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Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set


Are you searching for professional hair clippers? Now, with this Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set, you could tell the whole world that you do have impeccable sense of hygiene. With this electric hair clipper, you will have a mo...
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  • Color: Silver
  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Charging Time: 8h
  • Power Source: 200-240V/50Hz
  • Rated Power: 3W 
  • Length: 17cm/6.6in


  • A detachable blade feature allows you to change the blades quickly and easily as you clip
  • Sharp cutting edge cuts hair effectively, by the way keeps your skin safe
  • This electric hair clipper does looks and behaves pretty professional
  • Professional but cheap hair clippers are perfect for all around cutting and tapering
  • Unbreakable, lightweight material housing for years of dependable service
  • This hairdo electric hair clipper is designed for continuous professional use
  • This electric hair clipper is strong and powerful for you to cut your hair effectively
  • Comfortable and soft design makes the best hair clippers  comfort to grip
  • Comfortable to handle, easy to operate On/Off switch
  • Invest in a professional grade hair clipper can easily save you money in the long run


Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

  • Beautiful appearance combines perfectly with the charging base, make the electric hair clipper more professional

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

  • Sharp and high quality cutter cuts your hair effectively, and makes your more handsome and cool

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

  • Comfortable design makes this professional electric hair clipper soft and easy to hold

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

  • Easy to use and operate this electric hair clipper, you will have a more pleasant-looking face

Size in Detail:

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

How to Use a Hair Clipper:

Dirqure Professional Electric Hairdo Hair Clipper Set

Using a hair clipper can save you money. But if you do not know what you are doing and do not know how to properly use one you will end up doing yourself more harm than good. There are a few things you can do beforehand to ensure safe use of a hair clipper and ensure getting the most out of your hair cutting experience. Make sure you take the precautionary steps before getting started to avoid any problems with the clipper and possibly with your hair.

  • Clean the blades of the clipper off before getting started. If there are any stray hairs that are still in the clipper it could interfere with the use of the clippers. Use a small brush to brush off any hair or debris that may be on the cutting blade
  • Add some clipper oil to the clipper blade. Turn on the blade and let it run for a few seconds so that the oil is able to get into all of the cracks and crevices of the blade. This will help to maintain the performance of the clipper and will help cut down on damage to the blade. Taking the proper care of your clippers is essential if you hope to get the most out of your clippers
  • Decide on how much hair you want to cut off. Most hair clippers come with spacers for you to use. The spacers help you to keep an even distance from the blade and your head. For example if you use a one inch spacer, all you have to do is run the clipper over your hair with the spacer attached. Once you are done your entire head of hair will have one inch of hair. This is especially useful if all you want to do is give yourself a quick trim. Once you have decided on the length you can start to cut your hair
  • Ask someone to cut your hair or do it yourself. If you ask someone else to do it, it will be a lot faster than if you were to do it. Utilize a comb when cutting your hair with clippers. If you are not using the spacer and cutting all of your hair the same length then use a comb. The comb will help you to straighten and pull the hair out to see just how long it is. It will also provide a guard between your head and the clippers when you start to cut. Cut across the length of the comb to cut the hair. You can also comb the hair that was just cut to see if you missed any long pieces
  • Clean up the areas around your ears, your neck and back with the clipper set on the closest setting. This will help to give you that fresh and clean look. After you are done you can also put some baby powder or lotion on your neck to help deter razor burn. You can also add more oil to the blades once you are done to keep the blades in good condition

How to Care for Clippers:

  • Brush and wash guide combs after each use. To keep guide combs clean, remove them, brush hair out with your clipper brush and then clean the guide combs with hot, soapy water. The website warns users not to submerge the actual clippers in water because it is dangerous and can damage your clippers
  • Lubricate your clippers with clipper oil or lubricant on a regular basis, depending on how often you use them. If you use them daily, a weekly lubrication will do; for clippers that are used less often, a monthly lubrication will work. The website suggests spraying a small amount of oil over all the working parts of the clipper
  • Remove the cutting casing and clean out debris. Hair can get caught under the casing and build up after every few haircuts. Remove the casing with a screwdriver and then wipe out the debris with a soft cloth. Replace the casing and screw it back in place with the screwdriver

How to Choose the Best Professional Hair Clipper:

  • Why might having an electric hair clipper for home use be just as an important item in your bathroom as a toothbrush? To put it simply it will determine how you hair looks every day and since most of us want to look smart, it's important to have the best hair trimmer that meets your needs
  • You might ask yourself why not just go to the barber's to get a haircut? Lets put it this way, it just does not make any sence spending more than $20 every few weeks on the barber shop when you can have your own clipper. It's easy to use and convenient because you can cut your hair where and whenever you want and don't need to make an appointment with the barber and in the long run it will save you serious money
  • Another great benefit is that the best brands, such as Wahl or Oster hair trimmers, come with combs in various sizes so you can get creative and try different haircuts, not only for yourself but also for your kids, family or even friends
  • Many (professional) electric hair clippers for home use have a powerful motor with a long lifespan so it's a good investment. Furthermore, they are easy to use and easy to clean. The professional once for use in a shop often come with power cord and the trimmers for home use usually are cordless of have a cord but can also be used without the cord for a limited amount of time
  • To find out what's the best men hair clipper for you before buying one is to compare different brands by reading other peoples reviews on electric hair trimmers for home use. Think about what features are important for you and compare the top rated hair clippers

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hair Clipper
  • 5 x Styling Combs
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Charger Base
  • 1 x User Manual