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Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt


Are your searching some especial things for your wedding? Here, this Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt is your best choice!The wedding garter belt is sexy, attractive, charming and form fitting. When you wearing the sexy adjustable...
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  • Unique lace up and belt designs will show off your sexy figure and curve
  • The wedding garter belt is designed with lace material and feels very smooth
  • Wearing the sexy adjustable garter belt, you and your lover will have a romantic night
  • Made of high quality and durable materials that feels comfortable
  • The wedding garter belt is washable and cozy for your daily wearing
  • sexy adjustable garter belt is very comfortable to touch and wear
  • Adjustable garter belt makes you more attractive, charming , fashion and chic
  • Show off your style or change your manner with the adjustable garter belt
  • Also, this polyester garter belt is a great gift for your lover
  • Material: Polyester


Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt 

Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt

  • The wedding adjustable garter belt is designed with lace material and feels very smooth

Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt

Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt

  • Unique lace up and belt designs adjustable garter belt will show off your sexy figure and curve

Wedding Bridal Polyester Adjustable Garter Belt

  • When you wearing the sexy adjustable garter belt, you and your lover will have a romantic night

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  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • The size detail bases on "Help/Buying Guide/Conversion Reference"

How to Maintain:

  • Proper care will increase the life of your garter and will reward you with longer wear and dependability
  • Put your new garter in the refrigerator for one or two days, then take it out, and leave it for one day, thus toughness of the garter can be strengthened in this way
  • You can hand wash your high garter with warm water using a mild or delicate soap. Wash them in lukewarm water or lower. Avoid chlorine, bleach, fabric softeners
  • Rinse in lukewarm water. Hang the garter in the open air, and keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not wring or twist the garter

How To Choose The Perfect Garter Belt:

  • Woman's undergarments are a significant piece of attire that must be carefully selected. Not only should you feel beautiful in them, but they should also be comfortable. The garter belt, is perhaps one of the most appealing undergarments that you could wear. The sheer sexiness of this piece of lingerie is one that has been admired for centuries. Selecting the perfect garter belt should be an interesting and detailed experience. One you should not only choose which garter belt will look the best, but the comfort and fitting should be greatly considered.
  • The ever so popular garter belt is actually an undergarment consisting of an elastic piece of cloth which is wrapped around the waist. The purpose of the garter belt is to hold up garter belt stockings
  • When choosing the perfect garter belt, there are several things to consider. First, it's not just the belt itself that you should be concerned of. All of the things affiliated with the garter belt have to be approached and purchased along with the belt
  • The first thing to remember when choosing the perfect garter belt is the style you are trying to go for. If the purpose of your purchasing the belt is for a romantic night out with someone you admire, then you also may wish to consider purchasing something to accentuate your body and appeal to your date
  • If this is the case, you must then decide which color garter belt you'd like. The color of your garter belt is among the most important of things to consider. It must match not only your outfit you will be wearing, but also your underwear and garter stockings. This does not necessarily mean that the garter belt should be the exact same color of your complete attire. But it should definitely accent the attire and match to an extent
  • If you've already decided upon the outfit you will be wearing, then choosing the perfect garter belt should not be as complicated. If wearing a black or red dress, then a nice choice for the color of your garter belt might be black
  • Once you've chosen the color of your garter belt, you should then move on to the stockings and underwear. If you've decided upon a black garter belt, the stockings should definitely match. It is not necessary for the underwear to completely match the garter belt, but the garter stockings would look awkward if they were mismatched. Thus, black garter stockings plain or sheer with go perfect with your black garter belt. If your garter belt is white, then the garter stockings should be white or sheer white
  • Once you've chosen the right garter belt and garter stockings to go with your dress, it's time to choose your underwear. The panties and bra play an important role in the appearance of your under attire. It would not be a good suggestion to have all of the proper garter undergarments and then have your panties and bra completely clash with them. This would not make a very good fashion statement. Therefore, the underwear should somewhat match with the garter belt and stockings
  • It is not necessary for the bra and panties to be the same color, but they should not clash with each other. However, it would still look presentable if the underwear and te garter belt were the same color, especially if the color of the garter belt is white. Black, on the other hand, is an easy color to match with. Therefore, choosing red panties and bra would go fine with a black garter belt
  • Choosing the perfect garter belt requires time and detail. It is not just the garter belt that should be carefully picked out, but all of the surrounding clothing and undergarments should match. The garter belt should accentuate the rest of the undergarments as well as the outfit. It should also be comfortable for the person wearing it

How to Buy a Garter Belt:

Is there anything that says sex more than a woman wearing a garter belt? Once a common item to wear, they are now relegated to the lingerie department and reserved for looks rather than purpose. Looks are a huge part of excitement in the bedroom, so go for it. Buy a garter belt and use the tips in this guide to make it easier to slip into something a little more comfortable

  • Choose a garter belt that makes you feel sexy. Even if you're wearing it for yourself, knowing it makes you look good projects this outward sexiness feeling that can be "sensed" by others. If you try it on and it makes you feel sexy, that's all that counts
  • Buy a good quality garter belt. Cheaper belts tend to droop and move around. Shop at a reputable lingerie shop that's respected for their quality and ask for and buy stockings that are meant to be worn with a garter belt as well
  • Try the garter belt on before buying if possible. If you order from an online store, make sure they have a return policy before you buy. If it feels uncomfortable after only a few minutes, it's likely not going to get any better. Garters made from silk or satin are good choices. Contrary to popular belief, garter belts are relatively comfortable and can be a pleasure to wear. Make sure the one you buy is comfortable from the get go
  • Ensure you buy the correct size. This is the most common mistake women make when purchasing a garter belt. It should be adjustable the back of a bra, fit snug but not cause any bulges
  • Examine the garter belt extensively for durability. The clasps are normally the first thing to break on poorly made belts. The straps should also be adjustable like bra straps allowing for height adjustments and be relatively easy to use only after a few tries. If it takes more than that, ask the salesperson for assistance. If after help it's still difficult, put it back and try another

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wedding Garter