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Thrange Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume


Ready to wade across the pond this Halloween? In search of a cute costume to complete your amphibious look? Then this toddler frog costume is just what you're looking for!This little frog is ready to hop to the adventure this Halloween. Toddler ...
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  • This stylish kids frog costume will make your kids stand out at any party
  • The exquisite workmanship and high quality material make this kids frog costume used for a long time 
  • Toddler frog costume will have your kid hopping with joy
  • This kind of kids frog costume is made of high quality material, durable and comfortable to wear
  • Bright color for an eye-catching visual effect  
  • Frog style adds loveliness and beauty to the toddler halloween costume
  • This high quality kids frog costume surely is a good gift for your children
  • Color: Green & Yellow
  • Length(Not Include Cap): 105cm/41.3in; 125cm/49.2in(Optional)


Thrange  Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume

  • Bright color for an eye-catching visual effect of the suit. This stylish kids frog costume will make your kids stand out at any party

Thrange  Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume

  • Frog style adds loveliness and beauty to the toddler halloween costume. Toddler frog costume will have your kid hopping with joy

Thrange  Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume

  • The bottom details of the toddler frog costume. And this kind of kids frog costume is made of high quality material

Thrange  Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume

Ideas for a Frog Costume:

Creating a frog costume requires specific items of clothing to use as a foundation for the costume. Using innovative ideas, frog costumes can range from basic construction to intricate works of art. A few ideas for a frog costume include tree frogs, a frog prince and Kermit the frog. Make frog costumes for any age group at any budget

Thrange  Little Plush Frog Kids Toddler Halloween Costume

Basic Frog Costume For Baby

  • Creating a frog costume for an infant requires a green hoodie to keep the baby warm while the hood can be used as the frog's face. Use green sweat pants to recreate the look of a frog's legs and green mittens for webbed hands to complete the costume. Glue google eyes onto the hood for an adorable froggy face. Enhance the costume with yellow or white felt glued to the front of the hoodie

Basic Children's Frog Costume

  • Using a green sweatshirt and sweatpants as the foundation of the costume; use a green baseball hat to make the frog's head. Cut two circles out of cardboard and glue google eyes on them. Glue the eyes onto the cap and use red felt to make the tongue. Cut red felt out in the shape of a tongue and glue it to the underside of the cap. Webbed hands and feet can be made out of cardboard, then tied with string around the child's ankles and wrists. To add extra flair to the webbed hands and feet, glue green glitter to the cardboard, or paint the cardboard green. Another idea for a frog costume is to purchase rubber insects and glue them on the tongue or sweatshirt

Tree Frog Costume

  • Tree frogs are brightly colored with orange arms and legs. Instead of using a basic green sweat suit as the foundation, choose a bright orange, yellow or blue sweats. The eyes of a tree frog are bright red or orange with a long black slit as the pupil. Instead of using google eyes, paint cut out circles of cardboard red with black slits. Use fabric paint to create black spots or stripes on the sweat shirt and pants

Frog Prince Costume

  • Make a frog prince costume using the basic children's costume as a foundation. Using yellow construction paper, cut out the shape of the crown and fasten it together using tape or glue. The crown can be decorated with markers, sequins, or glitter. Have the child wear the crown on top of the hoodie or baseball cap. This costume can become more detailed by making a belt with a sword out of construction paper, or purchasing toy swords and armor

Kermit the Frog Costume

  • Kermit the Frog is known for the zig-zagged collar around his neck. Using the basic frog costume as a foundation, the collar can be added for detail. To create the collar, use light green felt. Measure the neck and cut a wide band out of the felt the same length as the neck. Fasten the collar with Velcro, and cut a zig-zag pattern out of the felt the same length as the collar. Attach the zig-zag piece to the collar using double sided tape. Wear the collar around the neck to resemble Kermit the Frog

How to Pick a Toddler's Halloween Costume:

  • Consider their comfort. A toddler will become cranky if they are not comfortable while sporting their costume. You may think the Batman costume looks adorable, but they may not like the way that it feels
  • Buy a baggy style costume. A roomy costume will be ideal for their comfort as well as being easy to take on and off
  • Choose a character costume. Your toddler is bound to get excited about dressing up like their favorite cartoon personality
  • Pick a costume that suits their personality. If your toddler can be a little devil from time to time, dress him up in a red devil outfit
  • Purchase a costume that is warm. Your toddler's costume should be insulated enough to keep them warm while outside. Dog, penguin and dragon costumes usually keep their wearers cozy

How to Buy Toddler Costumes for Halloween:

  • Consider the materials. When you buy a toddler Halloween costume, make sure that the fabric is smooth to the skin. Scratchy materials found on Scarecrow and other Wizard of Oz toddler costumes can irritate your child's skin. Select light-colored or iridescent costumes that can be seen clearly at night
  • Check for the right fit. The best toddler costumes for Halloween make room for the rambunctious toddler and the sleeping beauty. Ensure that your toddler has wiggle room to run and play with friends or sleep soundly on Mommy's lap after the Halloween party is over
  • Pick a costume based on your child's favorite cartoon or book character. Halloween toddler costumes portraying pirates, Scooby doo, little red riding hood and Disney characters are always best sellers. Peruse the internet for the best toddler costumes for Halloween to buy a trendy and popular Halloween costume for your child
  • Buy a toddler costume for Halloween suited for indoors and outdoors. As you walk through your neighborhood, consider the weather conditions. Choose a costume that has layers. When your toddler moves in and out of friend's homes and the cool fall night, add scarves, hats and mittens to keep the night air away from your son or daughter

Package Included:

  • 1 x Kids Costume