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Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper


Do you want your baby to get enough protection when he or she has a haircut? Do you want your baby to have a hygienic haircut? Yes, of course you are! The baby has the tender skin which can get hurts easily if the barber doesn't pay attention to this...
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  • Blade Head Material: Titanium Gold
  • Overall Length: 18.5cm/7.3in
  • Blade Head Width: 4.0cm/1.6in
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 220V


  • This kind of electric hair clipper is comfortable to handle and easy to operate On/Off switch
  • This hair clipper is waterproof which you can use it safely
  • This electrical hair clipper is strong and powerful for you to cut your and your baby's hair effectively
  • The children electrical hair clipper is efficient and lightweight that it's convenient to you
  • With this electric hair clipper, you will have a more pleasant-looking face
  • The accessories can help you to achieve the look and detail of the hair style that you want
  • This hair trimmer is strong and powerful for you to cut your baby's hair effectively
  • There are two kinds of positioning combs which can cut the length of 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30mm


Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

  • There are two kinds of color that are both very bright and beautiful

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

  • This electrical hair clipper features ergonomic shape and comfortable touch grip makes clipper easy to hold

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

  • This kind of hair clipper is a good helper in cutting your baby's hair

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

  • This electrical hair clipper with titanium gold blade head can be used for a long time

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

  • It is very convenient and easy for you to use thsi hair clipper because of the unique design


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Take Care of Your Hair Clippers:

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

Hair clippers are used to trim hair on the head, around the ears and around the mouth. Using hair clippers can make it easy for anyone to give himself or a friend a haircut in his own home. Cutting your hair with hair clippers can save you money and time. You do need to take care of your hair clippers to ensure that they will be in proper working order when you go to use them


  • Wash the adjusters. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water to clean your snap=on adjusters. Snap-on adjusters are the clips that snap onto the clippers to allow you to adjust the length of the hair that you will cut. They can become grimy and dirty from use and should be periodically washed thoroughly. Submerge them in the hot, soapy water and use a cloth to scrub them well. Lay them out on a towel to dry
  • Clean out the clippers. Never submerge your clippers in water. This could cause electrocution. Instead, you will want to take your hair clipper brush and carefully clean out all of the hairs you see on or inside your clippers. Hair can clog up clippers and can make them not run as well as they should. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, carefully remove the blade casing and clean out the inside of your clippers thoroughly. After you have cleaned out all of the hair, you will be ready to lubricate your clippers
  • Spray lubricating oil very lightly onto the working mechanisms of the clippers, inside the blade area. Make sure that you do not spray too much oil onto the clippers; only a light spray should do it
  • Once your clippers are oiled, replace the blade cover and tightly screw the blade cover back onto the clippers. Place everything back into the clipper's storage case and it will be ready to use when you need to trim your hair

How to Fix Hair Clippers:

Gdhrw Rechargeable Soundless Waterproof Electric Baby's Hair Clipper

If you are trying to stretch your budget, it can be cheaper cutting your own hair at home than paying a professional barber or salon stylist to do the job every few weeks. Even quality electric or cordless hair clippers are relatively inexpensive and usually simple to fix. Common problems that can occur include clogged or damaged blades, a faulty cord or a battery that needs recharging. Most times when something goes wrong with hair clippers, it is an easy fix that you can do yourself


  • Make sure the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet (with appropriate voltage), if the clippers fail to operate. The on/off switch should be in the "on" position. If neither of these is the problem, examine the cord, including the plug, for signs of wear. Do not store the hair clipper with the power cord wrapped around the casing as this can damage the cord
  • Check the battery and recharge if it is on low. Always recharge cordless models fully before cutting hair. Most models reach full recharge within 1 hour
  • Clean between the blades after each use to avoid problems. This prevents dirt, oil, and hair clippings from building up and damaging the blades. Hair clipper products come with detachable blades and a blade cleaning brush. A soft toothbrush will do the job nicely as well. You can also tap the clipper gently against the rim of the sink to remove loose hairs
  • Examine the blades, but first unplug the clippers from the power source. Remove any hair clogged between the blade teeth. See if you notice any rust on the blades. Wipe the blades clean with isopropyl alcohol using a soft cloth
  • Lubricate the blades according to the manufacturer's instructions, especially if the clippers work but sound noisy or fail to cut hair evenly and smoothly. The oil used to lubricate the parts of a sewing machine works well on hair clippers, but any light grade lubricating oil will do. Use about three drops
  • Take really dull blades to have them professionally sharpened by a blade sharpening service, especially if the hair clippers are an expensive brand. Some companies offer a mail order service to customers (see Resources). If the clipper set is a cheaper, lower quality model, it might be more economical simply to purchase a new set. Keep in mind that even an inexpensive set of clippers can cut hair for a long time
  • While the blades remove easily from the most hair clippers, on some models, one or two small screws hold the clipper head in place. Remove blades to clean and then snap the head back down on the clipper or tighten the screws in place. Most hair clipper blades stay sharp if kept clean and well maintained

Package Included:

  • 1 x Main Engine
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Comb
  • 2 x Positioning Comb
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x Specification