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Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask


Do you want interesting Halloween accessories for you or your children? Here the Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask can satisfy you.Obscuring your identity has been a cultural event since at least the 18th Century. Add this Hallowe...
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  • A special clown mask for masquerade, Mardi Gras, Halloween, prom, wedding, and costume party
  • You will be the focus in the masquerade with this assorted style Halloween mask
  • Freaky face Halloween mask transforms your look
  • Lavish decoration, intricate details and striking color are simply stunning
  • Halloween mask is very comfortable to wear & holds its shape perfectly, even hanging on the wall
  • This costume mask is ideal for bar, costume party and Halloween Day


Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

  • Funny and interesting clown mask. The clown mask has colorful fur, exaggerated nose, tooth and mouth

Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

  • Black elastic band which can adjust according to the size of your head maintains mask on your face

Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

  • Halloween mask is very comfortable to wear & holds its shape perfectly, even hanging on the wall

Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

  • Colorful and shiny fur details. They are soft which add beauty and elegance for the Halloween mask

Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

  • You can know the size of the Halloween mask from comparing with the coin. It is light and mini size

The Halloween:

Stylish Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Clown Mask

How to Make a Homemade Halloween Mask:

  • Tear several whole pages of newspaper into 1-inch wide strips. Set the strips aside
  • Mix flour and half the amount of water in a large bowl. While mixing, add a small amount of water at a time until the flour mixture is the consistency of runny glue
  • Blow up the balloon with enough air so the balloon size is a little bit bigger than the head of the person who is going to wear the mask. Tie off the balloon. Dip one strip of newspaper into the flour mixture, and hold one end with one hand. With the other hand, lightly pinch the paper with your index finger, and slide down the paper strip removing the excess flour mixture. Lay the strip halfway across the balloon. Repeat this process, adding one strip at a time until you have covered half of the balloon. Overlap the edges of the paper strips, making a solid form. Three to four layers of paper strips will be enough for a strong mask
  • Build up some short strips in the center until a pointed long shape forms for the nose if you want a witch mask. Build up a wide, long shape poking upward for a wolf man mask. Let the newspaper strips on the balloon dry for a day or until dry and very firm
  • Pop the balloon and remove it from the hardened newspaper strips. Draw a dot on each side of the mask where the eyes should go with a marker. Cut out eye openings around the marked dots using a sheet rock ripper
  • Paint the whole front side of the mask green for a witch mask. Paint a black mouth shape under the pointed nose. Paint some black wavy lines under the eye sockets to create wrinkles. To make the wolf man mask, paint the whole mask brown. Under the wide snout area, paint a repeated pattern of triangles to represent teeth. Paint some light black repeated strokes all over the mask for hair
  • Spray a coating of clear spray paint over the back of the mask and let it dry. Spray a second coat across the back and let it dry
  • Flip the mask over, and spray a coat of clear spray paint over the front of the mask. Let the paint dry, and spray a second coat of clear paint over the front. Let it dry
  • Make two holes on each side of the mask half way down using the sheet rock ripper. Feed one end of elastic string through one of the holes, and tie it in a knot. Feed the other end of the sting in the other hole, and tie a knot on the other side

How to Throw a Halloween Party for Kids:

  • Send out invitations, inviting all children to come in costume. Put both a starting and ending time on the invitation
  • Decorate with orange and black crepe paper streamers, balloons, jack-o'-lanterns and fun Halloween novelties
  • Play games. Make your own "pin the witch on the broom" game, bob for apples, play musical chairs using Halloween music, or bowl with a pumpkin and try to knock down apples set up like bowling pins. Give Halloween novelty prizes to the winners
  • Serve festive Halloween drinks. Punch should be served in a plastic witch's cauldron. Remember that mixing a yellow beverage with blue Kool-Aid makes a nice green color for Halloween
  • Serve Halloween cupcakes, cookies or Rice Krispie treats. Put out candy corn, Gummi worms or rats, and black licorice
  • Take pictures
  • Send kids home with a healthy mix of Halloween treats: popcorn, raisins and candy corn mixed together and put into individual treat bags. Or, using a plastic glove, put candy corn at the tips of the fingers for fingernails, and fill the rest of the glove with popcorn. Tie at the wrist with an orange or black ribbon and give out as favors


  • Before you wear your new character mask, we suggest that you try it on for correct fit
  • If mask shows creases, stuff with tissue paper and very gently warm on low heat with a blow dryer. While mask is warm, straighten out any creases or folds. Leave paper in mask until it is completely cool
  • If mask is fitting loosely away from eyes, we recommend adding tissue or foam inside of mask to bring eyes as close to eye holes as possible
  • After wearing, a damp cloth may be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out. Mask must be completely dry before storing
  • To store cover your mask with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying/storing your mask in direct sunlight or excessive heat

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Clown Mask