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3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model


What you are viewing is 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter Model, which is designed with large size and light weight. The flight duration of this helicopter model is about 12 to 15 minutes. And the control range is up to 100 meters. With high capa...
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  • Size: 43 x 10.3 x 21cm/16.9 x 4.1 x 8.3in(L x W x H)
  • Battery Type: 7.4V1100mAh Lithium Battery
  • Remote Control Power: 8 x AA Batteries
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Flight Duration: 12-15 Minutes
  • Remote Control Range: 100m/328.1ft
  • Movement: forward / backward / up / down / left / right
  • Color: Red 


  • This helicopter model is controlled by gyroscope. Auto stable, rotor blade system for steady lifting-up
  • 3.5-Channel helicopter model movement forward / backward / up / down / left / right
  • This helicopter model is powered by 7.4V1100mAh lithium battery which allowed for long time flight
  • High capability, dynamical lithium battery
  • This helicopter model is designed with a accelerator
  • Controlled by digital technology. Infrared control system
  • High efficiency, driving motor and surge power


3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model
3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • This Electric RC Helicopter is smaller than the usual type
  • The Mini RC Helicopter can fly stably and you can easily control it to land on any spot

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model
3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • Designed with high power motor, this Model RC Helicopter can fly steady

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model
3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model
3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • This Mini RC Helicopter has a smooth curve
  • The flight duration of this Mini RC Helicopter is about 12 to 15 minutes. And the control range is up to 200 meters

Size in Detail:

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

Why the coaxial dual-blade and gyro can make the RC helicopter flight more stable and smoothness?

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • The coaxial RC helicopter has 2 sets of main rotor blades mounted one above the other. The main blades spin in opposite directions to each other, thus cancelling out each other's torque force. So, because there is no torque when both rotors are spinning at the same speed, the fuselage of the helicopter has no tendency to spin round in any particular direction. And that makes the RC helicopter while on hovering will be more stable
  • Directional control is achieved by changing the speed of one of the rotors, in relation to the other. In doing so, a small amount of torque is then generated and that force will naturally cause the helicopter to yaw one way or another, hence changing direction


Preflight Adjustments:

  • Before you are enjoy the flight, the preflight adjustments will helps you reduces a lot of problem while your RC helicopter flying in the sky

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • Always check all the controls to make sure they move in the correct direction and here is no mechanical binding or noise from the servos

Hovering Training: 

Step 1:

Hovering is when the RC helicopter is floating in a stationary position in the air. Hovering is the fundamental maneuver to learn first. Here is the procedure to practice hovering

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • (1): Make sure there are no spectators anywhere near the RC model helicopter. You, the pilot, should stand at least 10 meters (30 feet) behind and slightly to the side of the RC heli
  • (2): Prior to lifting off, while the main rotor is spinning and the RC helicopter is on the ground, check the main rotor fore/aft and left/right cyclic to make sure the main rotor is tilting in the correct direction according to your cyclic command. Move the tail rotor control stick to make sure the RC helicopter nose will swing in the desired direction
  • (3): Increase the throttle/collective to lift he model RC helicopter skids off the ground to no more than 10cm (4 inches). Initially, it will be very difficult to control the RC helicopter to prevent it from moving. For a beginner it will also be difficult to determine whether the RC helicopter is in trim or not. But with repeated practice close to the ground you will develop a feel for the controls. It is recommended to let a more experienced model helicopter pilot trim out your new RC helicopter before you attempt to learn to hover

Step 2:

It will take a few hours of hover practice with the helicopter skids at 10 to 20 cm (4-8 inches) off the ground in order to comfortably control the model

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • (1): Do not try to lift the RC helicopter to more than 10 to 20 cm (4-8 inches) in the beginning because then the model may tip over readily when the beginner panics and an incorrect command is given. Once you can keep the model in one place, then it is time to slowly increase the height by a few centimeters (inches) each flight. Soon, you will be able to hover the RC helicopter confidently a few feet high. Beginners should always practice hovering close to the ground because in an emergency, throttle and collective can be reduced rapidly without causing a large drop or damage to the RC helicopter. If the RC helicopter is hovering beyond one meter (3 feet) altitude, always descend slowly. A panic drop can damage the helicopter
  • (2): Always stand behind the RC model helicopter when learning how to hover. Then you can watch the nose of the RC helicopter. A left tail rotor command will yaw the RC helicopter nose to the left, and a right command will yaw to the right. Similarly, a left cyclic command will cause the RC helicopter to translate left. After you can comfortably hover the model at one meter high without drifting, then start practice hovering while standing to either side of the model. Eventually, you need to be comfortable at hover the RC helicopter from any orientation, including with the RC helicopter nose pointing at you. This is challenging because control directions are reversed
  • (3): Once you can confidently hover a RC model helicopter at any altitude and at any orientation, then congratulate yourself because you have mastered 80% of the fundamental control movements of a helicopter

Foward Flight Training:

3.5 Channels Remote Control Helicopter Model

  • (1): Start practicing moving the helicopter laterally to the left or right slowly from a 1.5 meter (60inches) high hover. This is the beginning exercise of translational flight
  • (2): After a few hours of practicing step (1) and you are comfortable with translational movement, start using some tail rotor control so the helicopter nose will point slightly to the left or right as you fly it to the left or right. Eventually, this pattern will become a figure-eight in front of you. Please visualize these movements in your mind


  • Buy a Flight Simulator such as the Real Flight G2 simulator. A Pentium IV PC is more than enough. Flight simulators allow you the luxury of crashing without the danger and expense
  • Use training landing gears to enlarge your helicopter footprint, making it easier to make safe landings
  • Have an experienced helicopter flyer teach you how! Look for a local club or flying field and talk to the experts. Or ask your local hobby shop owner... the good ones will really help you out


  • Recharge it again before the power is off. Otherwise, it would be damaged dramatically, even resulting that you can never recharge it again
  • Please do not touch, when the motor rotates in high speed and the battery is charging

Package Included:

  • 1 x Helicopter Model
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Pairs of Square Fan Blade
  • 1 x Tail Rotor
  • 1 x User Manual