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Bertor Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener


Discover miraculous new looks with the high quality and professional Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener.This flat iron curling hair straightener creates the tightest, curliest, shiniest spirals and tendrils hair style. Its uni...
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  • Curling hair straightener creates sensual waves and luscious curls, eliminates static
  • Curling hair straightener features a balanced, anti-slip design, this flat iron hair straightener is so comfortable
  • Curling hair straightener is ideal for all hair types, curling
  • Display features ready indicator light with the best hair straightener
  • Plug-in electric powered design
  • Professional spring iron creates large, loose curls in all hair lengths
  • Fast heat up, solid state circuitry, ON/OFF switch
  • Multi-functional tool for curling or straightening your hair
  • Ceramic straightener provides you soft waves and straight styles
  • 5 level temperature control
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Color: Grey
  • Length: 29.5cm/11.6in
  • Hair Curler Panel: 11.0 x 2.6cm/4.3 x 1.0in(L x W)


Bertor Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Gray color flat iron hair straightener. Curling hair straightener creates sensual waves and luscious curls, eliminates static

Bertor Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • High quality flat iron hair straightener. Display features ready indicator light with the best hair straightener

Bertor Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Change your hair style with this flat iron hair straightener. Professional spring iron creates large, loose curls in all hair lengths

How to Use a Hair Straightener Effectively:

  • Wash hair. I like to use a shampoo and conditioner that helps 'smooth' hair. That's usually the words you want to look for on the bottles. I really like Pantene Pro-V Smooth Vitality
  • Completely dry hair, using a hair dryer attachment that helps to smooth the hair and blow it in the same direction.
  • Don't flip your hair over to dry. Don't just dry your hair all willy-nilly. This will make your hair frizzy and harder to straighten your hair
  • Turn on straightener to the hottest setting. They usually take very little time to heat up.
  • Once hair is dry, take an elastic hair band to start sectioning off hair. You only need one hair band for this.
  • You will first want to start at the hair at the base of your head, near your neck..the underside. So, leave that down. Put all the rest of your hair up in the elastic hair band on the top of your hear to get it out of the way
  • (Think of dividing all your hair into thirds. So, this underside that you've kept down is 1/3 of all your hair)
  • Take 1/3 of this hair in your hand and brush out, getting rid of tangles. Don't let go of this section of hair. Hold onto this to get ready to straighten.
  • Using hair straightener, start at base of hair you just brushed, getting as close as you can to scalp without burning it
  • SLOWLY drag straightener down the length of hair, focusing on the ends
  • If you go to fast down the hair (like the speed of how you normally brush your hair), you are going way too fast.
  • I like to go over the hair twice with my straightener. I like the results I get doing it more than once
  • Take another section of this part of hair and repeat step 4. Remember to first brush this section of hair before your start to straighten
  • Finish with the last 1/3 part of the sectioned hair. Now, the whole base/back of your neck should be straight
  • With the hair that was thrown up in the elastic band, divide up this hair into halves, leaving the hair at the front, near your forehead the last part to do...throw this past part up in the elastic bad to get out of the way.
  • So, now, you should be working on the 'middle part of hair'
  • Repeat step 4
  • The last part to straighten is what's tied up in the elastic band.
  • Let this down. Brush out. Part in half, or do a side part...however you style your hair usually.
  • Repeat step 4
  • Once all hair is straightened, if you wish, you can now put on a finishing crème to the ends of your hair.
  • I like all Frizz-Ease products. They are an inexpensive and wonderful for frizzy hair. Sephora also sells great products
  • Don't put finishing cream/pomade/gloss at the roots of your hair. This will weigh hair down and look dirty and greasy. Just keep it closer to the bottom of your hair.
  • Comb out hair again or run fingers through

How to Use a Hair Straightener:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo then apply a hair conditioner to the hair. After washing, use a blow dryer or if you prefer, you can air dry it. To somewhat get rid of the waves or curls in your hair, brush at the same time while using the blow dryer
  • If your hair is medium to long, put your hair into four sections and use hair clips to keep the strands in place so it doesn't get in the way when you are straightening one part of your hair. While you are getting prepare to straighten your hair, turn on the hair straightener so it can get hot by the time you start to use it
  • Use a heat protectant spray and make sure it is light-weight and not too heavy on your hair. Lightly spray it on the hair before using the straightener but don't use too much or else your hair can get a bit wet from the spray. It is best to use these thermal products (especially for people who style it everyday) as it protects your hair from damage and the extreme heat from the straightener
  • Take out the clip in the hair and straighten the hair from the roots all the way to the tip of it. Do it again with the rest of your hair until it is completely straighten and curl free. Repeat the process if you still some curls or waves in the hair
  • After you're finished, comb the straightened hair thoroughly and begin to style it whatever way you wish

Package Included:

  • 1 x Curling Flat Iron Tool Ceramic Hair Straightener