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Hzceco-hope Fashion Design HEPA Cleaner Air Purifier SH-3100


Designed for ultra-quiet, high-speed air purifying, HEPA cleaner air purifier removes a lot of airborne particles room space. This HEPA air purifier is ideal for helping to remove common airborne allergens in smaller rooms such as the nurse...
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  • HEPA cleaner air purifier removes the smoke, dust, sensitinogen in the air effectively
  • The HEPA cleaner air purifier is a simple way to improve the air quality around your room
  • The filter air purifier system of this HEPA air cleaner provides extremely effective air cleaning and the permanent HEPA-type filter never needs replacing
  • This HEPA air purifier is ideal for helping to remove common airborne allergens in smaller rooms such as the nursery, bedrooms, office, kitchen or den
  • This HEPA cleaner air purifier helps to clear indoor air silently and effectively with a three-stage purification system
  • Low power consumption
  • Rated Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Rated Power: 9W(Anion), 20W(Ozone)
  • Anion Production: 7millionPCS/CM3
  • Ozone Production: 200mg/h
  • Size: 132 x 132 x 166.6mm/5.20 x 5.20 x 6.56in(W x H x D)


Hzceco-hope Fashion Design HEPA Cleaner Air Purifier SH-3100

  • Remove the smoke, dust, sensitinogen in the air effectively

Hzceco-hope Fashion Design HEPA Cleaner Air Purifier SH-3100

  • The air purifier is a simple way to improve the air quality around your room

Benefits of Air Purifiers on Overall Health?

Indoor air quality can be influenced by a number of factors, including pollutants and ventilation. Air purifiers are devices used in offices, homes and other indoor environments to purify or reduce pollutants that are found indoors and are known to have negative effects on health. While there are a range of products available, air purifier effectiveness varies

Indoor Pollutants:

  • There are many sources of indoor pollutants that can negatively affect your health. These toxic particles or gases may come from cleaning agents, aerosol sprays, insect poisons, products containing pressed wood, and central heating or cooling systems. Poor ventilation increases the levels of indoor pollutants as a result of not enough outside air being brought in to dilute the pollutants. The levels of some pollutants may increase in high temperatures or high humidity. Since many people spend most of their time indoors, the exposure to these toxins tends to be high and can adversely affect overall health and well being

Air Quality and Health:

  • Exposure to indoor air pollutants may cause dizziness, tiredness, headaches, nausea, skin irritation and symptoms of asthma. Individual sensitivity to air pollutants varies from person to person and depends largely on preexisting health conditions and age. Young children and the elderly are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollutants. Some of the symptoms caused by poor air quality are almost identical to those of viruses and colds, often making it difficult to evaluate whether indoor air pollution is the cause. According to the Air Resources Board, extended exposure to these pollutants may result in heart and respiratory disease or even cancer

Hzceco-hope Fashion Design HEPA Cleaner Air Purifier SH-3100

Air Purification:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency states that removing the sources of indoor air pollution and increasing ventilation are the most effective ways to lower exposure to pollutants. It is also suggested that air purifiers in several rooms or a central air filter may be beneficial for more sensitive people. Air cleaners and purifiers range from expensive systems for the entire house to portable products. They range in effectiveness and therefore the overall health benefits depend on the quality of the air purifier. It's essential to maintain air purifiers and air filters to get the maximum health benefits
  • An air purifier with a high efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA) filter can trap small particles and pollutants such as molds, smoke, house dust and pet dander. This can benefit overall health as these pollutants cause asthma as well as eye, nose and throat irritation that can lead to respiratory infections in vulnerable people. While some air cleaners help reduce concentrations of airborne particles such as dust and other allergens, air cleaning may not decrease the negative effects from other indoor air pollutants


  • According to the Air Resources Board, some air cleaners can actually be harmful to health. They recommend that any air cleaner that produces ozone should not be used in the home as ozone can result in breathing difficulties and may irritate the respiratory tract

How to Buy A Cheap Air Purifier?

Everybody wants the most bang for their buck these days, and so we are often asked about the cheapest air purifier. A cheap air purifier is only cheap if it does what you want it to, and you purchase it for a good price. If, however, you purchase a purifier for any price, and it does not solve your problem, or solve it for a reasonable amount of time, then it is, in fact not cheap, but an expensive mistake. Here are 3 ways to avoid making a "cheap" air purifier an expensive mistake

  • Decide how much square footage you need to clean by measuring your space. If your space is 15 feet by 15 feet, you need to clean 300 square feet. Be sure to look for a purifier that will effectively clean that amount of space or even slightly more
  • Decide on what pollutants to want to remove. A purifier that is designed to remove pet odor might not be as effective in removing airborne chemicals. So check very carefully to see what pollutants the filter in the air purifier is best at removing, and that it matches the pollutants you need to remove
  • Check to make sure the air purifier you purchase is made of steel rather than plastic. Plastic air purifiers generally cost less, but in return some give off fumes that are generated once the motor gets warm. This is called out-gassing. If out-gassing occurs, not only will you have the pollutants that you were trying to get rid of initially, but your "cheap" air purifier will actually add pollutants to your environment. You surely do not need to pay money for that
  • Check to see that the manufacturer or retailer has a reasonable return policy. Trying out the air purifier in your space is one of the best ways to see if you have the air purifier that is best for the pollutants you need to remove, and the space you want to clean. A 30-day return policy is generally the standard policy, and will give you time to decide. If a company really believes in their product the return policy will be something they are proud of
  • Make sure that the air purifier you purchase has a really good warranty. Cheap air purifiers might offer a 30 day warranty. But if something goes wrong with the purifier in 30 days, and if you have no recourse, the air purifier was not cheaper, as you will need to buy another one if you want to clean your air. Air purifiers that will stand the test of time are often warranted for as much as 5 years! If you do the math--divide the price of the purifier by 1825 days (the number of days in 5 years), you will see that the cost per day really makes it a cheap air purifier

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fashion Design HEPA Air Purifier