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Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper


For both children and their parents, getting a haircut can be a very stressful experience, both at a hair dresser and at home. The baby hair clipper is designed to make the children feel at ease, while giving maximum control to the mother. ...
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  • Strong, safe and durable body to this professional hair clipper
  • Inner strong electromagenetic vibrating motor
  • Low noise and long life blade to this baby hair clipper
  • This waterproof hair clipper is suitable for professional hairdressing and house hold
  • Convenient adjustable blade allows you to quickly change the length of cut from very close to medium length
  • Provides fast and accurate cutting
  • Easy maintenance of this one to save you time
  • Kid friendly designed baby hair clipper tips. Rounded tips protect skin and ensure a comfortable cutting experience
  • 13 mode limit adjustment (3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 mm)
  • Size: 3-6mm/0.1-0.2in(L); 9-12mm/3.5-4.7in(L); 24-40mm/9.4-15.7in(L)(Guide Comb)
  • Adjustable Double Head Comb Material: 4-20mm/0.2-0.8
  • Clipper Head Material: Ceramics
  • Charge Time: 10hours
  • Use Time: 60 minutes
  • Color: Blue & White


Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper

  • Kid friendly designed baby hair clipper tips. Rounded tips protect skin and ensure a comfortable cutting experience

Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper

  • Convenient adjustable blade allows you to quickly change the length of cut from very close to medium length

Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper

  • High power clipper kit
  • Easy maintenance to save you time. Self sharpening blades need no oil or other care

Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper

Bearte PAITER Baby Professional Waterproof Hair Clipper

About Hair Clippers:

From boys' buzz cuts to fancy dog dos, hair clippers are used to give fast and close haircuts. Although years ago manual hair clippers used to be popular, electric hair clippers have virtually replaced them today. And since they're pretty easy to use, everyone from dog owners to parents, and those who want to save money, use electric hair clippers to give themselves, their family and their pets haircuts at home.


  • Although electric clippers are more widely used, manual clippers are sometimes used by barbers who have been cutting hair for decades. Manual clippers use hand power to cut hair while electric clippers have motors or vibrating mechanisms. There are two main categories of electric clippers: professional grade and amateur grade. Professional grade clippers are used by beauticians and hair stylists and can be purchased through professional beauty suppliers. They are more expensive, have more power and are designed to withstand more use than amateur clippers. Professional grade clippers also give the user the option of interchanging blades while amateur clippers generally come with one blade permanently attached. There are also professional and amateur electric clippers designed for pet grooming. Using clippers designed for human hair on pets can cause the clippers to overheat and the hair to become mangled in the blades because they aren't designed to cut through long pet hair.


  • Clippers allow a stylist or groomer to achieve a short cut that is uniform in length. Performing the same cut with scissors would be very time consuming and difficult to get even. Clippers also allow a lot of hair to be taken off at once, which can be important when grooming a dog that is hard to keep still. Clippers can be used as a replacement for a razor to shape and shave hair around the ears.


  • Clippers provide for fast and close grooming. Clippers allow hair to be trimmed down, leaving only 1/8 inch of hair or less on the skin. A buzz cut, or traditional military cut where hair is left very short, takes only a few minutes to achieve. Clippers can also be used to shave an area bald, like on the nape of the neck, which can give a haircut a polished and finished look. Some clippers even come with attachments that allow men to trim their nose hair or shave their faces. Most come with attachments that allow you to choose how short you want to cut the hair.


  • Having your own clippers can allow you to give yourself or your friends and family members a professional-looking haircut. For men who like to keep their hair really short, it can be convenient and cost effective to cut your hair at home. Boys who protest about going to the hairstylist or barber may be more cooperative if Mom or Dad cuts their hair at home. You can save money by cutting your own hair, too. You can purchase a pair of amateur clippers for under $40, so after the third or fourth haircut, you'll begin saving money.


  • You'll need to know what size clipper attachment to use to get the length of cut that you desire. The shorter the clipper attachment, the shorter the haircut. Clipper attachments come numbered, and each number represents a hair length in inches. If you use a No. 4, for example, you'll be cutting the hair to 1/2 inch (See Resources).

How to Take Care of Your Hair Clippers?

Hair clippers are used to trim hair on the head, around the ears and around the mouth. Using hair clippers can make it easy for anyone to give himself or a friend a haircut in his own home. Cutting your hair with hair clippers can save you money and time. You do need to take care of your hair clippers to ensure that they will be in proper working order when you go to use them

  • Wash the adjusters. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water to clean your snap=on adjusters. Snap-on adjusters are the clips that snap onto the clippers to allow you to adjust the length of the hair that you will cut. They can become grimy and dirty from use and should be periodically washed thoroughly. Submerge them in the hot, soapy water and use a cloth to scrub them well. Lay them out on a towel to dry.
  • Clean out the clippers. Never submerge your clippers in water. This could cause electrocution. Instead, you will want to take your hair clipper brush and carefully clean out all of the hairs you see on or inside your clippers. Hair can clog up clippers and can make them not run as well as they should. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, carefully remove the blade casing and clean out the inside of your clippers thoroughly. After your have cleaned out all of the hair, you will be ready to lubricate your clippers.
  • Spray lubricating oil very lightly onto the working mechanisms of the clippers, inside the blade area. Make sure that you do not spray too much oil onto the clippers, only a light spray should do it.
  • Once your clippers are oiled, replace the blade cover and tightly screw the blade cover back onto the clippers. Place everything back into the clipper's storage case and it will be ready to use when you need to trim your hair.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hair Clipper
  • 1 x Bottle of Blade Oil
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Charging Block
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 3 x Guide Combs
  • 1 x Double Head Comb
  • 1 x Barber Clothing
  • 1 x Brush