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GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)


As a fashion sports, golf was loved by lots of people. Then, the soft golf balls are essential for who loves it. If you are looking for a nice cheap golf ball, we will highly recommend those for you!Golf is a precision ball sport, whic...
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  • The soft cheap golf ball is ideal for mid to high handicapper
  • The softer core formulation provides unparalleled tour feel and the softer urethane cover generates more short-game spin for precision control and aggressive shot-making
  • The training golf balls with high speed multilayer construction provides maximum distance performance and a more penetrating ball flight
  • Easy to clean and easy to use, the soft golf balls are durable and light weight
  • Made of fine workmanship, those soft golf balls can be used long time
  • With these golf balls you will have a nice day
  • Color: Yellow 


GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • High quality designer soft golf balls will be durable to use 

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • These golf balls are for those players who need a slightly lower trajectory or perhaps already have an ideal trajectory but are seeking longer distance

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • Those soft golf balls are lightweight, so that it is convenient to take

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • With these cute golf balls, you will have a wonderful day

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • Made of high quality material and fine workmanship, the soft golf balls is perfectly for choose

How to Choose Golf Balls:

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

  • Check out the basics of a two-piece ball. It is less expensive, usually hard and constructed of a cover molded over a big rubber core
  • Check out multi-layer balls. They are more expensive, softer and constructed of a soft core surrounded by a hard mantle overlayed by a soft cover
  • Look into the differences between golf ball coverings. Surlyn covered balls are hard and difficult to scuff or cut. Urethane is easier to cut and scuff, but it has more feel
  • Think about what you want from a ball. A hard ball with a surlyn cover has low spin and provides extra distance. A soft ball with a urethane cover has high spin and provides extra control. The soft ball also give you more hook and slice with less distance. Different dimple patterns can also influence the flight of the ball, high or low
  • Examine how the cores, covers and dimple patterns can be combined to produce hundreds of slightly different golf ball flights
  • Choose a two-piece ball if you're trying to break 90. There is no reason to spend between $40.00 and $50.00 for a premium multi-layer ball, unless you simply want to play the ball the pros play
  • Choose a two-piece ball that "feels good." Check the "Probable Golf" article that catalog's these balls and their prices. The only way you will know how a ball feels is through trial and error. The "Golf Digest" article cited in "Probable Golf" demonstrated little difference between supposed "clunkers" and new balls, so how a ball feels is as valid a criteria as any other
  • Choose a multi-layer ball if you are trying to consistently break 80. These balls are being changed constantly. Any golfer who plays in the low 70s might consider investing in a practice session using a launch monitor, a driver, wedge and a variety of balls. Touring pros use these sessions to "match" balls to their equipment and swing. "Golf Illustrated" often publishes articles about the newer multi-layer balls

How to Hit a Golf Ball?

GOLF Durable Indoor Practice Golf Balls (10 Balls)

Hitting a golf ball is easy, but hitting the ball where you want it to go takes a lot of practice. It all starts with proper positioning and the right swing. Here are a few steps to improve your game on the putting green


  • Stand behind the ball and pick a mark just ahead of the ball in the line of your target
  • Grip the club properly (see Related eHow) and take a practice swing
  • With both feet together, stand facing the ball
  • Stand about three-quarters of an arm's length away from the ball
  • Take a tiny step forward (toward your target) with your left foot, and take a normal step backward with your right foot. The distance between your feet should be about the width of your shoulders
  • Place your hands in front of the ball, in a position known as the forward press
  • Pull the club straight back from the golf ball to the top of the backswing. The club should be parallel to the ground
  • Swing the golf club back down along the same path, without pausing at the top
  • eep your head down and strike the ball. Allow the club to follow through until it hits your back
  • Watch the ball travel toward the pin

Package Included:

  • 10 x Golf Balls

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