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OD-20 Drive Zone Overdrive Distortoin Guitar Effects Pedal


COSM modeling in the Boss OD-20 gives you the sound of 16 classic overdrive/distortion pedals plus 6 all-new tones, while deep-level controls let you shape your own sounds. Attack Shape and Heavy Octave knobs let you profoundly impact the effect. The...
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  • COSM Overdrive/Distortion Modeling pedal with 22 killer stompbox models including 6 all-new tones
  • Models classic and modern overdrive/distortion pedals like OD-1 and MT-2, plus many other vintage and boutique pedals
  • Attack Shape control adjusts overdrive's response dynamics to your playing
  • Using Attack Shape, guitarists can adjust the overdrive model's response to match their playing. So if you're really digging into the strings, the OD-20 will be right there with you
  • Heavy Octave parameter creates sounds one octave below notes played on the string, 4th fret and lower-great for heavy, single string riffs
  • 4 User memories for storing custom settings; also has Manual mode for realtime
  • Line output with Simulator; also works as headphone output
  • Control for switching channels from the OD-20
  • Power Source: DC9V 6 x Batteries
  • Size: 173 x 158 x 57mm/68.11 x 62.2 x 22.4in(W x D x H)


OD-20 Drive Zone Overdrive Distortoin Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Control for switching channels from the OD-20

OD-20 Drive Zone Overdrive Distortoin Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Easy to use and give you fun

How to Buy Guitar Effects Pedals:

  • Make your electric guitar sound better by buying some of the best guitar pedals of all time
  • Based on your budget and style of playing, decide whether you will buy individual effects pedals, or multi-effects pedals
  • Multi-effects pedals are more expensive, and used digital technology to provide a wide variety of sounds in one unit. They cost between $150-$400. These are generally powered with power supplies.
  • Single effects pedals are individual effects that can be chained together with short length 1/4" audio cords. They are usually powered either with 9 volt batteries or power supplies. These pedals typically cost between $40-$120 dollars
  • The Pod Line series is the most commonly purchased multi-effects pedal. There are many other types of multi-effects pedals, some specialize in certain sound types, like digital delay or amp simulation
  • If you want to buy individual guitar pedals, start with a basic distortion pedal like the Boss DS-1 or the Big Muff. Then buy a basic delay pedal. Read online to find what pedals your favorite guitarists use and buy the same pedals or less expensive versions of the same effects. After a while you will create a pedal set that gives your guitar playing a distinctive sound
  • Most professional touring musicians buy Boss and Roland pedals. They have durable metal cases. If you plan to play live shows, make sure your pedals are durable enough to survive your performances
  • You can save money by purchasing generic power supplies for pedals powered by 9 volt batteries, especially if you play a lot

Package Included:

  • 1 x Guitar Effects Pedal
  • 1 x Power Source