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Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black


Do you want to write your words well with a good Goose Quill Pen? Here we recommend you the feather quill pen.The quill pen is made of the feather of goose, which is black to attract your eyes. The goose quill pen writes well. With the quill pen, whe...
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  • The quill pen is black, which will show your unique taste and elegance
  • It is convenient for you to carry bacause it is light, and you can decorate yourself as well
  • The goose quill pen writes well, and it may give you inpiration to write down your masterpiece in a few years
  • The goose quil pen includes five pen nibs, so that it is unnecessary for you to be anxious once it is broken
  • With the feather quill pen, you can send your love to your relatives by letters
  • Package Size: 38.0 x 11.5 x 5.0cm/14.96 x 4.53 x 1.97in(L x W x H)


Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

  • The goose quill pen which is black ,with the beautiful package case can evoke your inspiration of writing

Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

 Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

  • The feather quill pen includes different color pen nibs, and you can use them to write different style words

Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

  • The feather of the goose quill pen is soft, and will make you feel comfortable when you write something

Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black 

 Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

  • The good pen nib combines with the elegant feather, which writes well

Irishwo Lovely Goose Quill Pen Set Black

  • You can write down pretty words under the help of the bottle of ink

How to Write With a Feather Pen

Writing with a feather pen, or quill, is a very old technique that used to be the only way to write. Today, many calligraphers and artists still use a feather pen for a very unique look that you can't get with any other writing pen. It is fairly simple to write with a feather pen, but it does take some getting used to

  • Find a feather pen you like. They are often sold at the beach or online. Make sure that the feather pen you purchase comes from a sturdy flying bird. If the bird can't fly, then the feathers are weaker and won't stand up well enough to hold ink. When you purchase a feather pen, it will already be sharpened
  • Purchase a pot of dipping ink online or from your local craft store. They are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colors. If you want a very fancy metallic ink, the Pearlescent brand has many colors available in single pots or a three-pack. If you want a more traditional look, India ink comes in flat black or sepia tone. Either one works well
  • Tape the college-ruled notebook paper to the table. Tape the parchment paper over the top of that so that it doesn't move. The notebook paper will provide a guide to follow so that you won't be writing all over the place
  • Unscrew the lid to your dipping ink and set it top side up on the table. There will be ink residue in the cap and you don't want to get it on the table because it will stain. Dip your pen in the ink jar and hold it there for three seconds. This will ensure that you are filling the well of the pen so that you can write a few words before redipping
  • Write on your piece of parchment. Re-dip your pen as frequently as you need to. The ink dries quickly, so you will probably only get a couple words written before you need to get more ink

Tips & Warnings

  • Write as quickly as you can so that you can get the most out of your ink
  • If the ink separates, put the lid on and shake the bottle. Let the bubbles dissipate before using it again; never add water to your ink
  • If you get ink on yourself, the best way to remove it is to use rubbing alcohol or vinegar
  • Do not shake the pen when the ink begins to run low, or globs of ink will splatter everything--including you and your paper
  • Be careful of what you are writing, because there is no way to erase what you have written. If you misspell something or get ink splotches on your paper, you will have to start over
  • Don't ever add water to your ink, as this will make it thinner than necessary and it will bleed all over the paper
  • Using a thin paper like notebook paper will make your ink bleed. Use a strong, durable paper like parchment or even brown paper bags to practice

Package Included:

  • 1 x Quill Pen
  • 5 x Pen Nibs
  • 1 x Bottle of Ink
  • 1 x Box