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Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment


Give your music a new dimension and compel your audience to groove to your music with this gorgeous guitar effect pedal.The Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment is based on simplicity, durability, and most of all tone. The Durable Guitar Effects...
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  • The Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment will give you the same great spacey swirls
  • Guitar Effect Pedal features rock-solid internal construction and an indestructible enclosure to ensure years of flawless performance and the Van Halen-approved striped graphics from the guitar that changed the world
  • With the flip of a switch also delivers an intense, edgier phase tone
  • As always, it provides you with a rugged durable metal chassis and dual amp and speaker compensated mixer output

Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment

  • The Guitar Effect Pedal will  provides you with a rugged durable metal chassis and dual amp and speaker compensated mixer output 

Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment

Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment

Durable Guitar Effects Pedal DJ Equipment

  • You don't lose a single ounce of your precious tone

How to Set Up Guitar Effects Pedals

  • The guitar is one of the most popular instruments used in today's music making process. Adding effects to the guitar can be achieved by using effects pedals. These pedals come in different styles, sizes, colors and have different 'vocal' effects themselves. Setting up your guitar effects pedal properly will ensure that you will be able to add the extra zing that any song needs


  • Obtain two quarter-inch guitar cables. These cables will be used to connect all pieces of equipment in order to play with your pedal. Guitar cables can be found at most instrument and music stores. Make sure that the cables you obtain are long enough to reach between your amplifier, pedal and guitar for your comfort if you will be moving around
  • Check your guitar effects pedal's power source. Most effects pedals have two different ways to be powered. Generally they can be powered using either an adapter cable plugged into an outlet or with batteries. Using batteries may limit some functions depending on the type of pedal you have
  • Connect both guitar cables into the proper outlets. At the end of each guitar cable there will be a metal tip that is used to connect different instruments. With the first cable, connect an end to the guitar's output near the knobs (for electric guitars) and the other end should be connected to the outlet on your guitar effects pedal labeled input. Get the second cable and connect it to the guitar effects pedal outlet labeled output and connect the other end to your amplifier's input outlet
  • Turn on your equipment. After you have successfully hooked up all equipment and rechecked the connections, you are now ready to initiate power. Initiate power to your amplifier first. Some specialized effects pedals require that you actually step on the pedal itself to turn on the power. Guitar effects pedals that generally have more than one effect will usually have a power button
  • Perform a sound check. Now that you have powered on your equipment, it is time to perform a sound check to be sure that you have the preferred settings. Noise that sounds like constant electric shock can be an indicator that all cables are not connected properly or are receiving clean connections. You will also want to strum your guitar and adjust the levels of your effects pedals using the knobs or buttons provided. After completing this, you are now ready to choose the appropriate effect (if applicable) and play using your effects pedal

Package Included:

  • 1 x Guitar Effect Pedal