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Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe


Are you looking for an attractive magical music box to decorate your home? Do you worried about a beautiful gift to your friend or special one? I would like to introduce you this decorative snow globe artware music box. What you are viewing is a cloc...
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  • Type: Clockwork
  • Shape: Crystal Ball
  • Function: Spin with Snow and Light
  • Music: The Castle in the Sky


Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe


  • The magic music box is designed of crystal ball pattern which is eye-catching

 Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe

  • Colorful lights of the crystal ball can decorates your desk

Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe

  • This gift music box with beautiful design is a good present to your friend

How to Fix a Music Box That Is Wound Too Tightly:

Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe

Most professionals who repair music boxes will tell you that repairing a music box is a difficult task. If it is an heirloom or an expensive antique, do not attempt to repair it unless you have considerable mechanical skills and are familiar with how the mechanisms work. However, most professionals will recommend the simple repair of releasing the tension from the main spring to undo over-winding

  • Take off the lid that covers the working parts. Usually this is a glass or plastic inset. Be careful to collect your screws for later
  • Push the start button to the right. There will be a connected metal plate inside of the box that also moves to the right. This will cause the starter mechanism to move to the right as well, thus releasing the latch from a small hole embedded in the biggest cylinder wheel
  • Watch for the air brake to start turning--it will whirl around, catching the light. This indicates that your coil is unwinding. After the coil is finished unwinding, turn it a bit to see if your machine will work. If it still doesn't work, consult a professional
  • Replace the cover to protect the machine from dust and debris

How to Restore a Music Box:

Zeedon Home Decor Christmas Tree Pattern Music Box Snow Globe

Music boxes are automated instruments that produce sound by rotating a disc to pluck a steel-toothed comb. The effect is similar to that of a player piano, though music boxes typically produce a tone unique from other instruments. Music boxes are not commonly produced today and are generally looked at as collector's items

  • Examine your music box to find signs of damage. This could range from obvious defects such as missing parts, incorrect notes and water damage to more subtle issues like color fading or light scratches. Inspect the comb to find broken or bent teeth, a common cause for inaccurate musical playback
  • Consider refinishing your music box if you find scratches or discoloration due to sunlight or water damage. Carefully sand away the existing finish with fine-grain sandpaper. Apply a small amount of varnish to an inconspicuous part of the music box, such as the bottom panel, to be sure that it matches any finish that you leave intact
  • Listen for squeaks or grinding noises while the music box plays. This is generally due to wear in the dampeners of the comb. Unfortunately, it's simply not possible to just order a new comb and replace the old one, since most combs are totally unique. If teeth are broken off, they can sometimes be replaced at a repair shop. If several teeth are missing, a repair shop can create a new comb from scratch, specific to your music box
  • Inspect the cylinder and comb for rust. You can try to remove the rust by disassembling the music box and rubbing it with a bit of steel wool. Be careful, as excessive scrubbing may cause further damage to the components. If you're uncomfortable with the repair, bring it to a shop. You can also practice this technique on a music box you don't particularly care about
  • Pay special attention to all of the accessories included with your music box, such as sheet music, the original bill of sale and interchangeable discs. If you're restoring your music box, the potential sale value of the instrument is probably important to you. Keeping all of the minor details in order will greatly increase the value of your music box

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Music Box