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Realplay H2 HDD Media Player


Set your media collection free! Enjoy the convenience of watching digital files on your home theater or TV without being connected to the computer. HDD Media Player is a cost-effective, high definition multimedia player plus a high capacity digital s...
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  • Full HD 1080p, MKV, H.264, VC-1 Network
  • HDMI 1.3 1080p player based on REALTEK RT1073DD
  • Just sit on the couch with your family at home, with Realplay H2, you can enjoy high-Definition movies, digital songs or fantastic family photos on TV or home theater
  • Bookmark and resume broken playback function, it allows user to playback from the point or video where it stopped last time
  • Adjustable subtitle, the color, size and position of subtitle can be adjusted
  • Preview function for pictures and movies
  • Background music and screen saver
  • Convenient file management for copying and deleting files


 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

  • HDD Media Player is a cost-effective, high definition multimedia player plus a high capacity digital storage device

 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

  • Just connect the best media player to your TV or HDTV as you would a DVD player and enjoy your videos, music, and photos

 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

  • You and your families will love the HDD media realplay. Small compact size HDD Media Player is easy to use at home or on the go

Size in Detail:

 Realplay H2 HDD Media Player

About 1080p

  • 1080p defined: 1080p resolution--which equates to 1,920x1,080 pixels--is the latest HD Holy Grail. That's because 1080p monitors are theoretically capable of displaying every pixel of the highest-resolution HD broadcasts. On paper, they should offer more than twice the resolution of today's 1,280x720, or 720p, HDTVs, such as Samsung's HL-P5085W. Some companies, such as LG, refer to these super-high-res of sets as ultra-HD, while others prefer to substitute true or full for ultra
  • Why 1080p is theoretically better than 1080i? 1080i, the former king of the HDTV hill, actually boasts an identical 1,920x1,080 resolution but conveys the images in an interlaced format (the i in 1080i). In a tube-based television, otherwise known as a CRT, 1080i sources get "painted" on the screen sequentially: the odd-numbered lines of resolution appear on your screen first, followed by the even-numbered lines--all within 1/30 of a second. Progressive-scan formats such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p convey all of the lines of resolution sequentially in a single pass, which makes for a smoother, cleaner image, especially with sports and other motion-intensive content. As opposed to tubes, microdisplays (DLP, LCoS, and LCD rear-projection) and other fixed-pixel TVs, including plasma and LCD flat-panel, are inherently progressive in nature, so when the incoming source is interlaced, as 1080i is, they convert it to progressive scan for display

About .Mkv Files

  • MKV extension commonly used for the Matroska media container. The media format is open source, which means that anyone can use the code for their own programming projects. It is unique because it is able to hold an unlimited amount of open-source video, audio and subtitling tracks within the single file format.
  • Function: The Matroska file format can be used for any kind of video or audio projects and can contain multiple data tracks much like you would find on a DVD. The file format is used frequently to distribute foreign films, as you can include an unlimited amount of audio and subtitle tracks within the format
  • Benefits: Because there are no restrictions in the Matroska file format, you can include an unlimited number of commentary and audio tracks on a single piece of video. Alternately, you can also switch between video inputs for singular audio tracks. This eliminates the need for frequent media consumers to download and bundle individual executable audio, visual and subtitle packages.
  • Potential: Because Matroska is open-source, the format's development is ongoing. Support for the .mkv file format has been announced by popular online media players, including DivX, Media Player Classic and the Zoom Player. Several set-top boxes including Tvix have also announced plans to develop support for Matroska files.

A Comparison of HD Media Players:

  • Internal vs. External Hard Drive - Most HD media players include the ability to connect an external hard disk drive (HDD) to the player via USB; however, some include the ability to install a hard drive directly into the media player itself. This allows for fewer cables and boxes when integrating an HD media player into your home theater setup. Western Digital TV Live media player allows only HDDs to be externally connected (up to two at a time), while the Iomega Screenplay Plus has an integrated hard drive
  • Network Connectivity - Increasingly, HD media players include the ability to connect to the Internet and network file shares. These players don't require an external HDD, as they can pull their media from a file server (a computer dedicated to sharing and storing files through a network) or from Internet sources such as YouTube or Hulu. Some devices, like the Roku, are advertised as HD media players but allow access only to Internet sources
  • High Definition Output - There are two basic types of HD signals: 720 and 1080. These numbers refer to the number of pixels -- individual colored dots on the screen -- that exist from the top to the bottom of a TV screen. While other factors affect quality (particularly progressive and interlaced scanning technologies), it's generally accepted that the 1920-by-1080 (1080) screen resolution is a higher quality HD than 1280-by-720 screens. Some HD media players will output a signal only as high as 720, resulting in less-than-optimal quality on 1080 television screens
  • Codecs - Digital media files use a variety of file formats and encryption technologies. Reading these different files requires a set of instructions called a "codec." Most media players strive to include enough codecs to play the majority of media files; however, different companies provide different combinations of codecs. If you have a specially formatted digital file, check with the manufacturer to see that this codec is included on the device. This does not apply to media presented through the Internet

Package Included:

  • 1 x HDD Media Player
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x AV Cable
  • 1 x YPbPr Cable
  • 1 x USB Cable