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Sun Protection Fishing Hat


Planning your next camping trip or fishing. With the Sun Protection Ventilated Fishing Hat, you can focus on the fish instead of being distracted by the sun and heat.This uniquely ventilated fishing hat repels insects and searing harmful rays while c...
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  • You can focus on the fish instead of being distracted by the Ventilated Fishing Hat
  • Uniquely ventilated hat repels insects and searing harmful rays
  • Creating a protective environment for your head, neck, and face
  • Free size design, you can adjust it to ensure a perfect fit
  • Ventilated fabric is more ventilated
  • Material: Mesh Fabric
  • Color: Gray

Sun Protection Fishing Hat

  • You can focus on the fish instead of being distracted by the sun and heat

Sun Protection Fishing Hat


  • This Fishing Hat a great fit for any head size or shape

Sun Protection Fishing Hat


  • Uniquely ventilated hat repels insects and searing harmful rays

Sun Protection Fishing Hat


  • This Best Fishing Hat will protect you from the early morning rays and the water's spray as you wrangle your catch of the day

Sun Protection Fishing Hat

Types of Fishing Hats

Perhaps your vision of a fishing hat is the one your father wore that had his collection of feathered fishing flies adorning every spare inch of material. Though these lovingly crafted headpieces that say "I love to fish" can still be seen, there are several varieties of fishing hats on the market. Some make great canvases for your fisherman's fashion statement.

Up-Downer Baseball Cap

  • Baseball caps come in all colors, sizes and shapes, and most anglers have at least one somewhere in the house, car or boat. Though they will do in a pinch, they do have flaws. The brim only protects the front of your face, so the back of your neck is exposed to the sun. The wind can also catch the brim just right and blow the cap off your head.
  • The up-downer baseball cap is an improvement on the basic model. The bill is longer and keeps your face better protected from bugs, rain and sunburn. In the back, a roll-down piece of material, sometimes called a cape, gives your neck protection. The addition of a chin strap keeps your hat from going airborne.


  • Initially used by the military during the Vietnam War, these lightweight, full-brimmed hats became popular with civilian hunters and fishermen. Boonie hats usually come in camouflage patterns, drab green, light tan and off-white. The material can be lightweight canvas or synthetic blends. Brims are wide to protect both your face and the back of your neck, and the strap keeps the boonie firmly attached to your head. These hats are portable and easily can be rolled up and packed away in a backpack or tackle box.

Watch Cap

  • Ice fishermen don't have to worry about the bugs so much, but they do have to keep their heads and ears warm. A watch cap, otherwise known as a ski cap, or if you are in Canada, a "toque," is a knit cap usually made of wool that you pull down over your head. These caps stretch to fit all the way to the neck and over your ears. Add a wool scarf, parka, sunglasses and insulated boots, and you can fish until you catch your limit.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Sun Protection Fishing Hat