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Dog Bath Grooming Brush


This dog grooming brush is an excellent all around grooming comb which is suitable for many dogs. Smooth and special design teeth of this brush for dogs are gentle to your dog's skin without any hurting. Made of high quality material, this grooming b...
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  • It is suitable for many dogs
  • Smooth, special design teeth are gentle to the skin
  • Made of high quality material and can use for a long time
  • With a comfortable brush, you can give you pets a wonderful bath
  • It has a great function to give the massage for your pets
  • Special hand strap design, you can use it very conveniently
  • Brush Size: 14 x 11cm/5.5 x 4.3in(L x W)
  • Teeth Length: 0.6cm/0.23in


Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • This dog grooming brush is an excellent all around grooming comb which is suitable for many dogs

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • Smooth and special design teeth of this brush for dogs are gentle to your dog's skin without any hurting

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • Made of high quality material, this grooming brush can be used for a long time in daily life

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • The fictional teeth of this dog grooming brush can easily lift out loose hair without any hard try

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • this dog grooming brush is characterized by the appropriate size and hand strap design which are handy

How to Brush a Dog with Fleas?

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • Liquid dish soap weighs down fleas so they sink in water.

Fleas are troublesome to live with and troublesome to remove. Removing mild to moderate flea infestations without insecticides or chemicals can be accomplished by regular, thorough grooming sessions. Grooming a dog with fleas requires more than the use of a brush, but also a comb. Combing and brushing a dog with fleas only takes a bit more effort than combing and brushing a dog without fleas, the difference being that the live fleas removed from the dog must be disposed of during the grooming session.


  • Use a fine-toothed comb to groom the dog. There are metal and plastic fine-toothed combs available specifically for the purpose of removing fleas from the dog's coat.
  • Mix a solution of water and dish soap together in a bowl. Only a little amount of dish soap is needed. Dip the flea comb into the soapy water after every stroke. The soap weighs down the fleas, causing them to drown in the water.
  • Brush out your dog's coat with firm strokes in the direction the hair grows. Start near the dog's head and work towards its tail.
  • Pay special attention to the areas of a dog where fleas are most likely to gather--at the scruff of the neck, the insides of the legs, the paws, the chest and the base of the tail.
  • After thoroughly combing your dog, use a pin-bristle brush to dislodge flea droppings. Flea droppings, also called flea dirt, appear as tiny black or gray specks within the dog's fur and are the source of much itching and discomfort.
  • Dip the brush in the soap and water mixture every few strokes. Remove any fur from the brush as it collects, as it may harbor live fleas.
  • Use a firm-bristle brush to distribute oils evenly throughout the dog's coat. This is particularly important if your dog has dry skin caused or exacerbated by flea control products.

Tips & Warnings

Dog Bath Grooming Brush

  • Be careful when combing and brushing your dog. The dog's skin may be sensitive from flea bites. There is also the possibility that hot spots, or infected bites, are present. These are painful when brushed. Examine your dog thoroughly before brushing to ensure you don't inadvertently hurt your pet.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dog Grooming