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Cute Plush Hedgehog Toy Hand Puppet


Thanks for visiting! You are viewing a Plush Animal Shaped Baby Hand Puppet Toy.The Animal Hand Puppet Toy has moveable mouths and arms, and are as soft as can be. The hand opening will even fit most adult hands. Each puppet is surface washable. Endl...
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  • The Baby Hand Puppet Toy is great for story time, play along, interactive teaching, puppet stage shows, teachers and more
  • It is a new design glove style hand puppet
  • This Baby Hand Puppet Toy is always ready for fun and adventure
  • This playful hand puppet is a great pretend-play pal
  • You are guaranteed to have a good time with it
  • Children will love this colorful and friendly hand puppet
  • Easily animated, fun to play with, and inspires the imaginations of kids and parents alike
  • The hand puppet is made to last at a great price
  • Color: Gray
  • Coating Material: Plush
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Length: 27cm/10.6in


Cute Plush Hedgehog Toy Hand Puppet

  • The Animal Hand Puppet Toy has moveable mouths and arms, and are as soft as can be

Cute Plush Hedgehog Toy Hand Puppet

Cute Plush Hedgehog Toy Hand Puppet 

  • This Baby Hand Puppet Toy is one of cute characters are easily animated; fun to play with; and assured to inspire the imagination of kids and parents alike

Cute Plush Hedgehog Toy Hand Puppet

  • Each puppet is surface washable. Endless hours of interactive fun for parents and babies
  • A fun rattling sound is made with each gentle movement when shaking it


  • Suitable for above 6 months old baby

Ideas for Hand Puppets:

Hand puppets can be an amusing and versatile craft appropriate for any age level. The puppets can consist of any craft material, from a simple sock design to an elaborate paper-mache masterpiece. As long as your creation fits over your hand and resembles some sort of active figure, such as an animal or person, you can call it a hand puppet.

Animal Sock Puppet

  • Sock puppet projects are a popular way to turn mismatched socks into amusing hand puppets. The basic puppet slides over your hand with the heel against your thumb. The positioning creates a baggy area between your thumb and fingers that folds so you can open and close your hand like a mouth. You can create many different animal puppets with a sock and glued-on basic craft supplies, from a simple snake to a beautiful butterfly.
  • A simple snake puppet, for example, consists of a white sock with two large painted bead eyes and a long red felt snake's tongue. Paint and/or marker patterns on the sock provide a decorative body for the puppet.
  • The butterfly puppet can be made with a black sock with painted bead eyes and chenille stem antennae. You can attach bright paper wings to the back of the sock to provide the puppet with a butterfly shape and a burst of color.

Dinosaur Paper Puppet

  • A plain paper grocery bag and craft decorations are all you need to create an easy dinosaur hand puppet. The fold along the bottom of the bag provides a flap you can use as a mouth for the puppet. Red paint on the underside of the flap creates the look of an open and closing mouth when you move the flap. Decorations for the dinosaur puppet can include gluing on bead eyes, paper fangs, felt flared nostrils and chenille stem horns.

Doll Fabric Puppet

  • Not all hand puppets have to be simple creations for children. A fancy doll hand puppet provides an amusing character for plays and can serve as an attractive decoration on a bookshelf or table. For this hand puppet idea, the doll head consists of a flesh-colored Styrofoam ball with painted rosy cheeks, a freckled nose and a toothy grin. Other decorations can include googly eyes, plastic doll eyelashes, yarn hair and ribbon hair bows that can be glued on to the puppet.
  • The doll body consists of floral fabric gathered together at the top to form a neck. The doll head attaches to the neck to form a basic puppet. You can trim the bottom of the puppet with lace to provide a dress-like appearance. Two small fabric cylinders hang from the neck area to form the doll's arms. The cylinders remain open so that a finger can slide into each one and move the arms. A small, flesh-colored Styrofoam ball hangs from the end of each cylinder to create hands.

Monster Mitten Puppet

  • You only need basic cutting and sewing skills to create a furry monster hand puppet with a general mitten shape. The puppet body consists of two oversized mitten-shaped pieces of orange, shaggy faux-fur fabric. Glue and basic stitching holds the two pieces together to form the general mitten shape. You can use assorted decorations to form the monster's face, such as plastic fangs, chenille stem antlers, felt horns, painted gills and googly eyes.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hand Puppet