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ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop


Do you want to exercise and have a healthy body? You may worry about having no time or place to exercise. If you have this exercise magnet hula hoop, you can strength your body in your home. Hula hoop is a popular fitness appliance that helps burn ca...
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  • This magnet hula hoop is in purple color which is the fashion sports supplies
  • Exercise with the magnet hula hoop stimulates acupressure points of the waist and the abdomen sufficiently
  • The magnet hula hoop having air cushion projections in each of which magnet are built
  • keep the body slimy and at the same time strengthens the intestines, preventing constipation
  • Elastic projections prevent the hoop from going downward during exercise, for which everyone can enjoy easily
  • Unique design inside the fitness hula hoop makes the hula hoop easier to stay on your body
  • Material: Magnet & ABS
  • Color: Purple
  • Diameter: 108cm/42.5in


ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop

  • Using magnetic extrusion massage body-building principle, abdomen and waist like acupuncture

ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop

  • Magnet wavy design prevents the hoop from going downward during exercise, for which everyone can enjoy easily

ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop

ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop

  • Press down the white button, then fix them together. Improves spine muscles, increases blood circulation

Size in Detail: 

ShuaLeen Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop

Steps for Hooping Hula Hoop:

  • Lay the hula hoop on the ground
  • Step inside the hoop circle
  • Reach down and grab the edges of the hoop. Place your hands apart at a distance that is comfortable for you
  • Bring the hula hoop up to your waist level
  • Grip the hoop firmly with two hands
  • Gently relax the hoop against one side of your torso and get prepared to send it into a spin
  • Start to move your waist in a circular motion
  • Spin the hoop. Keep moving your waist in a circular motion as you let go and aim to get the hoop to wrap itself around your waist like a barber's pole, round and round and round
  • Expect the hoop to fall the first few tries as you get used to the motion. Just pick up the hoop again and keep trying. It is as much about getting the feeling for the motion as it is about following instructions


  • Your mission is to avoid letting hoop drop below your hips
  • If you are having trouble with moving your waist properly, move your legs further apart and plant them, bend them, and focus on one foot, moving one leg in little circles starting with your hip. This will help moving the waist at the right rhythm
  • Practice makes perfect and soon you will be doing the basic hula hoop maneuver along with other tricks. Try for example, hula hooping around your arm and neck. This involves the same method as around your waist
  • Buy a strong hoop which will hold up well and be unlikely to go out of shape
  • Larger hula hoops will spin slower and be easier to use. For a person who is 5'8", a 3.5'-4' diameter is recommended. Heavier hula hoops will also be easier, but you should never be in pain

How to Jump With a Hula Hoop:

Once you've learned to spin a hula hoop around your waist, you're ready to try some harder hooping tricks. The simplest of these require you to move your body while maintaining the basic spinning motion with your hips. One such move is the hula hoop jump, which is a good way to spice up a beginner's routine and make hooping more of a workout

  • Get the hula hoop into motion around your waist. If you can't keep it going for more than a few seconds, work on your basic technique until you've got more stamina
  • Position your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. This gives your hips plenty of room to move and improves your balance
  • Take a short hop into the air. Make your first two or three jumps as small as you can--you should just barely leave the ground with each one
  • Keep your hips moving as you jump into the air. If your hips stop rotating, the hula hoop drops to the ground
  • Increase the height of your jumps until you reach the perfect balance of hang-time and hoop-spinning. If you go too high, the hoop will drop below your hips and catch around your ankles

How to Dress for Hula Hoop Fitness:

Hula hooping is back as a hot new form of dance fitness and it is here to stay! New professional adult-sized hoops are weighted and covered with friction tapes which allow them to literally "stick to your hips". But what does one wear while whirling? Read on for some tips on the best threads

  • Let's start from the ground up. When hooping with weighted hoops, it is important to wear shoes which will protect your feet from the falling hoop. I suggest high-impact running sneakers. Choose something that rebounds slightly so you get an extra spring in your step! If you plan on pivoting during turns, you may want to use dance sneakers which have a split sole and turn easily while on point. My favorite brand is Bloch. Inside sneakers, I suggest short, cushioned, breathable running socks for the maximum cushioning possible
  • Next, let's talk about your bottoms. The basic rule of thumb with hooping is that the more skin you expose, the more your hoop will stick. For this reason, you may enjoy using shorts. The more synthetic your fabric is, the more of a challenge you will have, so choose accordingly. Slippery man-made fabrics allow the hoop to slide off your body. But if you like being pushed to the next level, you may intentionally choose synthetics! If you prefer pants, choose one's made of cotton which allow you to move freely and feel comfortable
  • Your middle should be free of major obstructions. This includes clip on cell phones, tied-on sweatshirts, bulky belts, hip packs and draping fabrics from baggy shirts. The more exposed your abs are, the better. Not only will you feel the hoop as it contacts you and heighten your sensory awareness, but you will also see your new muscles flexing
  • I advise that you wear either a tank top or sports top during hula hoop fitness activities. The reason is, again, that the more skin you expose, the more the hoop will stick to you. In HoopGirl Workout classes, beginners who wear tighter, cotton half-tops or sports bras tend to have an easier time anticipating the hoop rotation


  • This hula hoop is so big that is not recommended for arms
  • Enough space is needed or you may break things
  • Make sure that the hoop is assembled tightly before exercise
  • Do not use the hoop if you are a pregnant woman or an old person or if your joints, back or waist is not in good condition
  • Hula hoops sometimes cause discomfort at the very beginning. Don't hoop too intensely at first and Increase exercise intensity step by step

Package Included:

  • 1 x Multifunctional Magnet Massage Ball Hula Hoop