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Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit


Do you want to be your own hair stylist? Do you hate twice a month to go hair salon? If your answer is "YES", you get to the right place here.These professional hair scissors will trim your bangs and to cut your split ends of...
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  • Smooth cutting action
  • Extra sharp long-lasting cutting edges
  • Steel handle with large finger loops for comfort
  • Designed for smooth snag free cutting and thinning
  • Perfect for trimming bangs that are a bit too long, or for sniping random split ends with precision
  • Thinning hair scissors are for precision hair cutting
  • Hair cutting scissors are great for hair stylists and barbers
  • Material: Stainless Steel


Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • At home touch-ups between trips to your stylist can be tricky unless you have the right tools

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • Professional hair scissors are designed for smooth snag free cutting and thinning

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • High performance hair cutting scissors suit is made of stainless steel for styling hair and home use

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • Clear molded handles are lightweight and give a comfortable grip, ergonomically designed for ease of operate

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • An incredibly easy-going and enjoyable thumb hole fits every hand practically

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

  • These professional hair cutting scissors are packed in an elegant and decent box

How to Hold Hair-Cutting Scissors?

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

To give a proper haircut, you need to purchase scissors that are made specifically for working on human hair. These scissors are different than everyday scissors in several ways. A person who is using hair-cutting scissors must hold those scissors in the correct way. Holding these shears incorrectly increases the chances that you will make a mistake during the haircut. Holding hair-cutting scissors correctly is a skill, and it does take some time to get used doing so the right way

  • Hold the closed shears in your weaker hand, in the middle of the blades
  • Place the ring finger of your strong hand into the top hole and rest your pinkie finger on the pinkie rest that is found on the outside that hole. Your ring finger should enter the hole so that the ring goes around the finger about 1/4 inch below the bottom of the fingernail
  • Put your thumb into the bottom hole so that the top of your thumb makes contact with the top-inside portion of the hole. The ring should go around your thumb about 1/4 inch below the bottom of the thumbnail
  • Put your index and middle finger together, then rest those fingers just below where you put your ring finger. Depending on the shears, there may even be a slight groove in the shears. This is where your fingers are meant to rest
  • Place the index and middle fingers of your free hand below the blade so that the bottom blade rests on those two fingers. Move only your thumb to open and close the blades. This is the proper way to use hair-cutting scissors

Types of Hair Scissors:

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

You might notice that your hairstylist or barber uses different scissors to cut your hair. Each of these scissors performs differently to sculpt your haircut. Depending on your hair type and desired style, a stylist may use all or just some of the scissors in his arsenal

Thinning Shears

  • Thinning shears are also referred to as texturizing or chunking shears. The base of the shears is similar to that of any other scissors, with loops for the thumb and index finger. These scissors are made for either left-handed or right-handed stylists. The top of the scissors varies greatly, however. Instead of two long "shears," the top blade contains widely spaced teeth that remove only some of the hair with each cut to thin it without changing its style. These shears are used for sections of hair that tend to get thick in proportion to the rest of the head, such as the sides and back

Razor Shears

  • The razor shear is another texturizing tool. The base of the razor shear is one loop for the stylist's index finger. The top of the razor shear is a single blade; therefore, this shear doesn't make an actual cutting motion. The stylist holds the hair in one hand and uses the single blade in the other hand to make small texturized cuts. This gives hair a natural texture by varying its length

Regular Shears

  • Most haircuts are performed with a pair of regular shears. These shears resemble the scissors that we use at home, with holes for the index finger and thumb at one end and two blades that meet when a cut is made. Styles of shear vary; most are 4.5 to 6.5 inches long. Size and shape are selected for the stylist's comfort: Some shears have a curved bottom that allows a more natural hand position

Types of Thinning Shears:

Joewell Stainless Thinning Styling Hair Shears Suit

Thinning shears are a type of scissors used by hairstylists to thin out coarse, thick, or curly hair without affecting the hair's style. Some thinning shears have two jagged blades that look like combs, while others consist of one regular scissor-blade and one comb-blade. They work by allowing some of the hair to be cut shorter than the rest as the hair rests between the gaps in the combs. Hairstylists use different types of thinning shears to achieve different results

Chunking Shears

  • Thinning shears with a 15 to 20 teeth that are widely spaced on the comb blade are called chunking shears and are ideal for removing bulk in very thick or naturally curly hair. They can also be used to add texture to the hair. These shears are sometimes labeled for the percentage of hair they remove. Chunking shears can remove up to 50 percent of hair. The rule of thumb is that fewer teeth on the comb blade equals more hair the thinning shears will remove

Double-row Shears

  • For removing less hair, or for thinning hair that is not curly or coarse, shears with double combs of 30 to 35 teeth are ideal. The teeth on these shears are spaced much more closely together. The label on double-row thinning shears generally states that they remove 15 percent of hair

Revolving and Left-handed Thinning Shears

  • A newer innovation in thinning shears is the revolving shear, which has a double-swivel thumb ring that moves as the stylist thins the hair. This ergonomically designed shear can help ease wrist discomfort that results from the repetitive motion of the thinning process. There are also thinning shears and revolving shears made for left-handed stylists

Package Included:

  • 1 x Scissors suit