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Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener


Do you want to a high quality Hair Straightening Iron? Do you want to have a good workmanship Hair Straightening Iron with little money? You should pay attention here.With latest technology plastic cover and inlay rhinestone, this Hair Straightening ...
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  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Green
  • Power Rate: 45W
  • Size: 17.5 x 2cm/6.9 x 0.8in(L x W)
  • Wire Length: 170cm/66.9in


  • With shiny rhinestone decoration, this Hair Straightening Iron looks lovely
  • Mini size Hair Straightening Iron is conveniently carry to any where
  • Made of high quality ceramic material, this hair Straightening Iron is durable and can be used for a long time
  • This Ceramic Straightening Iron can be used at home and service you
  • This Hair Straightening Iron be a great gift for your friends which will bring you much charming
  • With this Best Straightening Iron, you hair will looks more beautiful
  • Special coating of this Straightening Iron can not hurt your hair
  • Best choice for the middle and short hair young girls


 Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • The long power line make this green color Straightening Iron use conveniently

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • With rhinestone decoration and exquisite structure, this Straightening Iron has good looks

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • This Straightening Iron is easy to use and can make your hairstyle perfectly

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • From the details, this Straightening Iron is good quality and durable

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • With this Straightening Iron, your will be more elegant and unique

About Straightening Irons

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • A straightening iron is a tool used to heat up the hair and make it appear to have a smooth and straightened appearance. Straighteners work by taking the hydrogen bonds that are found in the hair and when heat is applied the bonds become broken down therefore changing the shape of the hair follicle. After they are broken apart, the hair is not able to hold it's original form until it is dampened or wet down. Similar to a curling iron in which hair is wound around a sphere to form a curl, a straightening iron compresses hair flat, allowing for the heat to straighten the hair.
  • Features
  • Some of the features of a hair straightener are the long easy grip handle which keeps hands cool during the styling and straightening process. There are two large plates at the end in which the hair is placed in between and heat is applied to begin the straightening procedure. There are typically several heat settings on straighteners as well; from low heat settings which are around 100 degrees to high settings which vary around 350 degrees. Some straighteners offer both wet and dry settings which can straighten the hair while it is either wet or completely dry. Extra long cords make for convenient styling in front of mirrors or other locations that are not in close proximity to an electrical outlet.Some straighteners also include small combs which keep the hair manageable.
  • Types
  • Straightening irons originated with metal plates that were placed in between heat resistant plastic to develop the design of the iron. Ceramic plates have taken over in popularity due to their ability to produce a quick and more even and steady amount of heat throughout the hair. Ceramic irons tend to be more expensive than metal straightening irons but have also been prooven to have a longer life than the original metal irons as well. Straightening irons can have small slim plates and can be found at most mass merchandise stores. Professional high grade ceramic irons can be purchased wholesale through beauty supply companies or found in fine salons around the world.
  • Time Frame
  • A basic straightening iron takes around fifteen minutes to reach a high heat level, where as a high grade ceramic iron can take five minutes to reach its highest temperature. Once the straightener is applied to the hair from top to bottom, it should take only a few seconds for the hair to straighten from curly or frizzy to smooth. To complete a whole head of hair efficiently, the hair should be divided into layers with hair clips and straightened in this method. This can be time consuming but will allow for faster straightening time once the iron has been applied.
  • Effects
  • The effects of using a straightening iron would be that the iron transforms the hair into having a neat and manageable appearance, this allows for easier styling in some cases. When one is dealing with naturally curly hair, a straightening iron can allow a transformation of a look from curly and kinky to straight and sleek. Straightening irons also work well on wavy or semi straight hair by working out all of the bumps and waves that may be present. Another sought after effect created from a straightening iron would be to straighten the hair and then add large sleek waves and curls contradicting what the iron is originally used for, yet able to create a vibrant look sought after for classic up-do hairstyles as well as hair that is pulled back into a ponytail.
  • Warning
  • Straightening irons can damage hair severely especially if used repeatedly on a daily basis. They can not only cause split ends and weaken the hair shaft, they can also cause extreme breakage and even hair loss. Only irons that are designed to work with wet or damp hair should be used if ironing the hair when it has a lot of moisture in it-- failure to do so could result in burning and damaging the hair. Straightening irons also affect color in some people and can cause color to fade or become blotchy. Most straightening irons come with an automatic shut off in case if they are accidentally left on but one should not use this as a safety measure, if an iron comes in contact with a flammable source or something that could catch on fire such as paper or fabric, flames could spread quickly causing great danger to the surrounding area,
  • therefore a straightening iron should never be left unattended and should always be shut off after use.

How to Use Hair Straightener Irons

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Using a hair straightening iron can make your hair shiny and straight in no time flat. You can achieve this look without having to pay salon costs by following a few simple steps.
  • Apply a styling gel or cream to your hair. You can work on hair that is not prepared with gels or creams but this will help in achieving the look you want and make your hair easier to work with.
  • Part your hair into approximately five sections or more and blow-dry each strand. If your hair is dry, proceed to the next step. Some flat irons can be used on wet hair as well. Read the instructions and use accordingly if you have this type of straightening iron.
  • Take a section of hair, usually one to two inches wide and place your flat iron onto the hair, clamping down as close to the scalp as you possibly can without burning yourself. Slowly pull the flat iron down the length of your hair, straightening it as you go. Don't leave the flat iron on your hair strands too long, just long enough to slide it down.
  • You can find anti-frizz and hair shine products to rub onto your hair for that extra silky look as well. This will keep the hair in place and keep frizziness to a minimum.
  • Once you're done straightening, be careful of over-brushing your hair because this can cause strands to flyaway or frizz. Using your fingers to brush through your hair can be just as effective and less likely to frizz your hair.

How to Straighten Hair With a Straightening Iron

Mini Electric Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • You may be one of those people who prefer straight hair, but wrestle with curls. Nowadays, you may straighten your hair with a straightening iron quite easily. Straightening irons come in a wide price range. You may find an inexpensive one at your local pharmacy.
  • Decide which kind of straightening iron is best for your particular hair type. Straightening irons (or flat irons) come with ceramic plates or metal plates. Most experts say that ceramic plates are better. Ceramic plates cause the least amount of heat damage to your hair over time.
  • Choose a straightening iron capable of reaching high temperatures (above 200 degrees) if your hair is coarse, thick or long and thick. Higher temperatures work best for these hair-types. Wider plates on your straightening iron are best also. Use a flat iron with plates 1 ½ to 3 inches. For normal hair, a fairly thin straightening iron with 1-to-2-inch plates is fine. And for fine hair, 1-to1 ½-inch plates work well. Get a straightening iron that allows you to turn temperature down to prevent damage to fine hair.
  • Blow dry your hair first before you straighten hair with a straightening iron. Spray a heat protective spray on your hair before you begin. Clip your hair off into sections to make it easier to work with.
  • Begin at the root of your hair. Put the hair section between the straightening iron plates and clamp down firmly. Pull the flat iron straight down the piece of hair with a smooth, even motion.
  • Continue with each section when you straighten hair with a straightening iron until all hair sections are done. Finish off by putting serum gloss on your hair. This helps hair stay straight longer.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Straightening Iron