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Steel Plate Concealed Full Overlay Cabinet Hardware Hinge


Steel Plate Concealed Full Overlay Cabinet Hardware Hinge. With this hinge you can confidently move on from your door to the precisely right drawer, bath accessories, hinges, finials, switch plates, and utility pulls to carry that marvelous style sta...
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  • It's what best expresses your home's architecture and your own personal style
  • Durable bearing design for extended door life and ease of operation
  • Non-rising, removable, steel pin aids with installation or door removal
  • The closing concealed full overlay cabinet hardware hinge is detachable
  • Allows you to lock and open one or both doors conveniently
  • These are heavy, solid, sturdy and install with ease
  • By 80,000 times opening and closing test
  • Through 48 hours of salt spray test
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel


Steel Plate Concealed Full Overlay Cabinet Hardware Hinge

  • Steel Plate Concealed Full Overlay Cabinet Hardware Hinge

How to Replace Door Hinges:

  • Have squeaky, grating or floppy door hinges worn your patience a little thin? Let's replace them and make your comings and goings less stressful


  • Remove the hinge pins by using a screwdriver to tap up on the bottom edge of the head of each pin. Sometimes your hand will be enough; other times you may need to be a little more persuasive and use a hammer to tap the screwdriver
  • Remove the pins once they pop loose, then lift the door free by separating the two halves of the hinge assembly. Be careful--sometimes the door will practically separate on its own
  • Remember that some doors, especially exterior ones, can be quite heavy. Lift with care
  • Remove the 2 halves of 1 set of hinges from the door edge and the door jamb by taking out the mounting screws
  • Take these to your local hardware store or home improvement center, and purchase replacements that meet both the size requirements of your sample and the style requirements of your taste and budget
  • Make sure you buy enough to replace each set of hinges on the door. Some have 2 sets; others have 3. Weight is often the determining factor
  • Split the new hinges. This is often most easily accomplished by holding the hinge in one hand and pulling the pin with a pair of pliers in the other. A gentle twisting and tugging motion is usually enough
  • Use the provided mounting screws to put each hinge half in its proper place. Repeat this process with each set of hinges
  • Set the door back in place on the hinges and slide the pins into place. A tap with a hammer is sometimes needed to completely seat them in place

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hardware Hinge
  • 1 x Pack of Screws