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TRUECOLOR Honeydew Melon Scented 0.35mm Liquid Gel Ink Pen Refills Red

Are you looking for the scent gel ink refill? This 0.35mm gel ink refill is special designed with honeydew melon scent, when you are writing with it, it will remind you the smelling of the honeydew melon. The 0.35mm gel ink refill is ready to represe...
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  • Advanced gel ink technology
  • Water-resistant quick-drying, and smear-proof
  • The gel ink refill features acid-free, and fade-resistant ink for thick, vibrant writing
  • Delivers consistently smooth writing and an intensity of color
  • Fit for almost all kind of roller ball pens
  • Useful gel ink refill makes a great supplies for offices and schools
  • Pen Refill Type: Roller Ball
  • Special Ink Type: Gel
  • Tip Type: 0.35mm
  • Color: Red


TRUECOLOR Honeydew Melon Scented 0.35mm Liquid Gel Ink Pen Refills Red

  • 0.35mm ultra fine point gel ink refill, produces clean, smooth lines
  • It is designed with honeydew melon scent
  • Deliver quick-drying, water-resistant and smear-proof
  • A roller ball tip that allows gel ink to flow directly onto paper
  • Super smooth red color gel ink refills are customized for an intensity of color

How to Compare Gel Ink Pen Refills:

  • Size: One of the most crucial things to look for is the size of the refills when comparing them for purchase. Different gel pens come in different thicknesses, and it can be quite annoying to find that you purchased the wrong size refill for the thickness of your pen
  • Price: Of course, most people consider price an important factor in purchasing office supplies, and gel ink pen refills are no exception. Naturally, generics cost less than brand names, with a range for both types approximately $2.50 to $7.50 for an individual refill, as of 2010. Purchasing in bulk is an even more affordable option, with a pack of 12 refills costing less per item than single ones
  • Brand: One way to compare gel pen ink refills is by brand. Many individuals have preferences about using a certain brand, while others are content to purchase generics. M&G and True Color are some of the most popular brands in China

Package Included:

  • 1 x Box of Gel Ink Pen Refills