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Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet


Do you want to be more healthy? Do you want to be the focus of people? Here, this special designed leading health care energy garnet bracelet is right for you in some detail dress, which could make your dream come true!&...
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  • Magnetic garnet bracelet is designed to stabilize the flow of electric current and increase your body's energy level
  • It have good effect for anti-fatigue and anti-radiation, and can effectively eradicate cervical problems
  • Made of high quality garnet, this health care bracelet have a comfortable touch 
  • The garnet bracelet can also be worn on the wrist, ankle or waist to quickly relieve pain and stress
  • This garnet bracelet is ideal for sports lovers, enhancement of athletic abilities, fatigue reduction, relaxation and refreshment
  • It is perfect for runners, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, badminton, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, and other athletic endeavors
  • This energy bracelet is also a nice gift for you or your friends
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Garnet
  • Bead Diameter: 5mm/0.2in


Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

  • Garnet bracelet is made with fine workmanship, which will catch your eyes

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

  • Stylish, lightweight, and most important, this health care bracelet is comfortable to wear

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet 

  • Made of high quality garnet material, this bracelet will be a companion to you for a long time

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

  • With good reflection, this beautiful energy bracelet will catch your eyesight easily

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

  • The delicate energy bracelet with perfect package will keep it from hurt 


  • It can be put into water. It will not affect good result of using
  • Do not use the washing machine or dryer to prevent the shortened life
  • Do not wear on eczema or open wounds
  • If you have any abnormal feeling, please do stop using and ask a doctor for advice
  • Please note that do not overexert when using, otherwise it will deform the shape
  • Please avoid direct sunlight exposure, the humid and high temperature. Kept it at room temperature

How to Clean Garnet Jewelry?

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

Because garnet is a relatively inexpensive, though extremely beautiful gemstone, many people do not realize that it still needs to be cleaned with care and attention to detail. Garnets are hardy stones that can be worn everyday, but this advantage also leads to heavier wear, tear and grime buildup on the accessory. Garnets are unique in that they should not be regularly cleaned with water, so you will need to use proper care when cleaning your garnet jewelry in order to get a bright, clean shine


  • Polish the stones with a clean, dry cloth. Be sure that you use a soft cloth, not one that has any texture that could scratch the gemstone. Polish the stone or stones thoroughly to make them shiny and bright. Use firm rubbing motions to polish the gem and remove any dust, dirt and grime.
  • Make a mild soap-and-water solution. Mix about a half a cup of water and 2 drops of soap in the bowl and stir it up.
  • Clean the setting of the garnet with a soft toothbrush. Since garnets should not be cleaned with water on a regular basis, you should not do this every time you clean your garnet jewelry. However, if you do not occasionally clean your setting, it will detract from the beauty of the gemstone over time. Moisten the bristles of the brush and clean out from under the stone if it is in a raised setting. If the stone is in a decorative setting, then you can scrub the portions of the setting that are not in direct contact with the garnet.
  • Rinse the garnet jewelry with a damp cloth. Make sure you remove all soap residue. If absolutely necessary, pass the ring once or twice though a running stream of clear water. Minimize rinsing so that the garnet is not unnecessarily wet.
  • Dry the garnet jewelry thoroughly. Use a clean, dry cloth. This will prevent streaking and spotting. You can let the item air dry once you have dried as much as you can with the cloth

Garnet Gifts

Fishman Health Care Energy Garnet Bracelet

Give a garnet-inspired gift for any occasion, from Valentine's Day to Christmas. Present a piece of garnet jewelry to a friend celebrating a January birthday; the gem is the birthstone for that month. Garnets, the state minerals of Connecticut, most commonly feature a deep red hue, but also come in shades of orange, green and yellow. Combine red garnets with other gemstones to create customized jewelry pieces

Heart-shaped Garnets

  • Deep red garnets and heart designs go hand-in-hand. As a romantic gesture, buy a ring or pendant featuring two interlocked garnet hearts. For a clean, modern look, choose a sterling silver heart-shaped pendant with a bezel-set garnet. Depending on the recipient's jewelry preference, buy a sterling silver or gold heart-shaped pendant featuring a dangling teardrop-shaped garnet in the center

Elegant Garnet Designs

  • Red garnets look elegant when coupled with classy gemstones and pearls. For a sophisticated style, buy circular pendant featuring alternating garnets and opals. Pearl stud earrings look fresh when combined with small garnets. As a statement piece, choose a ring or pendant featuring a large cushion or emerald-cut garnet surrounded by diamonds

Vibrant Color Combinations

  • Delight a friend with piece of jewelry featuring vibrantly hued gemstones. Combine red garnet with purple amethyst or blue topaz for an eclectic look. Buy a ring featuring a rainbow-colored multi-gemstone presentation. Choose a tennis bracelet made with garnet, tourmaline, citrine, sapphire and emerald. For a sweet Valentine's Day present, buy delicate earrings featuring red garnet and rose quartz

Garnet Brooch

  • Pick a garnet-enhanced brooch based on the recipient's personality, hobbies and interests. Give a nature lover a brooch featuring a whimsical ladybug or dragonfly design. Surprise a gardener with a red rose-inspired garnet brooch. For a rich, mystical look, choose a brooch featuring dark red garnet and black onyx stones. Buy a vintage brooch featuring a garnet cabochon and lacy filigree details

Package Included:

  • 1 x Garnet Bracelet