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Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

What fits comfortably in your pocket, purse, or backpack and is handy to organize your ipod/cellphone earphone cord? An ingenious solution to the problems of wrapping your headphones around your music player or fastening them with this Earphone Organ...
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  • The starfish is a earphone organizer for porfable stereo earphone
  • This cable winder conveniently manages your excess earbud cord
  • Simply feed the cable
  • Add a splash of color to your earphones and manage your excess cords with the cable winder tidy and earphone covers
  • This is a non-OEM product 
  • Size: 81 x 16 mm / 3.2 x 0.6 in (L x H)
  • Compatible with: iPod MP3 MP4 MD


Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

  • Snap the other end of the cord into the other end of the smart wrap. Best choice for you

Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

  • A fashion earphone cord wrap organizer for iPod MP3 MP4 MD
  • Made of high quality and enviroment friendly material

Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD

  • Designed for organize earphones cable for all iPod and Mp3 Players. You will love it


  • To keep clean, wash with soap and water
  • Best attached the smart wrap closer to the earphone jack

How to Store iPod Earphones?

  • Storing iPod earphones must be done in a specific way to avoid damage to the earphones. Simply wrapping them around the iPod can subject them to wear when placed in your pocket, which can slowly remove the rubber around the earpieces. They can get tangled or lost when disconnected from the device

Cable Wrapping Techniques:

  • When it comes to cables that you are not currently using, the best way to store them isn't always wadding them up and throwing them into a closet. Actually, that is probably the worst way to wrap your cables (although by far the easiest). However, there are a few different ways you can go about wrapping your cables to keep them in their best shape and avoid entanglement
  • Coil: The coil is probably the best way to wrap a cable. This will keep the cable organized without bending it (which can cause damage to the wiring over time). To perform this, take hold of the end of the cable (doesn't matter which end). Have the very end of the cable coming out the top of your hand as you hold it upright. Take your other hand and grasp the cable directly below your first hand. Slide the hand not holding the cable away from the grasped hand (while still keeping the cable within your fingers). Slide the hand away from your other hand so that they are about a foot apart. Now, grab hold of the cable with the hand you just slid out and bring it back to the other hand. The foot long cable in between the two hands will curl as your bring the two hands closer. Take the cable from the sliding hand and place it into the hand holding the end. You will now be holding a curl of cable with the one hand. Continue this process until the entire cable has been wrapped
  • The Wrap Around: The wrap around works best with larger cables (such as extension cord). Again, you will start with the end of one cable in one hand. This hand will be stationary. Hold this hand up as if you were about to place a phone to your ear. Take the other hand and wrap the cable around the elbow of your stationary arm, then back up towards the hand. Deposit the area of cable into the stationary hand as it passes. Continue to wrap the cable around your elbow, each time allowing the stationary hand to grab hold of the new bit of cable. This, in effect, will create a type of coil. Keep doing this until the entire cable has been wound
  • Blanket Fold: This will work best for smaller cables. You will probably need a rubber band or something to hold the cable tight once the fold is done. Start out holding the ends of the cable, one end in each hand. Bring the one end of the cable to the other so that one hand is holding both ends. Now grab the new end of the cable (which would have originally been the middle) with your free hand. Again, fold this back up to the hand holding the two ends. Continue this until the cable is only about six inches long. Wrap the rubber band around the cable to keep it from coming undone

How to Keep iPod Earphones from Tangling:

  • Nowadays, who does not own an iPod? And who does not deal with tangled earphone wire? For most of us iPod or iPhone owners, entangling earphone or headphone wires have always been a pain whenever you take your iPod or iPhone out of your bag or pocket. It's really difficult to keep it organized. I have put together some suggestions below that might work for you in keeping your iPod or iPhone earphones tangle-free
  • Wireless freedom. I am a big fan of wireless technology so I have to include this in my article. If you really want complete freedom, then go get yourself one of those wireless headphones. Logitech has one of the best bluetooth behind-the-neck headphones for iPod which provide excellent sound quality. It comes with a device that you plug into the headphone jack of your iPod integrating the controls to the headphone itself. I would say this is a cool iPod accessory but comes with a price.
  • Art of tying knots. I guess everybody can relate to this step. For most of us, we simply create a knot on the headphone hoping it will stay that way until our next use. But that is not always the case, so you need to learn the art of tying knots to keep it neatly wrapped.
  • You can wrap the wires in a shape of "8" using your two fingers. Then tie the jack end around the middle and insert in one of the loops.
  • You can also wrap it around your iPod as shown in my snapshot. But keep in mind that both of these methods put strains on your earphone wire which leads to deterioration in the long run.
  • Air tight plastic. You can use one of those small air tight resealable plastic containers to keep your headphones tangle-free while inside your drawer, bag, or pocket. It will protect the earphones from liquid spills but it is not sturdy enough to protect it from damage when you put it in your back pocket and sit on it. Plastic container will also not last longer so you will have to replace it from time to time.
  • Plastic capsule toy. Do you know one of those small egg-shaped plastic capsules with small toys inside that you usually get from a vending machine for your kids? Well go get yourself one of those and give away the toy. Simply create a small wrap of your headphone wire and put it inside the capsule. Now no matter what you do, it will never tangle inside the capsule. The only thing is that when you put it in your pocket, it looks like you have a little egg in there. But hey it works like charm.
  • Pill dispenser. If you can get one of those coin dose dispenser, then you can use it to contain your headphones. Not only is it made of sturdy plastic, it is also sleek and can put in your pocket without worry of smashing it if you happen to sit on it on your back pocket. You may have to remove the small divider in the middle which you can easily do with scissor or cutter.
  • Improvise on an old credit card. If you have an expired credit card or those that you receive from credit card companies when they have promos, you can put them to good use. Get a scissor and cut the card lengthwise in the middle. Round the sharp corners to avoid scratches. Cut two notches on opposite ends so you can put the earphone on one, and the jack on the other. Simply wrap the earphone wire in the middle of the card and insert earphone on one of the notches and the jack on the other notch.
  • Gadgets. There are gadgets out there that can help you with your problem. You can buy one of those Jam Jacket which is a rubber casing at the same time provides cord management. Another gadget you can buy is the Earbud Yo-Yo by which you wind your headphones up just like a yo-yo. Budtrap are also nice accessory to keep your headphone wire tangle-free, and it comes in different colors.

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Starfish Style Earphone Cable Winder for iPod MP3 MP4 MD