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Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188


Do you want to have a portable headphone to listen to your favorite music? Do you want to listen to the best songs of the world? Do you want to listen to the voice of the soul in music? If so, this FM Headphone is your must-have accessory. This&...
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  • Play high quality MP3 from SD/MMC cards
  • Hi-FI sound
  • Floding Headphone
  • LCD with track information
  • Memory function
  • Six sound functions can be choose
  • Wired headphone
  • Repeated function
  • FM function
  • Supported Formats: MP3 WMA audio formats goods
  • MP3 Bit Rate: 8-384kbs
  • WMA Bit Rate: 32-384kbs
  • Support Card Capacity: 128MB-8GB
  • SNR: >= 85db
  • Speaker: 2X10mW
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V 400MA removable rechargeable lithium battery (Nokia BL-5C battery)
  • Working Hours: The maximum playback time up to 15 hours
  • USB Speed: USB2.0
  • Support System: Windows98/win2000/winXP/winVista


Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

  • Play high quality MP3 from SD/MMC cards
  • This Mulitfunction Headphone is designed for pristine sound quality, long-wearing comfort & aesthetic design, this MP3 Headphone delivers a real sense of depth to the sonic image

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

  • Six sound functions can be choose
  • Newly developed technology drivers ensure high quality sound with popular portable players

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188 

  • LCD with track information
  • The With a lightweight body and soft ear-pads, the portable MP3 Headphone fits comfortably around the ears for long listening

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

  • These headphones act as an MP3 player with a slot to insert an SD/MMC card containing your favorite music

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

Onper Mulitfunction FM Wired MP3 Headphone EJ-188

  • The MP3 Headphone has six sound functions can be choose. This MP3 Headphone is also a great gift for yourself and your friends
  • Upgrade your listening experience with this FM Headphone

Types of Headphones:

The particular needs of the listener determine the choice of headphone. The need for portability indicates smaller, lighter headphones but can mean a compromise in fidelity. Headphones used as part of a home hi-fi do not have the same design constraints and can be larger and heavier. Generally, headphone form factors can be divided into four separate categories: circumaural, supra-aural, earbud, and in-ear.

  • Circumaural: Circumaural headphones have large pads that surround the outer ear.Circumaural headphones (sometimes called full size headphones) have circular or ellipsoid earpads that encompass the ears. Because these headphones completely surround the ear, circumaural headphones can be designed to fully seal against the head to attenuate any intrusive external noise. Because of their size, circumaural headphones can be heavy and there are some sets which weigh over 500 grams (1 lb). Good headband and earpad design is required to reduce discomfort resulting from weight
  • Supra-aural: A pair of supra-aural headphones.Supra-aural headphones have pads that sit on top of the ears, rather than around them. They were commonly bundled with personal stereos during the 1980s. This type of headphone generally tends to be smaller and more lightweight than circumaural headphones, resulting in less attenuation of outside noise
  • In-ear headphones: Earbuds / earphonesEarbuds or earphones are headphones of a much smaller size that are placed directly outside of the ear canal, but without fully enveloping it. They are generally inexpensive and are favored for their portability and convenience. Due to their inability to provide any isolation they are often used at higher volumes in order to drown out noise from the user's surroundings, which increases the risk of hearing-loss. During the 1990s and 2000s, earbuds became a common type bundled with personal music devices
  • In-ear Monitors: ain article: In-ear monitors extend into the ear canal, providing isolation from outside noise.In-ear monitors (also known as IEMs or canalphones) are earphones that are inserted directly into the ear canal. Canalphones offer portability similar to earbuds, and also act as earplugs to block out environmental noise. There are two main types of IEMs: universal and custom. Universal canalphones provide one or more stock sleeve size(s) to fit various ear canals, which are commonly made out of silicone rubber, elastomer, or foam, for noise isolation. Custom canalphones are fitted to the ears of each individual. Castings of the ear canals are made and the manufacturer uses the castings to create custom-molded silicone rubber or elastomer plugs that provide added comfort and noise isolation. Because of the individualized labor involved, custom IEMs are more expensive than universal IEMs and resell value is very low as they are unlikely to fit other people
  • Headset: A typical example of a headset used for voice chats.A headset is a headphone combined with a microphone. Headsets provide the equivalent functionality of a telephone handset with hands-free operation. The most common uses for headsets are in console or PC gaming, Call centres and other telephone-intensive jobs and also for personal use at the computer to facilitate comfortable simultaneous conversation and typing. Headsets are made with either a single-earpiece (mono) or a double-earpiece (mono to both ears or stereo). The microphone arm of headsets is either an external microphone type where the microphone is held in front of the user's mouth, or a voicetube type where the microphone is housed in the earpiece and speech reaches it by means of a hollow tube

How to Wire a Stereo Headphone Plug:

  • Solder the positive wire from the left headphone speaker to the tip connection in the body of the jack plug. The tip is the "arrowhead" part of the plug on the very end. It uses the smallest solder tag inside the body of the plug, at the center of the connections
  • Solder the positive wire from the right headphone speaker to the ring connector. The ring is the middle band on the jack plug and uses the solder tag inside the body of the plug that is slightly longer than the tip connection
  • Solder the negative wires from both the left and right headphone speakers to the sleeve connection. The sleeve is the largest connection at the base of the plug, and has a long solder tag that reaches the full length of the jack plug's body

How to Use Stereo Headphones on PS3:

  • Plug an audio output cable from your PS3 to your stereo system. The simplest way to do this is to use either a fiber-optic digital audio cable or component cables. The digital audio cable is a dedicated cable for audio signals only. The component cable has two jacks that carry audio signal -- one red, the other white or black. Plug one of these options into the appropriate ports on your stereo
  • Set your stereo to the audio input you plugged the PS3 into. This will differ depending on the type of cable you used and the type of stereo you have. The stereo owner's manual should describe how to switch between audio inputs
  • Configure your PS3 to output audio over the type of cable you used to connect it to the stereo. Go to the "Settings" column of the PS3's main menu, select "Settings," then "Audio Output Settings." This will bring up a list of three audio output options: "HDMI," "Digital Out (Optical)," and "Audio Input Connector/SCART/AV MULTI." If you used the fiber-optic cable, select "Digital Out (Optical)." If you used component cables, select "Audio Input Connector/SCART/AV MULTI."
  • Select an audio output format from the following menu that is compatible with your stereo system -- 2 channel, Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, etc. If you are using stereo headphones, your stereo will automatically convert any audio signal from the PS3 to 2 channel
  • Plug your headphones into your stereo. Most stereos will automatically output audio only to headphones when they are plugged in. The stereo owner's manual should describe how to switch to headphone output if it doesn't switch automatically

Package Included:

  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Audio Data
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 x Charge