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Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid


It's known that many people like the song "sound of silence". However, what if people live in a silent environment, or living with a blurred hearing? No one will keep the same feeling as he/she listens to the melody. The ear hearing aid is ...
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  • This hearing aid 4 channel digital sound processing allows the user to control volume and programs
  • Advanced contrast noise manager reduces background noise making speech easier to understand
  • It will enable you to understand speech clearly
  • It has a simple elegant ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for wearing
  • This hearing aid provides superior performance in noise
  • Good for various noisy environments
  • Low power and program switch indication
  • Automatic noise control function
  • Direct access phone and cell phone
  • Attractive, durable and with fully automatic volume control
  • The sound amplifier hearing aid has a simple elegant ergonomic design that makes it comfortable for wearing around the ear
  • Behind ear hearing aid has original sound management. It uses patented WARP compressing technique to restore authentically natural sound
  • Behind ear hearing aid is custom made to fit each individual's ear. It can be used in mild to some severe hearing losses
  • Through system of noise reduction the behind ear hearing aid can recognize noise. And also it can eliminate all kinds of bothersome noise to improve definition of sound
  • Wireless hearing aid is very small but with super power to meet compensation of hearing loss
  • Matching Frequency Range: 90dB


Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid 

  • The basic structure of BTE hearing aid

Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid

  • Deliver direct and powerful

Different Types of Hearing Aids:

Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid

The Choosing Rules of Hearing Aid:

Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid

  • For people with hearing loss, if they first have to be treated or the operation is proved to be invalid, a hearing aid is available after the lesion is completely stable. In the case of the recent deaf or in the active stage, it will be decided one year after the condition is stable, but for hearing impaired people of slow genetic disorders, they shall be careful in using a hearing aid, and had better use it under guidance of hearing audiologists
  • Ears serious externa, otitis media, double plane pyorrhea than are not completely atresia gas guide, can consider to use hearing the bone. Other kinds of deafness in gas guide hearing aid patients
  • Before choose a hearing aid, a pure tone hearing test shall be made, and then choose an appropriate one based on the audiogram. For patients with sensorineural hearing loss, they should be tested on the threshold function to determine language favorable effect
  • Hearing aid users should try the hearing aid for 2-3 weeks. This allows the deaf to repeatedly adjust all control buttons under the guidance of specialized personnel, and a most suitable hearing aid may lead to a satisfactory result
  • If permitted, patients with a hearing loss of less than 90dB, they shall first use BTE or inside type hearing aid, but for those with a hearing loss of more than 90dB, they are recommended to use the BTE type, and patients with very severe hearing loss can be embedded with an electronic cochlear implant through a surgery
  • Generally, only one hearing aid is possible to solve the hearing problems, but using two hearing aid is permitted according to different conditions or personal reference
  • For babies and kids, they are recommended to use the high power hearing aid before they are 2 ~ 3 years old

Maintenance Method:

  • Use dry cloth or hearing aids special cleaner gush in dry cloth to clean the hearing aid
  • Note the large wires plug and receptacle needle holes on the fine. Stuck, try to reduce the number of insertion, avoid to poor contact, avoid to pull the wire
  • Please remove the batteries to avoid eroding parts of hearing aids by the rotten batteries when you don't use it for a long time
  • Protecting hearing aids from shocks, falling, humidity and high-temperature
  • When not in use, please switch "OFF" to close the hearing aid to extend battery life

Why the Hearing Aid can't Work or the Sound is not Clear?

  • Whether the switch is open
  • If the battery in the correct installation position
  • Whether there have electricity batteries
  • Whether the batteries storehouse is closed
  • Whether earplug is choking
  • Whether the earphone or the wire is broken
  • The battery voltage is insufficient or the earphone is broken

Why Should you Dry your Hearing Aid(s):

  • Moisture adversely affects electronics
  • It can cause them to wear out prematurely
  • Moisture interferes with the functioning of electronics
  • Drying removes moisture, improves the performance of the hearing aid(s), and extends the product's lifespan

In General How often to Dry:

  • Some drying kits recommend that you use them every night. But depending on the weather, the climate, and how long you wear them during the day, you can dry them less
  • The minimum, no matter what the variables are, you should dry your hearing aid(s) 1 to 2 times a month

The weather is a big variable with the frequency of hearing aid drying:

  • During cool-dry weather, you can get away with only drying them once a month
  • During warm-humid weather, you may need to dry them every other day

Remember that weather is not the only to affect the amount of moisture build-up in the hearing aid(s). If you wear them for long periods every day, you may need to dry them every week, even in the winter

Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid

How to Know when to Dry:

You should dry your hearing aid(s) if:

  • It has been a very humid day
  • You have sweated a lot that day while wearing them
  • On a very cold day, every time you go out your hearing aid(s) stop working properly, but once you come inside they start to function normally after a few minutes. (The reason for this is that some moisture is in the hearing aid(s). The moisture is freezing and interfering with the functioning of the hearing aid(s)
  • You can see moisture in the tube(s) of you hearing aid(s)

A Hearing Aid DryerHow to Use your Dryer:

  • a) Although your dryer may look different from the one shown, most moisture absorbing dryers work the same. They use a compound that draws moisture out of the air
  • b) First, REMOVE THE BATTERIES from the hearing aid(s). (Drying with the batteries still in will ruin the batteries and possibly the hearing aid(s).)
  • c) Now Place the hearing aid(s) in to the drying kit (leave the battery door open to help drying process)
  • d) Close the kit according to its instructions/design
  • e) Leave hearing aid(s) in the kit for at least overnight
  • f) In the morning, remove hearing aid(s), reinsert the batteries, check volume and you are ready to wear them

Things to Note about Drying Kits:

  • Most kits have some indicator, usually color changing beads, to alert you to when the kit has absorbed all the moisture it can, and needs to be reactivated. Follow the instructions for your kit to identify the indicator ant to reactivate the kit

How to Get Free Hearing Aids?

Sufferers of hearing loss can get hearing aid assistance from numerous groups, including business, medical and charitable organizations. The cost of a hearing aid should not prevent individuals from seeking treatment. Free high quality hearing aids are available for qualified individuals

Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid

  • Start searching for a free hearing aid by discussing the matter with a healthcare professional. A doctor's diagnosis is necessary to qualify for hearing aid assistance, and healthcare professionals are some of the best sources for assistance information
  • Contact the Lions Club International. The Lions club provides assistance for hearing loss sufferers who cannot afford the proper care. Many chapters of the Lions Club have hearing aid banks for people in need
  • Go to an implant center. Many cochlear implant centers can help the less fortunate obtain hearing aids. Although the centers are profit-making businesses, they provide many services for needy people
  • Get in touch with the manufacturers directly. Some manufacturers of hearing devices provide free hearing aids, especially for children. Families with children in need should contact the Miracle Ear Children's Foundation
  • Find a private foundation. There are many small private foundations that provide hearing aid support on a case by case basis

Package Included:

  • 1 x Austar CRY675A Professional Digital BTE Hearing Aid