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Newpett Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush


Designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake, this dog grooming brush tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs and cats, both long- and short-haired. This grooming dog brush addresses the issue of the ...
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  • Smooth, special design teeth are gentle to the skin
  • This dog grooming brush is made from the highest quality rubber material and offers long lasting durability
  • Special shape design, you can use this dog grooming brush very conveniently
  • This grooming dog brush has a great function to give the massage for your pets
  • Quickly and easily removes loose undercoat hair 
  • Brush with long strokes in the direction of the hair growth
  • The  rubber grooming brush helps to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Use the brush side to distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat
  • Length: 25cm/9.8in
  • Material: Rubber 


Newpett Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush

  • This dog grooming brush is made from the highest quality rubber material and offers long lasting durability

Newpett Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush

  • The  rubber grooming brush helps to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Use the brush side to distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat

Newpett Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush

  • Designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake, this dog grooming brush tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs and cats, both long- and short-haired

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Newpett Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush


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How to Choose the Best Dog Grooming Brush?

Unless your dog is one of the hairless varieties, chances are here's going to need regular grooming to maintain a clean and smooth coat. Even if you plan on taking your dog to a professional groomer for bathing and clipping, your dog still needs daily or weekly brushing to remove excess hair that can mar his appearance and your freshly vacuumed carpeting. To do the job, you're going to need the best dog brush for grooming your furry friend. Here's how to select among the many types of grooming brushes for dogs.

Dogs with thin coats:

  • Examples of dogs with thin coats are the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier. These dogs are singled coated meaning they don't have an undercoat and their fur tends to be more delicate than that found on most other dogs, almost like human hair in some respects. For dogs with thin coats, a pin brush is ideal. These brushes have metal pins attached to a soft metal base. Be sure to choose a brush with coated pins to avoid scratching your dog's delicate skin. Follow up by combing with a metal comb to remove any tangles. Dogs with thin, delicate hair should be brushed dry. A wet coat makes the fur weaker and even more delicate which can result in hair loss and damage.

Dogs with long, flowing coats

  • This group would include the Golden Retriever and the Afghan. The top coat of these dogs is best brushed with a high quality bristle brush. These brushes when used regularly can give the coat a polished shine. To reduce shedding, brush the undercoat with an undercoat rake on a regular basis.

Dogs with wiry coats:

  • The Airdale Terrier and the Schnauzer are the best examples of a wiry coated dog breeds. A high quality, firm pin brush is ideal for regular grooming of these dogs. Select a brush with bristles that are closely spaced for best performance. A daily brushing will help to keep a wiry coat from matting.

Dogs with rough outer coats and soft undercoats:

  • The classic breed with this type of hair pattern is the collie. For the dog with a rough outer coat, pin brush can be used to remove loose fur. If small mats or tangles are present, follow up with a slicker brush to remove tangles. Because these dogs have undercoats, it's essential to follow up by brushing with an undercoat rake to remove loose hair that collects in that region. Don't apply too much pressure when using an undercoat brush or you could scratch your dog's skin.

Dogs with smooth, short coats:

  • This type of dog is probably the easiest to care for from a grooming standpoint. Brushing twice a week with a firm bristle brush to remove excess fur and prevent shedding is usually sufficient.

Tools Needed to Start Dog Grooming:

Basic grooming tools need to accommodate most dog breeds.In order to groom successfully, whether for your own dog, show dogs or as a business, essential commercial grade grooming tools are needed. Appropriate combs, brushes, clippers, nail trimmers and shears should be varied enough to accommodate most breeds of dogs. Store your tools in a groomer's case made for the job and clean them between grooms. These steps will enable you to successfully use these sometimes pricey tools for years to come.

Metal Tools:

  • Handled metal tools such as combs and shedding blades are essential.Metal tools include combs, shedding blades, stripping blades, mat breakers, rakes and other metal handled tools needed to groom a variety of different coat textures and lengths. Since there are so many options for these types of implements, it is best first to get a general idea of the types of grooming you want to do. Specialized tools such as shedding blades, mat rakes and stripping tools may be added to your tool box at a later date if you find them essential. In the beginning, purchase fine, medium and coarse combs that will be applicable for each coat type. Pet Edge and Pro Groom offer a wide variety of metal tools on their websites.


  • Brush styles vary to accommodate different coat types.Basic brushes necessary for dog grooming encompass short wire bristled slicker brushes, pin brushes, which have long metal bristles, and typical dense bristle brushes, with soft, medium and hard density bristles made from natural or synthetic sources. Having several brushes from each category should provide you optimum range to effectively brush the coats of most breeds. There are literally thousands of brush brands and varieties on the market. When purchasing brushes, consider what types and brands will endure the most use for the price. A selection of quality brands for reasonable prices are available from Pet Edge, which has long been a trusted pet supply company.

Shears and Clippers:

  • There are hundreds of shear styles used for grooming specific breeds.When it comes to purchasing clippers and shears, it is best to first consider which of these tools will allow for basic grooming skills. Considering that shears can cost upward of $150.00, it may not be necessary to purchase specialty shears immediately. Get shears that allow you to perform basic skills like trimming whiskers, feathering features on legs and body, and grooming around the face. Clippers need to have a variety of blades that allow you to clip the coat close to the skin or at specific longer lengths. Professional groomers, grooming instructors or the professionals at online retailers such as Pet Edge or Pro Groom can guide you to the purchase of specific shears and clippers best for your budget, needs and skills. Shears should be of proper balance and fit to the size of your hand.

Nail Trimmer:

  • There are three types of nail trimmers.For safety purposes and task efficiency, rotary style electric or battery powered nail grinders comfortably grind the nails on any breed of dog. Choose the best grinder that you can afford with options for multiple grinding wheels, speeds and power supplies. You need to have a backup plan if power grinders fail. Both guillotine and alligator style manual nail clippers should be in your grooming kit. Choose a brand that comes with replacement blades and a safety guard to ensure a clean and correct cut. At some point, you'll clip a nail too short. When you purchase your nail tools, purchase a can of styptic powder. It will stop nails from bleeding immediately.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Multi Function Dog Rubber Grooming Brush