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Joewell Profession 6" Stainless Styling Hair Flat Scissor


You are viewing a pair of JOEWELL profession steel styling hair flat scissors. This will be your best choice!This pair of hair scissors is designed with flat tips for safety made of high quality steel, durable for long time use. This pair of steel sc...
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  • Flat tips for safety  
  • This pair of stainless scissors is the product of an evolutionary process that is special in the world of hair cutting shears
  • This pair of hair scissors are designed with extraordinary teeth design 
  • The professional hair scissors create unstructured looks and layers with it's unique & innovative serration
  • The tension screw system provides easy adjustment to the steel scissors for different hair types
  • Light weight and easy use
  • Compact and portable to take anywhere
  • The hair shears can cut hair smoothly and evenly without causing any distress to the hands and fingers
  • Length: 15.24cm/6in
  • Material: Steel


Joewell Profession 6

  • This pair of scissors is designed with flat and sharp tips for safe and convenient use

Joewell Profession 6

  • Tension screw system provides easy adjustment to the steel scissors for different hair types

Joewell Profession 6

  • This pair of hair scissors creates unstructured looks and layers with its unique & innovative serration

Joewell Profession 6

  • This pair of hair scissors can cut hair smoothly and evenly without causing any distress  

Joewell Profession 6

  • Light weight and easy use, the portable steel hair scissors can be taken anywhere you want

Kinds of Scissors for Cutting Hair:

Joewell Profession 6

There are many different kinds of scissors and shears that can be used for cutting or trimming hair. They may be purchased individually or sometimes in sets. Regardless of the kind of scissors you buy, it is important to choose quality blades and to make sure that your choice fits nicely in your hand. A poor fit can result in cramps from trying to turn your wrist into awkward angles in order to follow the scalp and hair style

Cutting Hair at HomeThinning Scissors

  • Thinning shears, or scissors, are commonly used to thin out hair rather than cut it completely. By using two jagged blades, they can remove small amounts of hair without altering style. Rather than cutting the hair completely, they simply thin it
  • While they look similar to a standard pair of scissors, the blades actually look more like combs. The hair that falls between the teeth of these comb-shaped blades is what is cut, leaving the rest of the hair untouched. The more teeth thinning scissors have, the less hair they cut

Facial & Mustache Scissors

  • While the trimming of facial and mustache hair can be done with a normal pair of barber scissors, it is often difficult to fit the longer pairs around the face gently. Generally speaking, most barber scissors come in lengths starting at 5 inches, and most mustache scissors come in sizes around 4 inches
  • Mustache and facial scissors are best for getting up very close to the skin and in hard-to-reach places. Some people prefer to use them for side burns as well

Scissor Cutting Kits

  • Kits often contain a large selection of different scissors and shears, making them a great choice for the beginning barber or home hair cutting. Sometimes it is necessary to purchase entire kits to get just one pair of scissors that would otherwise be nearly impossible to find in stores or online for sale individually

Styling Shears & Scissors

  • These scissors see the most use in a barber shop or salon. They are available in various sizes, allowing them to be used for major styling and detailed touch-ups
  • Styling scissors are commonly available with a specialized surface to cause a texture effect as you cut. This greatly reduces the time needed when creating detailed styles or when simply looking for some texture

Swivel Handle Shears & Scissors

  • These scissors and shears feature swivel handles that allow the user's thumb to be able to swivel while still in the thumb rest. This allows much greater ease in following the scalp and making small changes to a particular hair style without having to change the grip on the scissors or walk around the person
  • These are usually selected based upon personal preferences and the materials of which they are made

How to Fix Hair Scissors?

Joewell Profession 6

Beautician scissors can be very costly, and they unfortunately can be ruined easily. When cutting wet hair, the moisture from the hair can stay on the scissors if they are not properly dried. After some time, this will cause the scissors' blades to rust and dull. Dull scissors, in return, will not be able to cut hair well: it can leave the hair jagged and frayed. Instead of spending lots of money on new scissors, clean them properly and get them sharpened when they've started to weaken

  • Open the scissors blades as if ready to cut a piece of paper
  • Hold the sharpening stone in your non-dominant hand and place one of the blades against the stone
  • Move the blade forward and diagonally against the stone. Do this carefully and in one motion (do not run the blade back-and-forth)
  • Always work scissors from the point to the pivot
  • Place the second blade onto the stone and repeat steps 2-4
  • Open and close the scissors quickly as if cutting something. This rapid motion will remove any stone shavings that may have gotten trapped within the pivot of the blade
  • Clean the blades with a damp paper towel. Always thoroughly dry the blades immediately after wiping them down to avoid rusting
  • Test the sharpness of blades. You can do this by cutting a piece of paper like normal. If the paper is cut cleanly and without jagged lines, the scissors are sharpened, If not, they need to be redone

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Hair Scissors