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Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves


Do you want to have a stylish and warm pair of wrist gloves? Are you finding one pair of wrist gloves which can antislip so that you can seize every moment and everything that make you happy? Here now, I'm telling you: y...
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  • Anti-slip wrist length design and adjustable wrist belt make the wrist gloves very stylish and gorgeous
  • Colloidal particles on the palm qualify the wrist gloves with property of antislip
  • This outdoor gloves made of fine fleece can protect your hands and plus a new noticeable look
  • Fingered gloves themselves add flexibility for your hands
  • This gloves are easy to wear and suitable for any sports activity
  • Good quality, durable, washable, very soft and comfortable to wear on your hands
  • Made of high quality, soft to touch and comfortable to wear
  • This gloves are very special and easily attract people's attention
  • Material: Fleece & Colloidal Particle 


Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

  • These practical outdoor gloves made of fine materials with good breathability and heat retention

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

  • This type of wrist gloves is manufactured with fine fleece to let your hands comfortable, while the palm of the gloves made of colloidal particles is designed to antislip, then guarantees for your safety when you are doing sports

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

  • Fingered design add flexibility and convenience for your hands, making you more outstanding in sports games

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

  • Adjustable wrist belt make the wrist gloves very stylish and suitable for everyone

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

  • Alternative classic red color full of passion and vigour is also for your choice

How to Measure:

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

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Middle Finger Length





















  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Choose Gloves

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

Give yourself the gift of gloves this year to keep warm and to demonstrate your sense of fashion. Choose cold-resistant gloves with a unique and stylish flair.


  • Look for thermal linings such as fleece, wool or cashmere to ensure maximum heat entrapment within the glove
  • Choose gloves with weather-resistant exterior surfaces to repel rain, sleet and snow in the harshest conditions
  • Ask about adjustable wristbands or elasticized wrist areas. It is essential that the heat remains trapped inside the glove, and that cold is not allowed to enter through loose wrist areas
  • Consider a pigskin exterior for a more dressy glove purchase. Pigskin is tough, durable and stain-resistant while still thin and fashionable
  • Decide on a basic color. Shades of black, gray and brown accessorize best with most outfits. Try to choose a color that suits your wardrobe
  • Check the stitching carefully. The smaller and more plentiful the stitches, the more durable the gloves tend to be

How to Choose Winter Gloves

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

Choosing gloves for the wintertime can be tricky. If you choose gloves that are too thin, you risk having freezing and wet hands throughout the entire snowy season. If your gloves are too heavy, you can have problems gripping with your gloves on. To obtain the perfect balance for your winter needs, head to a local store and try on as many pairs of gloves as possible. Whether you're skiing, shoveling or making a snowman, follow these tips to find the perfect gloves for you.


  • Consider what you will need your gloves to look like. If you need your gloves to maintain a certain appearance, (for example, if you are wearing them to work), you may want to look into a pair of leather gloves. Leather gloves are warm and sleek-looking. Although leather gloves look great and are very warm, be careful not to get them wet
  • If you need gloves to shovel snow, consider buying convertible gloves with PVC dots on the palm. These gloves will allow you to grip a shovel, even in freezing conditions. The convertible gloves allow you to keep your hands warm, but expose your fingers in case you need some extra gripping power
  • If you are a skier, you will need to choose a set of gloves depending on the climate you will be skiing in. A heavy set of gloves in a warmer temperature can make a skier very uncomfortable, and vise versa. Some skiing gloves have special features, like nose wipes, that can be very helpful when skiing long distances in cold weather. If you plan on skiing this winter, choose gloves that are lined with either fleece or wool to allow your hands to stay warm and allow the fabric to breathe at the same time
  • If you are considering a pair of recreational gloves to keep your hands out of the cold, but that may not have much contact with the snow, you may want to consider knit acrylic gloves. Acrylic gloves come in a variety of colors and patterns and are generally very inexpensive. Acrylic gloves can be great for kids who lose gloves frequently, or for a backup pair of gloves to keep in your car for emergencies
  • If you will be handling lots of ice and snow this winter, you may want to consider a waterproof option, like cryogenic gloves. If you will be ice fishing or handling freezing water, you may want to purchase a pair of gloves that will allow your hands to stay completely dry at all times, even in freezing conditions. Cryogenic gloves may be a little more expensive than regular gloves, but the protection against ice-cold water is well worth it

How to Clear Gloves

Allies Outdoor Sports Antislip Wrist Length Gloves

Ground-in dirt and grime can shorten the life of the most durable gloves by wearing away the fabric. Cleaning methods depend on the specific glove material, but all types of gloves can and should be cleaned to prevent undue wear. Always check the tag of your gloves to note manufacturers' instructions for cleaning.


Cotton Work Gloves

  • Scrape off caked-on dirt on cotton work gloves using a stiff bristle brush. Rub the fingertips with coarse ground salt to scrape away the grittiest grime
  • Machine-wash the gloves in a heavy-duty cycle with other sturdy items such as denims, using cold or warm water and detergent
  • If work gloves have an odor, wash them separately and add a half-cup of vinegar to the wash and rinse waters
  • Separate the gloves from the rest of the load after the final rinse cycle is complete
  • Place round-topped clothespins in the finger holes and hang the gloves to air dry. Remove the pins while the gloves are still damp, then re-hang until gloves are completely dry

Leather Gloves

  • Use a chamois cloth with a bit of mink oil to keep leather gloves clean and dust-free between cleanings
  • Spot clean soiled leather gloves using a slightly damp cloth and saddle soap. Rub a little saddle soap into the damp cloth and clean the soiled area, moving the cloth in small circular motions
  • After applying the cleaner to a small area, use a second clean, damp cloth to remove the soap and soil. Repeat the process, area by area, until the soiled area is clean
  • Use a dry towel or chamois cloth to dry the gloves
  • When completely dry, apply a bit of mink oil or leather conditioning agent to restore the leathery look and feel to your gloves

Suede Gloves

  • Use a soft boar's hair brush to remove the outer layer of dirt or soil from suede gloves
  • Most suede gloves may be washed in a washing machine in cold water with detergent. Turn them inside out to wash
  • After the wash cycle is complete, gently squeeze out excess water and hang the gloves on a line to dry
  • Every 30 minutes, cup the drying glove between your two hands and gently rub the fabric back and forth. This will return the suede to its naturally pliable state by the time the gloves are dry
  • When the gloves are still damp, turn them outside out and re-hang them to finish drying

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Gloves