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Amylinda Ruched Full Finger Wedding Bridal Gloves


No matter who you are, what your personal preference or style is, there is simply something undeniable about the classic nature wedding gloves bring to a bridal look. Whether their long, luxurious and crisply polished with satin buttons or ...
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  • With high quality, soft to touch and comfortable for wearing
  • These satin gloves are above elbow length and end just above the elbow
  • The satin gloves have just a touch of satin to give them a perfect and comfortable fit to any size hand
  • Good quality, durable, washable, very soft and comfortable to wear on your hands
  • Designed for any wedding, party, prom, evening out, a must-have for ladies
  • White Bridal Gloves are Ideal for bridal parties and formal occasions
  • One free size fits for most people
  • Glove Length: 40cm/15.7in
  • Material: Satin
  • Color: Ivory


Amylinda Ruched Full Finger Wedding Bridal Gloves

  • The satin gloves with ruched elbow design

Bridal Gloves Classification:

  • Ask your clergy if you can remove and then place your glove back on when your back is to your guests
How to Wear Gloves During Your Wedding

Choose gloves from a variety of lengths, fabrics and ornamentation to add a touch of Victorian elegance to your bridal ensemble. Look for gloves that complement, rather than overwhelm, your dress. For instance, pair simple gloves with fancy dresses or fancy gloves with simple dresses.

  • Match the color of your gloves to your wedding dress - for example, ivory on ivory or white on white.


  • Choose the glove length, determined by the number of buttons, based on the type of dress worn. For instance, both the 6-button glove, which ends just below the elbow, and the 8-button glove, which reaches the elbow, look best with a short-sleeved gown; the 16-button glove, also known as the opera-length glove, extends to the upper arm and accents a sleeveless or strapless gown. Forgo gloves when donning a long-sleeved dress, or else wear wrist-length gloves.


  • Slit the seam of a long glove at the underside of the ring finger to be able to slip your finger out during the ceremonial ring exchange - resew the seam after the wedding. If you opt for shorter wrist-length gloves, you can simply remove the glove and hand it to a bridal attendant.
  • Slip your now beautifully adorned finger discreetly back in your glove, or if you took off the glove completely, leave it off for the remainder of the ceremony.
  • Put your gloves back on if you have taken them off for any reason, and wear them for your formal photographs.
  • Keep your gloves off while you're eating and drinking.

Wedding Glove Etiquette

Your wedding is the perfect time for you to sheath your hands in a pair of attractive and elegant wedding gloves. Bridal gloves not only give you the right amount of charm, grace and elegance but they also make your hands look even more attractive. There are numerous varieties of bridal gloves for you to choose from. The market offers a wide range of wedding gloves in stunning designs, styles, patterns and colors. Selecting the perfect pair of wedding gloves is as important as practicing wedding glove etiquette.

  • The Style
  • Long gloves go well with sleeveless wedding gowns, while short gloves can be worn with long as well as short sleeves. Normally, the traditional color for bridal gloves is white, but your wedding gloves need not necessarily be white. Colored gloves can also be worn if they complement or match your wedding attire. It is also important to ensure that your wedding gloves match your wedding attire in terms of fabric as well as texture.
  • Basic Etiquette
  • Wedding glove etiquette is an essential part of culture and tradition. You must keep your gloves on while you are greeting guests, dancing or posing for photographs. Jewelry should never be worn over your gloves with the exception of bracelets, which are specifically designed to be worn over wedding gloves. One of the cardinal rules about wedding glove etiquette is to take off your gloves while eating. You would not want to get them soiled and stained with food or drink.
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • Tradition demands that you should wear gloves during the entire wedding ceremony, though you will find that this can be a bit cumbersome. If you are wearing short gloves, you could remove them and give them to your attendant or bridesmaid just before you exchange rings. However, if you are wearing long elbow-length gloves, it would be very difficult and embarrassing to remove them in front of the whole wedding gathering. One alternative is to opt for fingerless gloves, which cover just the arms and hand, but stop at the fingers. You may also opt for ring finger wedding gloves, which have a slit on the ring finger that allows you to slide the ring finger out just before exchanging rings.
  • Practicing
  • You do not want to look awkward while struggling to take your gloves off, so keep practicing everyday until you are able to take your gloves off your hand in a swift, graceful and neat stroke. Even if you opt for a wedding glove with a slit on the ring finger, you would still need to remove your gloves during eating.
  • The Reception Party
  • You should continue wearing your gloves even after the wedding, until the reception party is over. Remember, unlike men, women should never remove their gloves when shaking hands and greeting guests. An important aspect of wedding glove etiquette is that the bride continues to wear her wedding gloves during dancing at the wedding reception. It adds an element of grace and elegance to your poise if you dance with your gloves on.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Gloves