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OVP Metal Shell Waterproof Infrared Lamp for CCTV System (ZT-140F5-60° DC 12V)


If you are looking for Infrared Illuminator Lamp for CCTV Camera, this Infrared Illuminator Lamp for CCTV Camera is a perfect choice! With Standard 60° level angle visual range & 850nm wavelength. This lamp irradiation distance is more far. Good for ...
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  • 100% brand new night vision IR infrared illuminator lamp
  • With 60° level angel & 850nm wave length
  • The infrared Lamp is with 850nm wave length
  • This lamp irradiation distance is more far
  • Definition Consumed Power: 10W
  • Illuminating Range: Standard 60° level angle visual range
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Structure: All weather metal and reinforced glass
  • Power: DC 12V
  • Operating Current: 833mA



OVP Metal Shell Waterproof Infrared Lamp for CCTV System (ZT-140F5-60° DC 12V)

  • The infrared Lamp is with 850nm wave length

OVP Metal Shell Waterproof Infrared Lamp for CCTV System (ZT-140F5-60° DC 12V)

  • This lamp irradiation distance is more far

About LED Infrared Light: 

  • IR (infrared) sensors detect infrared light. The IR light is transformed into an electric current, and this is detected by a voltage or amperage detector.A property of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is that they produce a certain wavelength of light when an electric current is applied--but they also produce a current when they are subjected to the same wavelength light
  • A pair of IR LEDs can be used as motion detectors. The first IR LED is wired to emit LED and the second LED is wired to transmit a signal when it receives an IR input. When an object comes within range of the emitted IR, it reflects the IR back to the receiving LED and produces a signal. This signal can be used to open sliding doors, turn on a light or set off an alarm

How Do IR Sensors Work?

  • Infrared is light that has a wavelength longer than visible red light. The ranges of infrared include near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared, spanning wavelengths from about 710 nanometers (near infrared) to 100 micrometers (far infrared)
  • All objects emit light according to their temperature--this is called "black body radiation." The hotter the object, the shorter wavelength of light it emits. The Earth emits infrared light at a peak of about nine to 10 micrometers--and so do warm-blooded animals like humans. This light can be used to detect motion or warmth

How to Test IR LEDs?

  • Remote IR LED:
  • Insert new batteries into the remote you want to test
  • Point the front of the remote where the LED is attached at the lens of a digital camera. Turn the digital camera on. A cell phone camera will also work for this
  • Press a button on the remote. If the LED is working properly, you will see a series of bright flashes from the bulb in the camera's LCD screen
  • Individual LED Bulb:
  • Calculate the resistor ohms needed to connect the IR LED bulb to a 9V battery. Resistors limit the amount of electricity passed to the LED. If too much electricity is allowed to pass, it will burn out the bulb
  • To calculate the resistor ohms needed for the LED, subtract the LED's forward volts from the battery's voltage, then divide that number by the amps needed to power the LED. The forward voltage should be listed on the LED's packaging. For example, if your LED requires 40mAh and has a forward voltage of 4v, and you're going to connect the LED to a 9V battery, the equation would look like this: (12volts - 4volts) / 0.04 = 200ohm. In this example, the LED would require a 200ohm resistor in order to run off a 9V battery
  • Twist one end of the resistor onto the longer of the LED's two wires; the longer wire is the positive wire, while the shorter wire is the ground. Clip an alligator clip from the other end of the resistor to the positive terminal on the 9V battery. Clip another alligator clip from the ground LED wire to the negative terminal on the battery
  • Look at the LED light bulb using a digital camera. The bulb is functional if it is glowing on the camera's screen


  • Set the switch into the AUTO placing mode, then put or append it on necessary occasion. When the ambient light is less than 10LUX, or when a human being approaches no more than 5 meters with a horizontal angle of approximate 130 degrees or a top to bottom angle of approximate 100 degrees, the LED light luminance's automatically. And it turns off automatically after 30 seconds when the human being leaves

Package Included:

  • 1 x Night Vision Infrared Lamp for CCTV Camera