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Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i


Whatever you're watching, and on any TV, 1080p HD Media Player fit ensures that the picture fills the whole screen. Start watching your favorite movies with this HD Media Player which features HDMI video output and high quality pi...
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 Main: 128Mb
 Flash ROM:

Video input/ output

HDMI1.3 output, Composite output, YPbPr output

Video format


File Format


Subtitle Format



SATA hard disk USB HDD


RM/RMVB, H.264, VC1, WMV, MPEG1/2/4,  DivX, Xvid maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080P

Audio input/ output

HDMI1.3 output
Stereo output
Digital optical input
Coaxial input

Audio format

 AAC, M4A, MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA)

Audio codec

 DTS-HD MA, Digital optical, Coaxial

Connection Type

USB host connect with various USB device directly, LAN (10/100Mbps), SATA

Picture format


OSD language

 Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese
 English/Spanish/Russian /Dutch/Italian/French/German


 90~240V , 50/60Hz,30W

Unit Dimension

400 x 250 x 40mm / 15.75 x 9.84 x 1.57in


  • This HD Media Player is a perfect complement to your TV, the HD Media Player delivers excellent picture and sound quality in a streamlined design
  • This 1080p HD Media Player is energy qualified and has a compact design for energy efficiency
  • With exceptional digital sound, the HD Media Player will take your home theater experience to new height
  • This Full HD Media Player is a great gift or an affordable convenience for commuter or vacation travel


Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • This HD Media Player is energy qualified and has a compact design for energy efficiency

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • Transform the DVD standard definition signal line to 1080P resolution

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i 

  • Easy ports

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • Useful remote controller 

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • With exceptional digital sound, the HD Media Player will take your home theater experience to new height

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • Compact size, you can enjoy yourselves with this HD Media Player any time anywhere you want, very easy to use and carry

What is a Portable DVD Player:

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • A portable DVD player


  • Portable DVD players were created in order to aid the ability to watch DVDs away from home. They were created in 1998. They are practical for on the go use, and many perform secondary functions such as playing music from audio CDs and displaying images from digital cameras or camcorders


  • Most PDPs have an LCD or LED screen attached to them. The most common PDP screen size is 7 inches (18 cm), although some are as large as 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm). Some have swivel-screens that rotate 180 degrees & fold flat. Portable DVD players generally connections for additional screens and a car lighter plug
  • Some PDPs now have iPod docks, USB and SD Card slots built in. Some can play videos in other formats such as MP4, DivX, JPEG and PNG either from CD's, flash memory cards or external hard disks. Also some DVD players include a USB video recorder
  • Wireless connections (bluetooth and/or wifi) are useful to wirelessly manage (play/record) content from or to other devices (i.e. cell phones)


  • A growing complaint among PDP users is that the closer you get to a PDP's screen, the worse the image becomes, this is because the current industry standard for built-in LCD resolution on PDP's is usually only 480x234. The highest built-in LCD screen res. offered on current "high-end" players is still only 800x480

Technical Details:

A DVD player has to complete these tasks:

  • Read a DVD disc in ISO - UDF version 1.02 format
  • optionally decrypt the data with either CSS and/or Macrovision
  • read and obey the DVD's Regional lockout codes and display a warning if the player is not authorised to play the DVD
  • decode the MPEG-2 video stream with a maximum of 10 Mbit/s (peak) or 8 Mbit/s (continuous)
  • decode sound in MP2, PCM or AC-3 format and output (with optional AC-3 to stereo downmixing) on stereo connector, optical or electric digital connector
  • output a video signal, either an analog one (in NTSC, PAL or SECAM format) on the composite, S-Video, SCART, or component video connectors, or a digital one on the DVI or HDMI connectors

Kaiboor 1080p Full HD Media Player K320i

  • The interior of a DVD player

About 1080p:

  • 1080p defined: 1080p resolution--which equates to 1,920x1,080 pixels--is the latest HD Holy Grail. That's because 1080p monitors are theoretically capable of displaying every pixel of the highest-resolution HD broadcasts. On paper, they should offer more than twice the resolution of today's 1,280x720, or 720p, HDTVs, such as Samsung's HL-P5085W. Some companies, such as LG, refer to these super-high-res of sets as ultra-HD, while others prefer to substitute true or full for ultra
  • Why 1080p is theoretically better than 1080i? 1080i, the former king of the HDTV hill, actually boasts an identical 1,920x1,080 resolution but conveys the images in an interlaced format (the i in 1080i). In a tube-based television, otherwise known as a CRT, 1080i sources get "painted" on the screen sequentially: the odd-numbered lines of resolution appear on your screen first, followed by the even-numbered lines--all within 1/30 of a second. Progressive-scan formats such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p convey all of the lines of resolution sequentially in a single pass, which makes for a smoother, cleaner image, especially with sports and other motion-intensive content. As opposed to tubes, microdisplays (DLP, LCoS, and LCD rear-projection) and other fixed-pixel TVs, including plasma and LCD flat-panel, are inherently progressive in nature, so when the incoming source is interlaced, as 1080i is, they convert it to progressive scan for display

About .Mkv Files

  • MKV extension commonly used for the Matroska media container. The media format is open source, which means that anyone can use the code for their own programming projects. It is unique because it is able to hold an unlimited amount of open-source video, audio and subtitling tracks within the single file format
  • Function: The Matroska file format can be used for any kind of video or audio projects and can contain multiple data tracks much like you would find on a DVD. The file format is used frequently to distribute foreign films, as you can include an unlimited amount of audio and subtitle tracks within the format
  • Benefits: Because there are no restrictions in the Matroska file format, you can include an unlimited number of commentary and audio tracks on a single piece of video. Alternately, you can also switch between video inputs for singular audio tracks. This eliminates the need for frequent media consumers to download and bundle individual executable audio, visual and subtitle packages
  • Potential: Because Matroska is open-source, the format's development is ongoing. Support for the .mkv file format has been announced by popular online media players, including DivX, Media Player Classic and the Zoom Player. Several set-top boxes including Tvix have also announced plans to develop support for Matroska files

Package Included:

  • 1 x HD Media Player
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x AV Cable