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Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates


Do you like skating? Do you want to have a high quality In Line Skates? Here this Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates are the right choice for you!The Sport In Line Skates are built specifically for female skaters looking for improved performan...
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  • The inline skates combine four wheels under the ball of your foot for minimal height and weight and a lower center of gravity
  • Allow for longer and more powerful leg extension during strides
  • Lightweight and breathable design that gives you added support from the hard shell
  • A widened lacing and Velcro system helps to provide a more compact fit around the foot
  • The supportive and comfortable inline fitness skate is perfect for gaining experience
  • With quality components and an adjustable brake, this skate delivers in structure, support, and performance
  • Upper Material: PU
  • Bearing Material: ABEC-7 Chrome Steel
  • Wheel Diameter: 72mm/2.8in


Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates

  • The supportive and comfortable Boot In Line Skates are perfect for gaining experience

Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates

  • Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates, great for daily use

Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates

Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates

  • Made of high quality material, the Sport In Line Skates are durable and reliable for long time use

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How to Ride In-line Skates

  • The first step for learning how to ride in-line skates is finding shoes that fit just right. The shoes shouldn't be too loose or too tight. They have to be comfortable for riding around everywhere
  • The next step is finding the perfect place for practicing. You have to start off by finding a place that doesn't have any bumps, rocks, sticks or anything on the floor. When you start riding, the simplest thing can make you fall down, so make sure you find a smooth surface like an empty parking lot or a park
  • Now you should start off by riding on one regular shoe and one roller blade. Doing this will help you gain balance on one foot. After you have practiced many times and you can balance one foot on the roller blade and one foot on your regular shoe you are ready for the next step
  • The next step is to wear both roller blades and stay next to a wall so that you can hold yourself up. The wall will help keep you balanced and in case you were about to fall you could hold on
  • You can start off going really slowly and holding the brake every time you feel like you might fall. Even if you fall, it's okay, just make sure you have protections. A few falls are normal and they will encourage you to keep going so you can reach your goal
  • After that you have to practice going further, but slower. It's very important that you go slowly because you might not be able to control the break yet. So DO NOT go fast until you have practiced with the brake many times. If you go fast and you can't control the brake, you will crash. It will not be a fall; it will be a crash, which will hurt you very badly. So practice stopping on a slower pace and then gradually increase your pace
  • Once you mastered these steps, you are ready to go. However, stay away from busy streets and cars. I say this because if you ever lose control and can't break on time, you will jump right into the street and the result will be horrible. So until you have mastered everything, stay away from busy places

About Roller Skating:

Roller skating is an activity done for recreation, transportation, sport or just to stay fit. There are several different types and styles, most of which have made their mark on popular culture throughout America. Although the activity, which involves a person wearing specialized skates with wheels, hit its highest peak in the late 1970s and 1980s, it is still evolving as a sport and continues to delight many with its accessibility and ease

Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates


  • In addition to recreational roller skating, done for fun or fitness, there are three main types of sport roller skating: Artistic, Speed and Aggressive. Artistic roller skating involves skating figures, which display control and accuracy, choreographed dance, judged on accuracy and style and freestyle routines that include jumps, spins and choreography. Artistic roller skating can be done solo, in pairs or in precision teams, typically of four skaters
  • There are two types of speed skating: speed skating and inline speed skating. Traditional speed skating is done on specially designed quad skates which have a lower ankle for greater maneuverability. Inline speed skating is performed on inline skates and is strikingly similar to ice speed skating. Inline speed skating has been campaigning to become an Olympic sport, but has yet to reach that goal
  • Aggressive roller skating refers to tricks performed using inline skates. The sport involves two factions "park" which is done at skate parks and "street skating," which is done anywhere other than a designated skate park. Aggressive roller skating has become increasingly popular alongside other "extreme" sports like skateboarding and BMX

Speed Sport Hard Boot In Line Skates


  • There are different types of roller skates or inline skates required for the various classes of roller skating. Traditional roller skating is distinguished by the classic, quad shaped roller skate where there are four wheels with two in the front and two on the back of the skate. The classic roller skate is most often used for traditional recreational roller skating. For artistic roller skating, skates are characterized by a high cuff around the angle to give the skater more control for the required jumps and choreography. Speed skates have a very low ankle and low heel to increase speed and maneuverability. More modern inline skating can be distinguished by the use of inline skates, or Rollerblades. Aggressive skating often requires a more rigid and stronger boot, while the two middle wheels of the inline skate are often replaced with smaller hard plastic or rubber wheels for greater control and grip while performing tricks on a ledge or rail


The Roller Skating Association asserts that there are indeed health benefits of roller skating. Because the activity provides a complete aerobic workout, the benefits can be compared to that of jogging. Because the feet glide, joint damage, which often results from running, is also not as severe. For weight control, it is estimated that 350 calories are burned per hour at six miles per hour and 600 calories are burned per hour at 10 miles per hour

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Speed Sport Hard Boot In-Line Skates