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Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders


Do you want a credit card holder to hold your cards? Do you want this business card holder has high quality and beautiful looks? Do you want your credit card holder to be different from others? If you want, you should come here and buy our ...
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  • This credit card holder has many functions, which also can decorate your home or office
  • Made of high quality iron, this credit card holder can be used for a long time
  • This credit card holder can be put many kinds of cards or even the photos
  • The cute and beautiful little doll pattern can add the charming to this business card holder
  • This name card holder can be as a good gift for your best female friends
  • Your good taste can be shown thoroughly with this cute name card holder
  • When you see this business card holder, you will remember the image of pastoralism
  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 6.0 x 18.0cm/2.4 x 7.1in(Dia. x H)


Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

  • There are different kinds of card holder that all of them are very beautiful

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

  • You can put your name, cards or photos inthis name card holder

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

  • With the beautiful flowers, this name card holder is very popular among people

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

  • The card holder is not only hold the cards but also can decorate your desk

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

  • From the back looking, this name card holder is still beautiful


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Fill Out Place Card Holders:

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

Any event with planned seating requires the use of place cards of some kind. There are many different types of place cards, but they all contain the same information. A place card holds the guest's name and indicates where they should sit. Filling out the place cards and place card holders properly can vary based on the formality of the event. With the most formal events, the person's name and full title is required on the card


  • Determine the formality of the event. The formality will dictate how to write the name on the card that you place inside the card holder. Sometimes you can determine the appropriate font style and name formality from the design of the place card itself. Fun, plain or quirky cards can have less formal names, while formal cards with embossing or engraving should have more formal writing. Formal cards receive full titles in front of each name, while informal cards can have a person's name without a title. For smaller, less formal events, using just the first name of a person is acceptable
  • Choose a font style. Try out several different styles and sizes of fonts on scrap paper, using a calligraphy pen, markers or a fine quality ink pen. Try to keep the font and size of text as consistent as possible for the most professional look. Once you decide on a font style and size, you can start writing the names onto the place cards
  • Fill out all the place cards. Do not stack the completed cards for several minutes to allow the ink to dry. Nothing is worse than spending a lot of time writing a beautiful place card and then having it ruined by smudged ink. After five minutes of drying time, you can stack the place cards
  • Fit the cards into the place card holders on the day of the event. Do not put the cards in the holders before the event date or else the cards can get bent or damaged in some way. Slide the cards into the place card holder from the outside corner edge until they fit snugly in the holders
  • Place the holder on the table at the top of each person's plate

Easy Card Holder Crafts:

Oumorey Nice Fashion Cartoon Figure Table Card Holders

Card holders help you get organized so you can keep track of memorable birthday cards or recipe cards. You can also give them as gifts. Make a card holder out of an old shoe box or make a card-holder book. This craft is simple and only requires a few materials, such as paper and glue

Card-Holder Box

Find an old shoe box, tape and wrapping paper. Wrap the paper around the shoe box and lid just like you were wrapping a present. Then glue a large piece of thick cardstock on the bottom of the box. Use chipboard letters (found at the craft store) to write "Favorite Cards" on the outside of the box

Picture Frame Paper Clip Card Holder

Buy an 8-inch-by-10-inch wooden picture frame, 4-inch-long paper clips, buttons, plastic flowers and other embellishments, such as charms. Use a hot glue gun to glue the paper clips on the top and sides of the picture frame, spaced about 3 to 4 inches apart, depending on your preference. To feature large greeting cards, place the clips 4 inches apart. This allows you to have 3 clips on the 8-inch sides of the frame and 4 on 10-inch side. After the clips have dried in place, glue flowers, charms or other decorations on the bottom of the clips to hide the glue blob that holds the clip in place

Card-Holder Keepsake Book

You need an 8-inch-by-10-inch sketch pad, colored sticky tabs and patterned cardstock. Cut rectangle pockets that are almost as wide and long as the pages of your sketch book and an inch or larger than your card on all sides, so you can easily slide your cards into each finished pocket. Put glue on the sides and bottom of your patterned paper and press them on the pages in your book. Write a title on the inside of the book that says "Keepsake cards for this year." Write down the current year and make a new book each year. Then use sticky tabs to divide out sections of each book. For instance, place birthday cards in the first few pages, thank-you cards after those and so on

Package Included:

  • 1 x Card Holder