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Durable Diamond Tipped Wood Handle Hand Tool Glass Wheel Cutter


Lightweight and compact design glass cutter tool is easy to carry. Glass cutter is the perfect tool for cutting glass tubing such as gauge glass. A slight turning motion and squeeze of your hand and your glass is cut.
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  • This six wheel glass cutter with wooden handle is a company dedicated to finding innovative ways to make glass working easier
  • Lightweight and compact design, glass cutter tool is easy to carry
  • Simple to use, wrap the chain around the glass tube and hook the pin in the jaws
  • A slight turning motion and squeeze of your hand and your glass is cut


Durable Diamond Tipped Wood Handle Hand Tool Glass Wheel Cutter

  • Lightweight and compact design

Durable Diamond Tipped Wood Handle Hand Tool Glass Wheel Cutter

  • Diamond tipped

How to Cut Glass Step by Step:

Durable Diamond Tipped Wood Handle Hand Tool Glass Wheel Cutter

The ability to cut glass comes in handy for craft and home improvement projects alike. Replacing a window pane or making a stained glass lamp both require the proper tools for correctly scoring and cutting the size of glass piece needed for the job. Once you have the correct glass cutting tools, you can easily learn to cut glass if you follow a few simple steps

  • Order a glass cutter, oil, running pliers and a grozer from online merchants or purchase them from your local hobby store. There are several different styles of glass cutters, and if you plan to use your glass cutter more than a few times, purchase one that has a reservoir for oil built into the handle. The oil flows out as you score the glass, making it easier to create a smooth cut. Before you try to cut glass for your home improvement or craft project, practice your technique on a scrap piece of glass
  • Place the oil in the glass cutter handle according to the manufacturer's directions. If you are using a cutter without an oil reservoir, add a light coat of oil to the surface of the glass where you plan to make your cut. This will reduce the number of shards you will have to remove after you cut the glass
  • Place the glass on a flat surface. Steady the glass with one hand while you grasp the cutter firmly in the other. Rest the cutter on one edge of the glass and apply pressure, but not too much. Your goal is to break the surface of the glass, or score it, with the blade of the cutter. Do not try to cut all the way through the glass. Draw the blade smoothly over the surface of the glass in one direction. You can push the blade forward or pull it back, but do not go back and forth. Follow the lines of your pattern or use a metal ruler as a straightedge
  • Hold your scored glass firmly with one hand and place the middle of the running pliers over the score mark. You can place the pliers at the edge of the glass or a few inches from the edge. Make sure the running pliers are centered over the score line so you will get a cleaner cut. Your running pliers should have the center marked with a line on the plastic end covering. If they do not have a center indicator mark, you should draw one with a permanent marker
  • Squeeze the handle of the pliers gently, and the glass will break apart. If it does not, run over the score line again with your cutter and apply more pressure. As you practice cutting glass, you will learn to feel how much pressure is needed for a good score
  • Nip any shards or bits left on the edge of your cut glass with the grozer. This nipping tool is designed specifically for cutting glass. Grab the shard with the end of the grozer, and press the handle together sharply

Package Included:

  • 1 x Durable Diamond Tipped Wood Handle Hand Tool Glass Cutter