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AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs


ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Best Hearing Aid Batteries are simple enough for anyone to use. These portable Cheap Hearing Aid Batteries make it easy to replace your battery wherever and whenever you choose. The ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries ...
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  • High energy, long lasting batteries for use in most common hearing aids
  • The simple design of Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries dispenser takes all the hassle and frustration out of handling such small batteries
  • Dispenser keeps batteries safe from loss or damage
  • The rechargeable Best Hearing Aid Batteries do not contain any heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead
  • These high-performance Cheap Hearing Aid Batteries are characterized by their excellent reliability and quality without any memory effect
  • All power one Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries are subjected to strict safety and quality checks
  • Standard dial pack of 10 cells
  • Voltage: 1.4V
  • Type: Zinc Air


AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs

  • This pack of these Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries contain 10 button cells


  • Please remove tab for activate battery before use
  • Please do not swallow & keep away from children

Use Methods and Precautions:

  • Use the battery should be torn off the bottom of the tape, batteries run out or no power should be immediately removed it from the hearing aid
  • Battery working time Related the actual use of hearing aid models, the degree of hearing loss, and the volume size factors
  • Please keep in a cool dry place, do not let children play with the battery, do no teat it, do not charge, do not put into the fire, do not short-circuit

The Disposal of Hearing Aid Batteries:

AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs

Batteries contain chemicals and heavy metals that can cause environmental hazards, so it's important to properly dispose of them. Hearing-aid wearers have various options for safe disposal of their hearing-aid batteries


  • Hearing-aid batteries typically are composed of mercury, silver or zinc. Check the package to find out what metal is in your batteries. Disposal instructions may be printed on the back of the package

Household Hazardous Waste Sites:

  • One of the best ways to dispose of hearing-aid batteries is taking them to your local household hazardous waste collection site. Ask your county government, a recycling center, or your garbage company about the nearest site

Silver Oxide Batteries:

  • According to Environment, Health and Safety Online, you can dispose of silver oxide hearing aid batteries in your regular garbage, under a consumer exemption in the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Household Collection Programs:

  • Hearing-aid batteries may be taken to a household collection program. However, Environment, Health and Safety Online says many batteries collected through these programs end up in hazardous waste landfills

State Regulations:

  • Many states have battery recycling laws. In California, all batteries are considered hazardous waste and must be recycled or taken to a household hazardous waste facility or a universal waste handler, according to Environment, Health and Safety Online

How to Replace A Hearing Aid Battery?

This article will describe how to replace the battery in a "In the Ear" hearing aid. You will need to know the battery size for your particular unit. If you don't already know it step 2 will show how to get the battery out of your unit. Then you can use it to get the right type and size

AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs

  • Because of their size it is a good idea to do this task at a desk or table to reduce the risk of dropping the battery and losing it. A black drop cloth is helpful
  • The image shows the location of the battery compartment. Because everything is all the same color finding the battery door can be a bit confusing. This little door is on a hinge so open it slowly and carefully. Using a fingernail, flip the door open and slip the battery out of it's cage. Be very careful not to damage the little cage, it is very fragile. Battery sizes can be identified by a color code on the packaging. Some units use a 10A which has yellow markings. A 312 uses brown markings. It is very important to use the right size and type of battery for your unit for obvious reasons

 AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs

  • Couple of more shots of the battery cage
  • Now put the new battery in the cage with the + side up. Actually the battery will fit into the cage only one way and still let the door close so at this point it's nearly impossible to install the battery incorrectly. Then swing the door closed and your task is complete

How to Purchase Hearing Aid Batteries?

AXON ZENIPOWER A10 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries 10Pcs

Hearing aid batteries can be purchased from a variety of sources such as drugstores, general retail shops, online stores and audiology clinics. Shop around to obtain the best price. Some batteries have a longer life than others, so consider battery life when comparing prices. Read on to learn how to purchase hearing aid batteries

  • Determine what size battery is needed for the hearing aid. Common hearing aid battery sizes include 675, 312, 13, 10 and 5
  • Compare battery strength and battery life among hearing aid brands. Some stores sell trial packs to compare different brands. Compare the hearing aid battery features such as ease of removal from the packaging and ease of installation in the hearing aid
  • Figure out if buying hearing aid batteries in bulk will result in substantial savings. Keep in mind that batteries have an expiration date to be used by
  • Compare prices from several hearing aid resources and determine the lowest price per battery for the desired brand
  • Purchase batteries from the retailer that provides the lowest price per battery for the desired brand
  • Consider purchasing a battery holder when purchasing hearing aid batteries. Battery holders conveniently store several batteries in a small container that can be attached to a belt loop or backpack

Package Included:

  • 10 x Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries