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Golf Tee 37


Do not miss this plastic golf tees! Just take this plastic golf tees at home today! If you are a Golf enthusiast. Here are just for you. These tees are very good and perfect for the oversized drivers of today. You won't loose these tees in the bottom...
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  • Include a leather tube, three golfs and four plastic golf tees
  • High quality plastic golf tees are durable for long time using
  • Professional quality tees with a zero interference post
  • Eliminates contact with the dimple of the golf ball
  • Achieve unmatched distance and accuracy off the tee
  • Designed for your demanding golf needs
  • The composition & strenght of the plastic golf tees are good
  • More durable than a wood tee Manufactured from renewable resources
  • For players of all skill levels
  • Flexible, special tip reduces reistance and allows better contact
  • Golf Tees Material: Plastic
  • Tube Material: Leather


Golf Tee 37

  • Portable plastic golf tees kit  

How to Buy Golf Tees:

  • Buy a very small number of tees of varying heights from 2 1/4 inches to 3 1/4 inches (4 inches if you have a driver with a tall club head)
  • Go to a local driving range where you can hit the ball off the ground instead of a mat. Bring along a black Sharpie marker, new tees and a small bag
  • Buy a bucket of golf balls to hit on the range. Take out three to five tees
  • Draw a half circle around the center of a golf ball with the marker
  • Tee the ball up on one of the new tees with the black line parallel to the ground and facing the club head when you swing
  • Hit the ball and watch the ball flight
  • Check the club face of your driver to see where the ball contacted the club. If you like the results of the hit and the mark is in the sweet spot of the club, put the tee in the bag. If you broke the tee, mark the head of the tee and put it in the bag
  • Continue marking golf balls, hitting them from the tee and putting good tees in the bag. Go through the same process with each length of tee
  • Look at the tees that consistently let you hit the sweet spot on your driver. Note the various lengths to determine which length works best for you. If there is no clear choice, keep hitting until you determine which length is best
  • Buy several varieties of tees at the ideal length to hit with the driver to find a wood, plastic, brush system or other material you like to use

How to Clean Golf Tees:

Golf tees are not terribly hard to clean, but the proper method depends on the tee's material. Golf tees are usually wood or plastic, and some have a rubber tip or even nylon bristles. Other tees, including biodegradable tees, are also available. Naturally, biodegradable tees won't hold up to cleaning very well. But you can clean all other types of golf tees, making them look nearly new -- perhaps not "straight out of the bag" new, but new enough.

  • Clean plain plastic tees by soaking them in warm water with a few drops of liquid soap. If the tees are grass stained, add a bit of laundry detergent to the water.
  • Remove each tee from the water. Rub them with a sponge and dry them with a microfiber towel.
  • Scrub soil and stains from wooden tees, using a washcloth and mild soap. Dry with a towel. Stubborn stains may be removed by rubbing dry baking soda on the tee, followed by a damp -- not wet -- cloth
  • Add a little liquid soap to bristle-headed tees and brush with a toothbrush. If the whole tee is plastic or rubber, you can soak it first in warm water to loosen the dirt.
  • Attack dirt on rubber-tipped tees using a soft cloth, warm -- not hot -- water and a little soap

Package Included:

  • 1 x Leather Tube
  • 3 x Golfs
  • 4 x Golf Tees