  • The earliest remote keyless transmitters were tiny radio control boxes that used a simple signal. The problem with this early predecessor was that they all shared a universal signal. This meant that the earlier remote controls, primarily used for garage doors, left private property vulnerable to nearby signals from other remote control devices. The dip switch came along in the 1970's, but only had a limited level of security; roughly two hundred and fifty combinations. The concept behind the dip switch was synchronizing the control box in a garage with the remote control. This was done by wiring eight switches on the remote circuit board and eight switches on the control box to be identical. General Motors was the first car company to feature a remote keyless ignition system in their product line


  • The remote control functions to lock and unlock car doors, open a car trunk, roll down the windows, and arm or disarm a car alarm. The interface that controls these functions is displayed on the face of the remote control or key handle. Some keyless entry units have special functions that operate by using a combination of the controls on the face of the remote, such as holding down the unlock button for a couple of seconds to roll down the windows. A common feature is the kill switch or panic button. The function of this button is to stop an accidental sounding of the car alarm. Usually, the car ignition will not start right after disarming the alarm


  • The keyless entry system is implemented into the key, or is attached to the keychain as a separate remote control. A remote entry device works by sending signals from the remote control, in the form of radio frequency, to the receiving system in the car. These signals are received in small pulses by the car system, and then interpreted to perform a task like unlocking a door, rolling down a window, popping the truck, or securing the locks on all doors. Some systems for keyless car entry are encrypted. Encryption prevents burglars from hacking your car system. This is an important function for remote keyless entry, especially for systems that allow for remote ignition to start a vehicle's engine running. All remote keyless car entry devices function as miniature radio transmitters. When you press a button, the transmitter switches on and transmits a radio code to your car

Package Included:

  • 1 x Folding Car Key Case for Ford Mondeo/ Fiesta